It's just a regular day at the studio…Well some beg to differ since Aomine decided to tag along. Claiming that he had to protect Kise, he refused to move an inch and dared security to try him. He wanted to be there for Kise before any bastard decided to hurt the blonde when the blonde got off work (reference and possibly sequel to Heated Tears).

The blonde, in his usual cheery state, told the staff, "Ah! Aominecchi is just sweet~! Looking after me!" The blonde shot a look at the tan male, "He won't be mean, ne? Aominecchi?" Aomine just mumbles a "whatever" as he's escorted to a seat near the location of today's shoot.

"Tch. So boring…" Aomine starts to mumble as he sees his lover come out of the dressing room, decked out in a school girl's uniform.

No, hold up. Wha- Kise? Cross-dressing?

"Oi! Kise! You better not eye-fuck the camera... or I'll kill you." Aomine growled. The blonde gave the Tōō ace a sly grin as he said something along the lines of "I'll try my best!" as he sauntered off to the stage where they would be taking pictures. Great, just what I needed, Aomine thought.

That bastard I swear. I want to protect him and all he does is make me so ... Gah. Fuck. Him.

The blonde starts the shoot at first, innocent and sweet, like any school girl, doing all sorts of cute poses and peace signs. 2 minutes later, the atmosphere totally flipped. Now Kise was lifting up his skirt, practically doing the opposite of what Aomine told him, to NOT eye-fuck the camera. Of course, the chief editor was not helping at all Aomine thought, only egging Kise on to continue like that…

Kise could only see Aomine in his peripheral, but he knew he was really pushing Daiki's limits to stay calm and collected. He then gave Aomine a coy glance, blowing a kiss in his direction. Daiki? He's had enough and begins to storm over to Kise pinning him to the ground. Pinning him down with all his built up impatience and frustration.

Okay... So you have me pinned down... The blonde kept thinking as his vision got more glazed, going in and out of focus. Blushing, "What are you going to do next?" the blonde whispered softly.

I know we can't go at it at the studio... But... I want him to DO something now... Anything…

This had to be the longest stretch of silence ever between the two males. Both wanting to give in to their instincts, but at the same time restraining themselves from all the eyes that were resting on them now. Aomine, the usual one to play all his wild cards, was still for once, lost in Kise's amber orbs as the blonde was drowning in blue.

The chief editor, known to use an opportunity when presented, kept taking shots of the intimate moment between the pair. How could he not? A shot like this would bring in more agents for Kise. Besides, he was only thinking of the kid wasn't he? He quietly instructed most of the staff to filter out giving the two more space to close the gap between them. Sex sells, the chief editor knew, whether or not it was between a guy and a girl or a guy and a guy. He knew this all too well, dimming the lights further.

Daiki and Ryouta now lost in their own little world, forgetting the scene around them, both began to slowly close the gap between them.