This chapter sucks ass I know.. I just needed some fluff before I hand you a very uh sexy chapter I guess :3 I'm trying really hard to make it more "sexy" cos I'm not shy reading R18, but writing it is still kyahh! Wish me luck and sorry for the crappy chapter. (I don't know yet how I'm going to continue this after chapter 3... maybe I'll make it a series with daily arcs and then boom! A yummy chapter because the two can't resist the other.. I mean they're both quite the sex gods ;) ahh sorrryyy just read~)

As tan skin meets fragile porcelain skin… The chief editor can no longer contain his excitement. He's secretly egging on Daiki to hurry on up. Honestly, the last time Aomine was here things were getting steamy in that locker room… A smirk tugs on the boss's lips, Ahh yes, my staff was blushing furiously cleaning up THAT mess. He continues to watch, wishing for it to quickly escalate for one to pound the other into ecstasy. Sure I'm a perv, so what? The chief editor doesn't give a rat's ass if the tabloids call him a pervert. "After all, I'm just doing my job and bringing out the best shots. Go ahead and hate me. "

Yes yes yes! Finally Aomine Daiki. I expected more from a sex driven beast like yourself, the boss kept chanting silently. Come on you silly hormonal teenagers! Gimme something hot already!

His once cluttered mind of the two slowly die down as he focuses in on them with his camera. Too busy to notice at first glance, Kise's boss does not realize the only thing he was zooming in on was Aomine's turbulent blue orbs giving him and his damn camera the death glare. SHIT. That was intense. Ya know if Daiki did this all the time I would hire him… as the camera clicked away straining to capture Daiki's intensity.

Aomine has had enough. The tan male smirks at Kise, "Be right back" as he leaves a quick kiss on the blonde's face. Another round of flashes. This dick-wad is really pushing my buttons. Only Kise is allowed that privilege bastard. Aomine thinks as he quickly makes his advance on the editor, giving him that crazed look in his eyes when someone challenges him. Puny editor. The only one who can beat me is me. Aomine grabs the collar of Kise's boss and growls, "You. You will never get to see that side of Kise but me. What the hell is your problem? HAH? Fuck off and turn off that damn camera. Kise and I are going home."

"Oi! Kise!" Aomine yells over his shoulder. The blonde doesn't budge, too shocked at what just happened. If I lose my job, Daiki, I swear to go-

Kise never finished the thought as he was picked up and carried swiftly away from the studio, Aomine's muscular toned arms secured the blonde's lean waist. The model started to squirm but to no avail as Aomine's hold tightened, "Bakaaa. Just go ahead and try me" The blonde soon admits defeat as his whole body slumps, his chin resting on his delicate hand, mumbling, "Damn you Aominecchi… I'll get you back for sure." Aomine just gives the blonde a hearty laugh reciting his motto, eliciting more whines and pouts from the model.

As the couple continue like this, bantering all the way home, both silently comment determinedly, I hope we can continue what we started back at the studio. I will be the one to top.