((Boy, some of you really like my music fics. Had a request recently to use one of the songs from the TVD finale. I chose "When I was Younger" by Liz Lawrence. I hope it works. Sorry, it's been a while since my last update. Enjoy))

When he heard his phone buzz on the bedside table for the second time in three hours, Damon finally opened his eyes and turning on his side, rolled across the bed to reach for it.

He sighed as he pulled it to his chest and saw, when the screen lit up, that he seven missed calls and two messages.

One was from Elena, who the call history showed had called him six out of the seven times, and the other was from Bonnie.

Closing his eyes, Damon swallowed as he sat up, brought the phone to his ear and listened to the recordings.

"Damon… it's Elena. Look, I know you're probably still upset with me for leaving like I did, but Elijah told me what's happening back home and I just…well, I need to know everyone's alright. Call me back…please. I—I miss you…Damon…both of you. Just call me and let me know you're safe. Bye."

Damon bit his lip as he pulled the phone hard away from his ear and deleted the message, his nostrils flaring in grief and frustration.

What the hell would he tell her?

How could he tell her Stefan was dead?

He couldn't.

He wouldn't.

Not yet.

Taking a deep breath, he deleted Elena's message, then moved on to Bonnie's, bringing the phone back to his ear as the witch's sad voice came on the line.

"Damon…it's…Bonnie. Listen, I—I just found out about what happened…to Stefan. I can't imagine what you're going through right now, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you…Jeremy, too…we are both just so sorry, Damon. And there's more. Stefan…he came to me. He wanted me to tell you that he's alright, Damon, that he loves you and that he's not ever letting go…that he'll always be with you. I—I know that probably makes you sad, Damon, but I hope that it also gives you comfort. You're brother loves you…he always did…through everything. And he's at peace now. I saw him crossover. I'll…talk to you later…bye."

Damon didn't even press end as he let the phone fall from his hand.

# # # # #

"Snap your neck? Us? "Kol mused, looking directly at the warlock, "You're mental."

"Misha, just think about this for a tick…" Klaus said, stepping forward

"I have," Misha replied then looked around the room, "Believe me. I'm not keen on dying again, but if it will help us get answers fast, it may be the only way…"

"But, you are a psychic, right?" Rebekah added, "You can bring anyone's spirit forth. So, bring his here…" she emphasized to disguise Johnathan Gilbert's identity, knowing that Dominic was probably still listening to their conversation.

"That's just it, I can't," Misha answered, "There must always be a balance, Bekah. He died a natural death and I can't channel spirits who have died a natural death. They can only appear to whom they choose, when allowed."

"You could try summoning him…" Kol offered

"With what supplies?" Misha countered, with a smirk, "In case you've forgotten, we're still being held captive here, and I seriously doubt that Dominic is going to let us run out to the 'Witch's Five and Dime' for a few things."

"Misha's right," Kaspar chimed in, "Only the dead can truly talk to the dead. It looks like sending him over to the other side is our best option right now."

"Well, I'm not helping…" Rebekah said sternly, crossing her arms over her chest, "It was quite enough to watch Misha die the first time around…"

"What if he doesn't have to?" Klaus suddenly whispered in thought

"Nik?" Kol asked, immediately cocking his head toward his brother with interest, causing the others to turn back toward the original as well.

"I said, 'what if you don't have to?'" Klaus repeated, raising his voice and stepping forward, "We already have someone who is dead—someone who could talk to him for us."

"And just who would that be?" Rebekah asked, taken aback

"Liliya," Klaus offered

"What?" Kol scoffed

"She's appeared to you before, she could do so again-" Klaus immediately countered

"True," Misha replied, cocking his head curiously, "But, Liliya's spirit is at rest, Nik. I couldn't channel her. I've been able to summon her before, but she seems to appear only to those whom she chooses, when she chooses. We'd have to wait for her to come to me again and that could take awhile."

"It seems she can really only be called by those with whom she has a strong connection," Kaspar added, "And lately, that's mainly been Elijah…who isn't here—"

"I can do it," Klaus suddenly interjected

# # # # # #

When I was younger, I told my mother…
I said one day I'm gonna make you proud.

Damon took a deep breath as he sat slowly down on the bed next to Stefan's lifeless body, studying his brother, still lying with his hands folded solemnly over his chest and his eyes covered with silver coins Klaus had placed there.

Now that I'm older, it's so much harder…
To say those words out loud.

After a few moments, he gently lay down on bed in the empty spot next to Stefan, remembering his brother's message from Bonnie as he looked down to Stefan's clasped hands, then gently brought his own hand between them and slowly interlaced the fingers of his right hand with his Stefan's.

Damon closed his eyes, leaning his head on Stefan's shoulder, and letting memories of his younger brother instantly flood his mind as he let the grief, sadness and guilt finally wash over him and away.

You're growing taller…

The night Damon first saw little brother's face in the baby bed and offered him his fingers…

Every game of tag, when they ran like hellions through the house and father had to chase them outside…

Dinner table discussions that always ended in laughter and bread being thrown playfully at each other…

A little smarter…

Sitting and singing together at the piano…

Damon teaching Stefan how to play football on the front lawn…

Vying playfully for Katherine's affections…

And one day you're gonna leave home…

Stefan racing to Damon's side after he was shot by their Father while trying to rescue Katherine …

Stefan forcing him to drink from the compelled girl's neck…

Damon turning his back on Stefan that night in the mansion when he decided to leave him…

Oh, will you look like your mother's father?

Damon's return to Mystic Falls and surprising Stefan…

Oh, when you are fully grown…

Their new competition for Elena's affections…

But also every good and bad "brother bonding" moment they shared over the last three years on their long road back to each other.

# # # # # #

Klaus took in nervous, deep breaths as he sat down on the sofa, rolling his shoulders and neck to loosen his muscles and focus his concentration.

"Are you sure about this?" Rebekah remarked, looking to Misha as he re-entered the room with a large spiral notebook and a charcoal pencil in hand, then back toward her older brother, "He looks like he's going to pass out…or throw up…or something."

"He'll be fine," Misha said to Rebekah as he handed Klaus the paper and pencil and the original sat it on his lap, "Drawing is natural for him. It will be the best way for him to make contact."

He then knelt in front of Klaus and motioned for the vampire to look into his eyes.

Klaus complied and immediately felt a calming sensation come over him.

"Just, draw Liliya, Nik," he said in a soothing voice, his dark eyes meeting Klaus', "Like you remember her...exactly as you remember her. Use your memories…let them bring her to you—"

"Uh…I don't know if that is such a good idea," Kol remarked from where he stood next to Rebekah, "There's a lot of baggage attached to those memories."

"He'll be fine…" Misha re-iterated over his shoulder to the siblings

"Really?" Klaus chuckled nervously, twirling the pencil, "Because, as much as I hate to say it…Kol isn't exactly wrong. I mean, I killed her, Misha-"

Misha instantly turned back to face the original, his eyes softening.

"Just focus on one good memory, Nik. That's all it takes. Remember that what makes your connection with Liliya is the beginning of your relationship… not the end."

Klaus smiled weakly, then, with one last glance to the others, closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath as he brought pencil to paper and, after a moment's pause to gather his thoughts, started drawing blindly.

When I was younger, I asked my father…
Why are we so human?

Instantly, Klaus opened his eyes inside his chosen memory.

He smirked when he realized he was twelve years-old, again, walking through the forest of his childhood under the glow of the afternoon sun.

And everything felt so real... from the sun's warmth, to the soft grass beneath his feet, to the soreness of his body from Mikael's wrath the day before when he proved to be nothing more than the disappointment he always was to his father.

Suddenly, he stopped when he saw Liliya's nine year-old form sitting alone on a large boulder overlooking the quarry.

Hearing his advancing footsteps, she immediately looked over her shoulder and upon seeing him, gave a warm, inviting smile.

"Oh…hello," she greeted in a cheerful voice, her dark eyes studying him

It was the day they had first met.

# # # # #

Now that I'm older, I think I've figured it out…
We're just doing what we can.

Damon sniffed as he lifted his face and rested his chin on his brother's shoulder.

"I'm glad you're not letting go…" he whispered in Stefan's ear, "Good times or bad…I never did, either, and I want you to know that I never will," then he gave a sad smile as he closed his eyes, "God, I miss you, already, Stefan…I miss you so much."

# # # #

"Is he okay?" Rebekah whispered, stepping forward, when she saw the tears streaming down Klaus' face from his still closed eyes

Misha immediately grabbed her arm to stop her, "Just watch…"

Suddenly, Klaus opened his eyes and gasped, swallowing back the lump in his throat and looking down to his completed drawing, eying it for a moment before looking around, taking in the room.

He then brought his gaze back to Misha, Rebekah, Kol and Kaspar standing in front of him, taking in their stunned expressions as they seemed to look past him.

"What?..." Klaus mused in a confused voice, narrowing his eyes at them before quickly turning on the couch and following their gaze over his shoulder.

'Cause I won't, I won't lay you down…
I won't lay you…

And there she was, standing behind him...It had worked.

"Liliya…" he whispered in awe and disbelief

I won't, I won't lay you down…

Oh, not now…

"Like it told you before…I'm always with you, Nik," she said softly, a small smile crossing her face

# # # #

I won't, I won't lay you down…

I won't lay you…

"Here," Damon said softly, opening his eyes again, his lip trembling, fighting back tears as he pulled the picture of them together as young boys, the one he had carried all of those centuries in his cigarette case, out of his back pocket and place it into their entwining hands, "This is for you to take with you...just a little something to remember me by, okay?"

I won't, I won't lay you down…

Then Damon leaned forward and kissed his brother's cheek as he closed his brother's fist around the photograph.

"Bye, Stef," he said, his voice breaking, as he quickly pulled back and left the room with vampire speed, closing the door behind him.

As he leaned against the wood on the other side, he looked down to the end of the hallway where Zach had moved their Mother's portrait years before.

Now, Damon straightened as he looked into the dark green eyes of Lucianna Salvatore with new resolve.

When I was younger, I told my mother…
I said one day I'm gonna make you proud.

Suddenly, he pushed himself off of the door and headed toward the staircase to find the others.

They had a hunter to kill.