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Chapter 1

Upon a hill overlooking the downtown area of Jump City, one would first notice that for a winter day, the weather was kind of warm. 50 degrees is pretty warm if you'd ask anybody. But once you looked out onto the cityscape itself, there would be an evident plume of smoke rising out upon the shadows of the many skyscrapers. Various screams of terror could be heard, filling the air with a choir of scared and frightened voices.

The cause of this you might ask?

Why none other than the dubbed "arch nemesis of the teen titans" Slade Wilson himself.

He was currently in hand to hand combat with his favorite of the tandem of five, Robin the boy wonder. Slade always preferred battling one on one with the so called leader of the group, knowing full and well that he was as similar to him as most of the people in the world were.

They had so much in common with one another.

Both were manipulative, both possessed similar fighting styles, and both were always determined to finish what they started. Robin also was very capable of falling into obsessiveness over his work, and Slade couldn't really blame him. After all, he was a worthy adversary, and was really honored to be such a huge part of the boy's life, even if he did want to secretly kill him.

He watched as Robin did a few backflips, landing in a perfect fighting stance after dodging a couple of strong right hands from himself. Slade prepared himself for some weapon combat, as he saw Robin draw out his trusty bo-staff, complete with the R insignia he was so known for. Of course, he had come prepared as well, drawing a bo-staff of his own which was attached to the back of his getup.

Robin was the first to lunge at him, going straight for the older man's chest. Slade never did understand why the boy didn't just go for a weaker part of his body, not that he was weak in any means. But a face shot or ankle shot would surely throw him off more than a chest shot would. Slade trained furiously to make sure that he possessed amazing upper body strength. He dodged all of the boy's attempted attacks, swings to his chest, his stomach, and his arms, all of them planned ahead of time as the hero tried to get a sense of worry into Slade's mind.

He then tried for one strong shot to the head, but of course blocked not a nanosecond too soon by his own bo-staff. He stared into Robin's mask, flashing him a sly grin, something he did here and there to try and intimidate the boy. He could sense it working, as the boy started to growl at him, letting his more natural instincts out to play. Slade loved doing that, it made fighting him so much more enjoyable.

Robin pushed hard against his nemesis' bo-staff with his own, and surprisingly pushed Slade back onto the cold dusty pavement of the alley that they were in. Stunned for a few second, Slade looked up to see Robin at full sprint, and using leverage of the brick wall, pushed off to whack the staff right into the side of the wall, sending Slade into it with a sick thud. Purely out of instinct, he swung his own staff straight into the cloud of dust and debris in front of him, knowing that Robin would waste no time trying to attack once again. And he was right, as the cold piece of metal connected with the boy's stomach, sending him flipping and eventually sliding into the wall directly opposite from Slade. He had to admit, the boy was getting stronger and more agile every time he faced him. He was a worthy adversary to himself.

He felt the cold mask on his face, and realized that the shot Robin made not too long ago had made it crack a sizeable amount. Slade could feel the air hit his face, and it felt pretty good, but was surprising as he didn't expect such a powerful hit to come out of Robin, as the boy wasn't that built yet at his age. Then again, perhaps he did underestimate him a bit.

Robin coughed before rising slowly to his feet once again, bo-staff still gripped tightly between his fingers.

"Well well, all that practice has been paying off, hasn't it child?" Slade asked, adding child just for the pure enjoyment of pissing Robin off. Oh did he love to do that.

"Aren't you going to beat me more Slade," he growled in response. Slade couldn't help but grin at the boy's attempt to intimidate him.

"Could I? Sure. But right now, I've had my fun today. Besides… I have some more important business to take care of."

Robin raised an eyebrow and before he could even begin to follow after the man, Slade threw some smoke screens on the ground and made a quick getaway.

Robin stood there in relative anger and disappointment. But he couldn't help but be a bit confused.

Just what was Slade up to?

Robin went to meet up with the rest of his team, with the assumption that they were successful in their defeat of a newly strengthened cinderblock. He knew that the beast would be a bit of a challenge for the team of four to take down, but also knew that if they did it before, why couldn't they go and do it again? Besides, Robin had to go and track down Slade when he saw the man out of the corner of his eye.

He returned to see a pile of rock and dust, and smiled in discovery of the titan's triumph.

"I see you guys were able to handle yourselves pretty well without me."

The rest of the group turned towards their leader, half of them in good spirits, but the other half wearing a look of anxiety mixed with confusion.

"Oh yes! We did good in kicking Slade's butt right Cyborg!?" Starfire exclaimed, getting happy smiles from their masked leader.

"We sure did. My upgrade to my sonic cannon did wonders on these bots. It's as if they didn't know what hit 'em," remarked the half bionic member, wearing a grin of satisfaction at his technological prowess.

It was Raven and Beast Boy who wore those odd expressions.

"Robin I'd like for Cyborg and yourself to run a couple of tests on Beast Boy and myself," the empath began, "When we were in combat, we both felt a sharp pain in our ears, and we both know that neither of us got hit there during battle, so we don't understand where it came from."

"Yeah, and I have this annoying ringing in my ears, it's not painful or anything, but it's like a mosquito," Beast Boy commented, fiddling with his pointy green ears as if something would pop out and make everything all better.

"Friend Beast Boy, and friend Raven if you have this same problem, why don't Cyborg and I have this as well?"

Robin realized that Starfire was right in that observation. If Slade were to do something to the titans, why would he only target a certain amount of them? Surely it would be easier if he targeted the five of them and take all five of them out. Unless, there was something more than he just did not know at the present time.

The boy wonder thought back in time to at the end of his unsuccessful battle with his rival.

Besides… I have more important business to take care of.

What could Slade need to be doing which involved him skipping out on a fight with the titans? After all, Robin knew that the titans were Slade's adversaries in his conquest for taking over Jump City and causing insurmountable havoc to everybody he could. But he also knew that the titans were Slade's main blockade in achieving his goals.

Slade was also the kind of villain who would always make sure he left his victims weak and battered, but still able to comprehend what had happened to them. This time around however, Slade merely left Robin in the middle of one of their countless battles, and all and all while Robin was not hurt very much in the slightest. He forgot the last time he was able to walk away from a battle with Slade seemingly unscathed.

"Cyborg, Raven has a point and I guess it wouldn't hurt to maybe run a couple of tests once we get back to the tower. Take a little bit of blood from each and have it analyzed. Slade seemed to be hiding something and I want to be extra cautious at the moment."

Cyborg and Raven nodded, but Beast Boy seemed to take a surreal amount of terror when the words blood test were mentioned close to one another.

"Uhh… did you say blood test? Like the one with needles?" The green changeling questioned, a feeling of fear settling in the pit of his stomach.

"Sorry Beast Boy, but I just want to make sure. It's just a prick in the arm, and that's it."

The changeling's ears drooped, but he complied, knowing it was in the interest of Raven and the team as a whole to find out if there was indeed something strange occurring with himself and the empath. He shuddered at the thought of being sick with some type of unknown disease, and also started to wonder if he would go deaf as a result of said condition.

The group of five set off back to their humble abode, the T car speeding off into the sunset as a tiny machine appeared in the now abandoned battle scene. The little contraption seemed to be searching for something…

Something just didn't feel right.

Now I don't know if that was my emotion sensing ability was just going haywire, but I knew that whatever I was feeling didn't sit right in the pit of my stomach.

On the outside, I felt perfectly normal to say the least, save a couple of little scars here and there from the relatively easy battle we had with the sladebots earlier. But there was something that sort of confused me a bit about their overall attack scheme.

Normally, the bots would try their best to hurt us, and to try and injury us or something of the sort. This occasion, they merely were being pests. The majority of them tried to take out attention away from something it seemed and it showed. I don't know about the rest of the team, but I actually did get distracted from them and didn't exactly try to look for Slade. I also didn't notice Robin's absence from the fight, and I felt a bit of guilt since something bad could have happened to him without her realization at first.

Trying to stop my mind from wandering into a billion different clouds of ideas, I moved myself on one of the beds in the infirmary so that I was indian-style. Softly so the other pair in the room wouldn't be distracted, I began to chant my signature mantra, trying to calm my nerves down. Slowly I closed my eyes and took a deep breath…


The changeling's sudden outburst took me out of my focus, and I opened my eyes to see a look of pain and distress on his face, not to mention one of fear.

"Sorry BB, but Robin's orders. That and we'd all like to be sure nothing is wrong with you and Rae." She rolled her eyes at the use of that nickname.

Overtime due to Beast Boy's constant usage, I started to actually dismiss my normal annoyance over the nickname, and even liked it when I was called that. If they cared enough about me to bother giving me one, that was enough persuasion for me to let them keep it.

Looking over, I watched as he gritted his teeth a bit and shut his eyes tight as Cyborg quickly took a sample of blood from him. I wondered how someone like Beast Boy could be so worried and afraid over something as harmless as a little needle to draw blood. He's been in life threatening situations, has had far worse injuries, survived the end of the world, and so on. Yet a needle turned out to be his kryptonite.

But at the same time, I could understand the relatively simple phobia Beast Boy had over the little metal object. Everybody had some kind of phobia, all 5 of us each harbored one. While I wouldn't admit it at first, thunderstorms hit a usually untouched nerve, and I never did figure out why I was always a bit antsy and uptight when I heard the loud crackle of lightning among the landscape of the city. They did remind me a bit of when Trigon became free, and the thought of him ever returning did scare the living daylights out of me. But I knew that there was no way this could actually happen, so I dismissed it.

"I feel lightheaded… I think I'm going to lie down right here..," and with that statement Beast Boy fainted onto the ground, happening to fall right at the base of my feet as I had just stood up. I caught him before he hit the ground, and held up upright under my own power, since he was basically out of it at this point.

Cyborg just grinned at me with that characteristic smile of his, as he watched me stand there and hold the smaller boy in my arms.

"Aww… it likes you," he cooed teasingly, getting a glare from me, but that did nothing the phase him.

"I'll be back in a second, I'm going to put him in his bed for the time being," I replied. He nodded and began to run a few tests on the small vial of Beast Boy's blood he just obtained.

I picked him up bridal style, and only realized just how much heavier he was in the span of a year in a half. The boy had definitely gained a lot of muscle thanks to all the training, and wasn't the little doom patrol member she remembered when they first met. I couldn't help but blush a tad looking down at his face, as he seemed to switch into a more peaceful sleep. His face looked very calm and serene as he his chest rose and fell gently. Leave it to Beast Boy to collapse from a measly blood test.

Looking at him while walking made me nearly forget to watch where I was going, and I nearly crashed into Starfire as she rounded the corner from his room. She looked at me with confusion and then down at Beast Boy before breaking into a fit of worry.

"Oh no! Friend Beast Boy, is he alright?!" The tamaranian princess asked, I could see the fear in her voice that something was wrong.

"He's fine Star. He just doesn't seem to take blood tests very well," I remarked, watching her face go from worry, to relief, and then to its normally happy self.

"Oh okay. So did he faint I'm guessing?" I nodded in response and motioned to his room which wasn't too far.

"Do you need help carrying him to his room?" I shook my head, and the tamaranian smiled and zoomed along on her way.

I used my powers to open up the door and slowly walked inside, cautiously attempting to avoid the piles of clothes and other items of Beast Boy's thrown about the room. You wouldn't believe how badly I would have wanted to cover my nose to stop the stank odor coming from his room. It was nearly causing me to gag, I couldn't even fathom how he was able to sleep in here, or even stay in here for an extended amount of time. I also couldn't understand how he didn't trip on anything when he woke up, or perhaps he memorized where the piles of stuff were located on the floor, that is, if he actually had a floor under all this stuff. I began to doubt its existence.

Gingerly stepping to avoid falling on my face, I weaved in and out of the things around the room to make it right in front of the changelings' bed. I pulled off the blanket and sheets and placed the now sleeping form of the boy into the bed. Well maybe man would be a better way to describe him now, as his size was indeed bigger than when we first met. I could hear lust giggling in the background and merely glared at the kinds of perverted thoughts she might be having in that little head of hers.

I closed the door on my way out softly enough where it wouldn't wake the boy up. Then again, he was a heavy enough sleeper to the point where even if I slammed the door, he wouldn't have budged the slightest. Maybe it's the Panda in him which causes him to sleep so soundly, or some other animal which enjoys its sleep so much.

Cyborg greeted me with a smile once I arrived back at the medical bay, as I had yet to get my blood taken. I made note of how Beast Boy and myself would probably have pretty unique blood to look at if you were into that sort of medical thing. I mean for one thing, I'm half demon, so who knows what differences there could be. And Beast Boy can change into just about any animal he desires, so he could very well have blood which is a hybrid of all these animals.

"Promise me you won't fall to the ground like BB did?" the half bionic teen asked, still wearing that same old grin he had on beforehand. I merely rolled my eyes in response.

I felt a slight pinch as the needle pierced my skin, and could feel as the blood flowed from my arm into the chamber of the syringe as Cyborg pulled back on the plunger. Other than the pinch, I didn't really feel any sort of pain that was really out of the ordinary. So pain alone wasn't the reason that the green shape shifter was afraid of needles. Whatever the reason was, curiosity started to overwhelm me and I even thought about asking the boy when he woke up. I decided against it though, since maybe it might be an issue he'd rather not discuss.

I heard some peeling of plastic and film to discover a tiny little bandage put upon the small dot sized incision where the needle went through.

"Is this really necessary? I'm not five years old."

He merely chuckled in response.

"Well we have to make sure you don't get infected. After all, all it takes is any cut to get infected, even a small one like so," and with that he gestured to the bandage.

I could feel myself grin ever so slightly at Cy's remark, but not enough to where he really noticed.

"Whatever you say…" With that I leapt off the table and went on my way, leaving my teammate to analyze and collect data. Lord knows what kinds of things he'll find in my blood.

It was nighttime now, and fittingly a good time for a cup of tea, so I set out to the kitchen to make myself one. I figured the best way to end the night would be to curl up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea. I mean it's what every girl loves to do right?

I continued floating towards the living room when I suddenly felt a painful throbbing near the same ear that felt strange earlier on. I stopped floating and landed on my feet, both of my hands shot up to my ear.

It was the last thing I remember doing before everything seemed to dissipate into darkness…

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