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Chapter 2

I woke up to a scene that was quite familiar to me. The smell, the piles of clothes and such dotted all around could only mean one thing.

Somebody had put me back in my own room.

I sat up so that I was sitting on the side of my bed, and rubbed my eyes, trying to rid myself of that ever so lovely sleepy feeling. I would have loved to go right back to sleep, trust me, but I realized it wasn't actually night time. Glancing over at my clock on the side of my bed, I realized that I had indeed slept through the majority of the night, even though the last time I remembered being awake was yesterday afternoon. I don't remember even getting up during the night for dinner, which must have worried the rest of the group.

Speaking of which, I was starving. I guess it was breakfast time right?

I hopped off the bed, though less animated than usual because I wasn't sure if the dizzy and faint feelings of yesterday afternoon were still present. I can't believe that all of this happened over a measly needle for a blood-test. How would I ever keep my manly exterior with something like that happening? I might as well dress in a pink version of my uniform and I'd still look manlier than fainting from a blood test.

I again glanced over at my clock and did a double take.

It read in its little digital font, 5:30am.


Wow, this definitely beat my earliest wake up time ever by at the very least 3 hours. I bet I'm the first one up!

I decided to go about in my normal morning routine, which started with taking a shower. Getting my robe out, I undressed and slipped it on, basking in the warmth and comfort of the silk. If I wanted to be lazy, I'd just walk around wearing this, but then again Robin would probably bark about how it wasn't appropriate. Sure Robin, I'm going to take fashion sense from the boy in green and red spandex.

Strolling over to the bathroom proved much quieter than usual. Normally I didn't tend to wake up till like 10am or later, so by then everybody would be up and about, and I could hear the faint screams of Cyborg and Robin duking out on the game station. Today however, you could hear a pin drop and it would sound like somebody dropped a glass vase. It was sorta freaky in its own freaky way.

To my expectations, the shower was vacant of any of my friends, and there didn't seem to be any trace of them in the vicinity. However, the shower did seem a bit more humid than normal, so somebody must of used it not too long ago. I walked in and flipped on the light and proceeded to adjust the water for my liking. Stripping myself of the robe once it reached the right temperature, I stepped in and let the refreshingly warm water cascade down my body.

I began to think about who exactly carried me over to my bed. It definitely wasn't Cyborg or Robin, as they would have merely left me there to sleep right on top of everything on my bed. No, my bed was surprisingly free of any of my clothes, and I was tucked in, I could tell. Starfire was a possibility, but I don't think it was her because I don't remember her being in the infirmary during the period when I was getting my blood tested.

Eliminating those three left a clear answer.


I paused both in my mind and outside of it, as I was soaping myself up. Of all people to worry and care enough about me to not only carry me to my room, but clean up my bed, and tuck me in, it was the dark girl who showed the least emotion? I suppose that could very well be the case, even if it did surprise me on how much care she showed. While that might not have been much, I knew that it was a very big deal to somebody like Raven to show that much care towards another. I smiled whole heartily at her kind gesture in helping me. Somebody would definitely be receiving a thank you later.

As I was toweling myself off, I began to think about what exactly Cyborg could find in our blood, and what exactly he was looking for. Perhaps Slade implanted us with alien DNA. Or we could be turning into muck monsters! Or something out of the ordinary.

Nah, it had to be something not normally in one's blood he was looking for. Then again, it might be kinda hard to accomplish this with DNA like Raven's and myself. After all, the girl is half demon, and I can morph into just about any kind of animal in existence. So I guess I had a piece of every animal's DNA if logic serves me right.

Back in my room I decided to throw on some sweats and a t-shirt, well one of the clean ones at the very least. I should make a note that I would have to do laundry later if I actually wanted to have some clean clothes to wear tomorrow. I didn't feel like putting on my normal uniform, as normally for some unknown reason, villains didn't seem to want to bother with us on weekends. And it was a Saturday morning, not to mention it was barely 6am. If I were to venture a guess, the majority of them would still be sleeping.

Clean and dressed, I strolled to the living room not expecting anybody else awake at this hour. Having a quiet living room all to myself seemed rather enjoyable for a change, I can't remember the last time that has happened, or if it has ever happened, well, ever.

To my surprise, I found Raven sitting on a stool by the counter, a cup of herbal tea steaming steadily into the air. Also to my surprise, the girl was merely sitting and looking out the window at the scene of the sunrise, no book to occupy her presence.

I was sure she could sense my arrival and got exactly that when she turned my direction. Her eyes showed surprisingly a sense of worry and discomfort, two emotions I wasn't used to seeing radiate from her.

"Good morning Rae."

"Good morning, you seem to be feeling better after last night. Do you remember me carrying you to bed?" she questioned, wondering if I had realized that she had taken care of me last night.

"Remembrance of that, nah, none actually. I just remember everything going black in the infirmary, and then the next thing I saw was my bed this morning," I said, with a slight chuckle in my voice as I attempted to lighten the mood.

Before she could respond, I continued, "But I was able to determine that it was you who carried me back to my room."

She seemed quite surprised, another aspect I never see of Raven. "Really, how could you figure that out?"

"Well, my bed was clean. And not to mention that somebody took the care to tuck me into bed."

I swear, I think I saw the ever slightest of blushes appear on her face as I said that.

"I assumed that you would be more comfortable if you slept in a clean and made bed," she responded in her normal monotonic vocal pattern.

"I guess you're right, I did sleep like a baby all night. Thank you Rae, I owe you one."

She smiled a tad at my expression of gratitude. She seemed to be much more expressive toward me as I talked to her. I'm not sure if it was due to me being the only one up, or if she was just having an off day.

However, I still could see a glint of worry and discomfort in her eye. Normally I would dismiss this so I wouldn't be too nosey, but I cared enough about her where I wanted to help her if something was wrong. After all she had gone out of her way to help me when I needed it, the last thing I could do is return the favor.

"Is something the matter?"

She jerked her face towards me a bit, seemingly shocked that she wasn't able to hide her emotions from me at the time.

"Don't worry about me, I'm perfectly fine," she answered. Nope, I wasn't going to buy this again. I knew there was something up.


"Right after I took you to your room in order to sleep off the dizziness and effects from when you fainted I went back to the infirmary so I could get mine. Literally minutes after I got it done, I collapsed in the hallway going back to my own room."

When she mentioned collapsing herself, I finally became truly worried about not just myself, but her condition as well. It turns out that this whole issue of our ears having this weird ringing noise wasn't something out of the ordinary. Surely it couldn't be just a coincidence that both of us fainted minutes after both having a simple blood test. Something was up, and whatever it was, it scared me a bit more than I would have liked it to.

We sat in silence for a second trying to sort out our thoughts.

"So does this mean that there really something seriously wrong?" I asked cautiously, not to overly annoy the half demon sitting in the stool next to me.

Raven didn't respond, and it looked like she was in deep thought. Her violet eyes showed a flurry of deep emotions as she stared blankly out the huge windows and to the rest of Jump city, which was brightened by a beautiful sunrise.

"To be honest… I don't really know. I have no idea what is going to happen. Perhaps it was a coincidence?" She responded.

The violet haired empress continued to stay in deep thought, and I just let her be, as I was actually thinking myself. Cyborg and the others would probably tease me for even the thought of me having deep and conscience thoughts, and I didn't mind, normally I was the carefree individual who let their actions come before their thoughts. But I'm not stupid by any means, I just choose to be the goofball type for the sake of everybody else.

However, this wasn't one of those times. I was dealing with something which couldn't be solved with something as simple as an action, something that required me to think about the ramifications of different choices which are an aspect of thinking I normally had the ability to avoid. That might be the most intelligent sounding sentence I have ever created, even if it was in my thoughts.

My focus drifted onto the girl before me. I didn't even notice till now, but her hand and mine had become intertwined together, causing me to widen my eyes for a few seconds in disbelief. I knew that Raven wasn't exactly the touchiest feely person in the world, in fact, she was probably farther away than most when it came to that sort of thing. But nonetheless, here she was, holding onto my hand. I could feel her pulse slower a bit as she held my hand, while at the same time mine started to increase. I wasn't really sure why, but I sort of felt some anxiety while sitting there with her, which was strange to say the least. Normally I didn't really care how people saw me or how I behaved. To consider myself the happy go lucky guy who acts because he cares would probably work best to describe me.

"Raven… do I annoy you?"

I am being completely serious when I say that I have no idea where I got this question from. It just seemed to appear out of thin air. Raven cocked her head in my direction, and I knew that even though she could sense emotion radiating from me, she still wore a mask plastered with confusion.

"Why do you ask?"

"I don't know really why I asked that," I confessed the truth.

She seemed to be pondering her response for a moment.

"Well, I mean truthfully you can be a pain when you continually pester me. But in the end, I guess I can't really stay mad at you for long. After all, I figured that this was your way of showing that you cared about me and everybody else."

I looked at her dumbfounded. And here I was, thinking that nobody understood all my little pranks and teases. Apparently she had all along, and then again, Raven was easily the smartest out of all of us. Sure, Cyborg may have a ton of technological knowledge, but Raven had so much knowledge in so many topics where to debate with her on an issue and win was borderline impossible. I guess all that reading does come in good use.

Regardless of that, I realized that this may be one of the first times I had a heart to heart conversation with the half demon.

I decided to delve deeper into her thoughts.

"How are you so sure?"

I swear she smiled as she listened.

"Well, if you were to tease and annoy me for just the enjoyment of yourself, that would make you sort of a bully. You're much too little to be a big bad bully," Raven responded, with a little bit of a teasing tone at the end of her response.

"For your information, I've grown much in size since you first met me. So I'm not the smallest member of us now, and besides, I'm taller than you now." I crossed my arms and made a face signaling imminent victory in this conversation.

"Well you should know that men are on average normally taller than women."

See, told you. There isn't really a chance of me winning an argument with Raven.

"We aren't exactly considered normal you know," I countered.

"I suppose, but it's not like the demon half in me caused me to grow to 10 feet tall."

"Yeah, a 10 foot tall Raven would be interesting to try and live with. You wouldn't be able to walk through a doorway without hitting your head."

She snickered a bit, and I was chuckling to myself at the thought of a massively tall Raven standing with the four of us as Robin shouted his signature "Titans go." I can only imagine the facial expressions of some of the villains that we normally face. Someone like Control Freak would definitely wet themselves if this were to happen.

We sat together and simply observed the sunlight radiating through the living room, lighting up the sofa and television in a nice bright glow. Raven seemed to enjoy watching the sun rise up into the sky, even though I always thought of her to be a dark and brooding individual. However, this was one of the occasions where she simply seemed like a normal person. I could tell she was doing her best to mask her emotions like she was used to doing. I wish she would just let them all loose someday, I would like to see the Raven who didn't need to worry and fret over the half demon inside her depths. Then again, I really liked this Raven exactly how she was.

It also occurred to me that I actually really enjoyed having a conversation with her. Just a normal one on one conversation about what was on our minds, no teasing involved. It was rather nice for a change. I mean sure, I love to pester her just to see what type of reaction she'll give me, but right now it was just genuine kindness and care that she was showing towards me.

I could tell that she was still unsteady about something.

She was the first to break the silence.

"Do you ever wonder why you are where you are?"

I had honestly no idea how to respond to this sort of a question. This was one of those delve deep into your mind and really think type things. Weren't we just joking with one another not too long ago?

I might as well take a shot at it.

"I believe in fate Raven," I began, she seemed surprise that I used her name in such a formal manner, "I've always thought that wherever I'm taken and whatever is given to me or whatever may happen, there is a reason for it. When I got my powers, I didn't want to just accept that my life was ruined and that there was no way I could be normal.

I accepted it, and decided that these morphing abilities were something that was given to me for a reason. So I ended up in the doom patrol. And then I ended up with here.

Was it destined to happen, I think so. I wouldn't have it any other way. At this point, I think these powers truly make me who I really am you know?"

Raven seemed to realized, and did myself, that I had just given her my beliefs and reasons for living on a plate and put it in front of her. I don't think I ever remember telling anybody how I felt before. It felt a bit foreign to say the least, but in a way it was almost a relief to finally unscrew the cork that was keeping this inside.

Part of me wanted to say all of that just because I had the opportunity to for the first time. However, at the same time, the other part of me thought that maybe if I shared all of this, Raven might feel some compulsion to talk more about herself than anybody has ever known before.

For now, she still seemed a bit stunned.

"I have to say, I would have never expected you to be complex." She said, a soft, yet still uneasy smile emanating from her face. Any form of expression from her I consider to be a point in my book in getting her to open up.

"People are right, never judge a book by its cover, as cliché as that seems," She continued, "Thanks for talking to me. I know that these conversations aren't something you like having."

I frowned a bit at the last remark. No, I wasn't mad, I was more so a bit taken aback that she would assume that I never liked having a deep one on one conversation with someone.

"Truth be told, I never really got the chance to speak my thoughts this much. Thanks for that."

She nodded and smiled in return.

I think I could have sit with her and chatted all day, but of course our alarm had to go and ruin the peace, just like always.

The room was bathed in a light but not overly bright glow as he walked into the room. Motion activated lighting was one of the perks in his new base of operations, and while it didn't really have any significance other than making lazier people more lazy, he did find the simple technology quite nice.

Before a large desk equipped with advanced technologies of a wide array was a wall made up of various monitors, the majority of them off for the present time, but a few of them were showing pictures and video clips. One was showing a live video feed of Dr. Arthur Light, who was attempting to charge up his suit with the use of an antenna from one of the taller skyscrapers of Jump City.

Slade shook his head at the pathetic man who he supposed he could label as an ally. But then again, the man would be no match for his abilities, so there wouldn't be much of a point in ever trying to team with the fellow villain. Besides, facing the titans alone allowed him to have full enjoyment for himself.

He watched on another television as a small robotic transporter sped its way through the desert landscape, knowing full and well that there wasn't any way that it would be spotting. He had constructed the robot to have one of the best cloaking systems he's ever created, so the little machine was virtually indistinguishable from the landscape. In fact, it resembled a rolling tumbleweed, something nobody would think twice about doing.

Slade went to his own personal computer and brought the information of two of five titans onto a duo of screens before him, along with a simple blueprint.

He merely smiled to himself as he looked it over.

Whoa boy, what does Slade have planned here?

Also, I hoped you liked the little back and forth between Raven and Beast Boy. I really enjoyed writing that part, and you'll definitely be seeing a lot of that type of thing as the story motions on.

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