"Trish!" I scream.

She runs up to me and grabs me in a huge bear hug, "What are you doing here?" I ask as she crushes me with her embrace.

"I live here, what are you doing here?" She asks with a huge grin.

My eyes widen, "WHAT?" I ask.

"Well I decided that the only college I wanted to be at was with my best friend who I missed the rest of my high school years with! And your wonderful boyfriend made sure that we would be roommates." She says.

I squeal loudly and hug her again. I then turn to a grinning Austin who is sitting up on my bed. I run over and sit on his lap, hugging my arms around his neck tightly, "You are so awesome!" I say.

"I know." He says as I pull away. I roll my eyes but kiss him quickly on the lips anyway.

Trish and I then help Austin move into his dorm. We talk the entire time like we haven't talked in forever, when in reality, we video chat a couple times a week. I can tell Austin is annoyed by our girl talk the entire time, but he would never say anything because he understands how we are.

When we are finally done moving Austin in, it's almost six o'clock. We all met his roommate, his name is Liam. He seems like a nice guy, but that's just a first impression. He seems to be a lot like Austin so hopefully they will get along well. I can tell Trish finds him attractive already even though she would never admit it. He has blonde hair like Austin's but it's a mess of curls, and his blue eyes are quite stunning.

"It was nice meeting you guys." Liam says and he leaves the room to go get some dinner off campus.

Austin lies down on his bed; exhaustion clear on his face. I sit down at the end of it while Trish leans against the doorway. I turn to Austin and he closes his eyes, "So what do you think of him?" Trish asks.

"He seems cool." Austin says, opening his eyes and grabbing my hand. He rubs it softly and soothingly, something he has always done.

"Yeah, he seems a lot like; you." Trish says and giggles.

"Then we will get along great." He says.

"I'm so lucky I don't have to deal with living with someone I don't know." I say happily.

"Yeah, you're lucky you have such a wonderful boyfriend like me." Austin says with a grin. I nod with approval and Trish rolls her eyes.

"It's time for Trish and Ally time now." She says, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the door. Austin stands up and starts to pout, pushing his bottom lip out, "But"- he starts, but Trish interrupts, "You have had Ally time for years!" She says, and with that, I'm being pulled back into my room.

The rest of the night, Trish and I stayed up and talked about many different things. We didn't care that we had to be up in the morning for our new classes, we were too excited to sleep. I mean, it's our first night on our own and we're best friends that are reunited. The last time we saw each other was a year and a half ago, and that's way too long. It's an awesome feeling knowing that we won't have to rush to do all the things we want to do before one of us goes back home, because this is how our lives are going to be for the next four years.

That Morning…

I'm thankful that Trish set her alarm ten minutes later than mine. If it wasn't for that, we wouldn't have made it to our first classes. When my alarm went off the first time, I didn't hear it. When it went off the second time, I hit the snooze, and then it never went off again. Luckily Trish's went off ten minutes later and it was so loud and obnoxious I couldn't help but sit up right away.

Trish wakes up and gets ready a lot easier than she used to. I remember when I would sleep over at her house in junior high on school nights, I'd be up standing over her awkwardly as her mother walked in and threw water in her face; let's just say that would get Trish up.

Her class starts twenty minutes earlier than mine, so after she leaves, I sneak over to Austin's room quickly. I knock on the door quietly, not wanting to disturb anyone else around. The door opens quickly, revealing Austin is tired squinty eyes, and his wild bed hair. I cover my mouth and giggle. I've seen him like this plenty of times, but it's always so cute to me.

He smirks at me and shakes his head, "Don't laugh at me Dawson."

"Too late, Moon." I say and grab him for a hug. I wrap my arms around his waist and he rests his arms around my shoulders, digging his face into my hair and inhaling my strawberry scented shampoo.

"You're so beautiful." He says, pulling me away from him and looking into my eyes. He kisses me softly and then smiles, "Shouldn't you be in class?"

I shake my head, "Not yet, it starts in about ten minutes."

"Well you don't want to be late for your first day." He says. I nod in agreement before giving him one last quick hug and walking away, heading to my class.

Author's Note:

Okay i am really sorry for the long update time, but like i said in my first chapter i am SUPER busy this month because of cheerleading. But it's over sadly on Saturday so i should be able to update a little faster. Here is a short chapter to let you guys know i'm still here! OH and what do you guys think of the recent episodes of Austin and Ally!? So happy to finally see actual Auslly!