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Chapter Three


Seb is good looking. He's got olive skin and dark hair. He's literally tall, dark and handsome. He also has kind eyes and a nice smile.

And she has to constantly remind herself of all of this so she won't blurt out how incredibly boring he is.

As she picks at her lasagne he speaks of wondrous things such as dust and how it all comes to settle on the table. She physically has to bite her tongue to get through the meal that she is now thinking would be full of dust.

This was definitely a mistake.

Or a very convenient push in the right direction.

Because one dinner with handsome-but-boring-Seb has shown her that maybe she shouldn't have walked away from Nick, maybe she shouldn't have been paying so much attention to Schmidt and maybe she should just kiss Nick again…see where it goes.

She offers Seb a, "Mmmhmm," to keep him happy as he continues to talk about the most mundane things, taking a long sip from her wine glass.

She is going to need something a lot stronger to get her through the night.

As Seb continues to drone on, she notices a disagreement going on between the maître d and what she can only assume is a disgruntled customer. At any rate it is far more interesting than Seb, so she continues to watch to see what happens.

She almost chokes on her wine when she sees Nick Miller rounding the corner into the restaurant, turtle face on.

This is not going to end well.

He pushes past the waitresses and all the tables until he arrives at theirs. It's amazing how unobservant Seb is, really, because he only looks up when Nick is leaning over him, anger defined in his features, "She was on a date."

He doesn't give any other explanation, he doesn't pose it as a question or expect an answer. He just states it as it is and watches as Seb's face drops, "She was hungry, I didn't mean anything by it."

Nick raises his eyebrows, "How about you go pay? I'd like to talk to Jess."

Seb sort of scrambles away, waving blindly at Jess as he leaves. She doesn't think she'll ever see him again, but that doesn't really faze her. What gets to her is the intensity with which Nick is looking at her.

"You can't just do that, Nick."

He pushes the plates and glasses out of the way, making sure that her whole attention is on him, "You walked out on a date, I can do what I want."

She bows her head for a moment, "Schmidt got to me."

He looks angrier at that than at her walking out on him, "I know it was a bit full on in the bar, I get that, but jeez Jess, you could have told me if you didn't want to come back."

She chews her lip, "I did want to come back. But not while Schmidt and his crew of eligible bachelors were there."

He shakes his head, "Schmidt is a jerk. He is also my best friend and can see reason when it's presented to him in Schmidt terms." Nick shrugs, "He's currently covering the last hour of my shift at the bar because he wanted me to come find you."

Jess skips over the obvious sweetness of the moment to ask, "And how exactly did you find me?"

He smiles, "Tracked his iPhone."

She lets a laugh out, "You're such a stalker."

"Just for you."

That sobers them and they sit there for a moment just absorbing everything.

"I'm sorry I took off."

He shrugs, "I suppose this goes both ways, because I already forgave you." He watches as her eyes widen in that confused way they do, as though she can't quite believe that she's getting away with this all so easily. By way of explanation, he elaborates, "Schmidt may have mentioned that Seb is the worst person at conversations, I figured that might be punishment enough for tonight."

She smiles at him, grateful for his maturity, "You hungry?"

He pulls Jess' lasagne towards him, grabbing her fork, "Starving."


Schmidt is passed out on the couch when they get home. Winston, who is just about to leave for work explains, "He had a real tough shift, you guys. There were a lot of people who knew him in the bar, so they all wanted to be served by him. I don't think he's ever poured a beer in his entire life."

He's got a lingering sheen of sweat on his forehead, a tea-towel in his back pocket and a handful of lime segments next to him on the couch. It's the picture of dishevelled.

Winston waves to them from the door and they wait about all of two seconds before they decide that it might be bed time for them as well.

She links her arm through his as they walk towards their rooms, leaning her head on his shoulder, "So I decided something tonight."

He stops walking, looking at her, "Yeah?"

"I'm not content with dating other people."

"Hmm? Is that right?"

She pulls away from him a little, still holding his arm, but giving herself enough space that she can see his face; she needs to know that he understands, "Whatever this is, we do it slowly. And we don't involve the others in it just yet."

He nods. Involving Schmidt and Winston would be the worst idea in the world; they've seen that in action tonight, "So stealing kisses in the hallway?"

She smiles and whispers, "For now," before tugging him down to her lips, winding her arms around his neck as he pulls her off the ground. Her fingers push into his hair as she wraps her legs around his waist. He moves them to his door, holding her up against it, toying with the idea of just opening it and falling through.

But he doesn't. Instead he pulls back, leaning in to press his lips once more on hers in a final taste for the night, "Sleep well, Jess."

She lets her legs fall from his hips, settling back on the ground and feeling oh so wrong. Her lips are red, her eyes a deeper desired filled blue, her cheeks flushed and hot, "Goodnight Nick."

And somehow they manage to just go their separate ways.


They're mid conversation when Jess walks in the next morning.

"I have so much more respect for you now. Bar tending is hard."

Nick pats Schmidt on the shoulder, "It gives me great pleasure to hear that."

"Careful boys, don't want to shift the loft dynamic too much." She mutters, smiling, as she opens the fridge.

Schmidt gives her a look that sums up how ashamed he is of himself for trying to set her up with other men, "I already put a fifty in the jar."

"That means a lot, Schmidt."

He just grins, "Ah, you crazy kids deserve a chance," before walking towards the bathroom to ready himself for the day.

Jess comes around the Nick's side of the counter to offer him some juice when he grabs her by the arm, pulling her in for a morning kiss. She kind of just drops the juice container on the bench, allowing herself to get caught up in it, wrapping her arms around him.

When he pulls away she offers him a quizzical look, to which he answers, "I didn't want to confine the stolen kisses to the hallway."

She leans into him for a less frantic kiss, accepting his logic. It's a nice moment, one she's sure she could get used to.

They spring apart, quickly sorting themselves out and making it look as though they are just enjoying a nice platonic breakfast, as the front door opens and Winston comes in. They needn't have worried though as he just walks straight past them to the couch, offering not so much as a glance in their direction, but instead whinging about how he hasn't slept in two days and how his adjusted sleeping schedule is just a joke to all of the regular sleeping people.

It's at that point that Nick and Jess share a knowing look, because this really could be just that easy.

And maybe they really can do this.