I slide my hand into hers, flashing a quick smile. No reply.

The soft grass before us is colored with the hues of a sunset, giving it a depth of many shades. The sky is quickly turning purple, red surrounding the area of the setting sun, small wisps of clouds cast beautiful shadows among the field.

Our footsteps keep in time with each other, except hers are silent.

I open my mouth to speak, but words become absent. I breathe out, allowing the sound of my sigh to become apparent to her. She squeezes my hand, and I see her head shift towards me in my peripheral vision. I glance up at her, and she wears a small smile on her face, sad eyes accompanying it.

She keeps her eyes locked on mine, and I nervously glance away. She remains looking at me, her fiery, red eyes calmed to the color of embers. I grit my teeth, and force a laugh. She smiles, showing teeth, and then quickly returns to a firm expression.

Our steps slow, and eventually stop near the edge of Hyrule Field. A small smile paints her face yet again, but it appears to be more out of nostalgia than happiness. Her eyes have a dull fog to them, a seemingly distant expression covering everything else.

We stand, face to face. Yet again, I prepare to speak, but I'm unable to produce words.

I pull her close, wrapping her in my arms. She embraces me back, laying her head on my shoulder. Her soft, calm breaths are audible when next to my ear.

I turn my head, and place a few kisses near her ear, and slowly move to her cheek. I eventually begin to skirt her lips with kisses, causing her to smile with anticipation. I hesitate a moment, and place my lips on hers, holding the kiss for several moments, before she breaks away.

She steps out of my arms, putting her hands behind her. A slight sprinkle of pink is tossed on her cheeks. The smell of desert sand is around me, and the sky has darkened a bit. She stands upon the platform of light projected by the mirror, a regretful smile crawling onto her face.

She breathes in, and lets it out in a heavy sigh, before turning to Zelda. After exchanging a few nods, she turns to me.

Tears sparkling in her eyes, her smile grows. She swallows deep, and opens her mouth to speak.

"Link... I..." She hesitates," See you later." A tear falls from her cheek and she pushes it towards the mirror. I bite my lip, and force a smile. I nod, and hope tears don't begin to fall.

The shining tear gracefully collides with the mirror, and a small crack can be heard. The break in the glass begins to spiderweb out, eventually causing the mirror to shatter into an uncountable amount of shards.

I quickly shift my eyes back to her, tears welling up in them. She's fading into nothing, the smile still perched upon her face. With a quick gust of wind, a flurry of sand, and a short loss of sight, she's gone.


So, *sigh* this one was difficult for me to write, not because of characterization or description, but the feelings. God, so, long story short, the guy that I dated for quite awhile absolutely loved Midna, and like, writing about her makes me all like *tears up* Gahh I don't know~ the song I listened to while writing this was "Invincible" by Muse. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day~

-Twilit Lady of Majesty