Her name is Aya. She used to be Human. And this… is her story

Her eyes slowly open, reproachful of what she might find. She hoped it was all a dream, so when she woke up she could run downstairs and talk to her family in that childlike happiness that hadn't left her even at the age of fifteen. The sight she saw didn't ease her pain or her fear she was still in her old home that was still barely more than ashes. The side she had lain on was coated black, but that didn't matter. She got up, with a bit of her power and the will of hers that was so strong it made it through hell and back, she was on fire but she survived so did her clothes and long pink hair, the only difference being that she was clean. She walked through the house with a face bare of any emotion. Emotion meant nothing anymore. Not since her change and the day she came back.