She walked outside and felt the sunshine on her face and arms as she spread them out at her sides in a pose close to that of the crucified Jesus. It was so nice she actually smiled, but not really. She hadn't truly smiled since that day. This was just another fake, a part of the mask that she wore every day to ensure the people around her that she was still alive… somehow. It was as good a time as any so she let her new colors fly. Her tail shot out from behind her, its white flame blazing brilliantly. Her ears were pointy, but those didn't matter either her ears never changed their pointiness unless she unleashed her full potential, in her past life she had actually wanted a tail. But at the price it and her powers had cost, it was just a reminder of the ugly past and her horrible mistakes. Her legs gave way under her and she lay on the ground in front of her home… and her families graves. Her mom, dad, and brother were now gone. She couldn't help it, couldn't fix it. It just was. A shadow came over her face and she though it was him again, to try and take her away again to marry his god-awful son, Amaimon. But the face she saw when her eyes were open once more was not that of Satan. It was a boy… two boys in fact, one with blue hair and pointy ears like hers, and the other a human with brown hair. They didn't do much other than stand over her for a minute. Before she got bored enough that she stood up and looked each in the eye. She asked nonchalantly yet skeptical "can I help you two? You seem lost." Eyebrow raised. In a quick and rather rude movement they were shoved aside and there stood before her was Mephisto.