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Is this seat taken?" Jeremy asked. She shook her head taking a bite from her apple. She didn't even bother looking at the person sitting next to her on the concrete bench. "So you like the weather? I like rainy days." He randomly asked turning to face her. She turned her head and realized who was next to her. She disliked Jeremy, he had always been the school's most popular boy and everyone liked him. Girls would do anything for him and she thought he was pathetic, even though no one could deny he had a beautiful voice, apart from being famous for his acting skills." There's been better days" she replied simply, even though rainy days were her favorite, and stood up to throw the remains of her lunch. He had a surprised look on his face and couldn't imagine someone not falling for him and just leaving after they had the 'privilege' of sitting next to him. She laughed to herself, thinking he had just realized not everyone like him. "She can't do this to me" he mumbled and started walking catching up to her. "Wait up!" He yelled and she tried to ignore him. He was walking next to her and tried to start a conversation once more, but she took out her Ipod and her earphones and played the music loud enough to block out the sound of his voice. He was getting upset now, she wasn't interested in having a conversation with him, and he just couldn't accept that.