Candy Floss

"What kind of Dark Magic is this?"

He stared at the mass of what looked like sunset-coloured clouds on a paper stick. He poked it with a cautious finger, it was fluffy and soft to the touch, and his finger left a small indent in the mass of pink. He sniffed it suspiciously. It smelled surprisingly sweet, like sugar or honey or caramel fudge. "It's food," said Hermione simply. "You're supposed to eat it." Ron stared at her in disbelief. "How?"

"Like this." She took the fuzzy ball of pink from him and tore a piece of it off. Her eyes met his, and he gave her a wary glance as she put it into her mouth. Hermione smiled at him as she sucked her fingers clean, her tongue darting out teasingly as she did. "Your turn."

Ron looked at her and reached out a hand. He picked off a tiny wisp of the cloud. "You have to take more than that to taste it properly," Hermione demanded. Ron gave her a look, but decided to take more, ripping a larger shred off the soft mass. She smiled at him encouragingly, and he put it into his mouth.

His eyes widened. It had disappeared! All that was left was a sweet layer of sugar coating his tongue. "Where did it go?"

Hermione giggled. "It's a Muggle sweet called candy floss." She reached for some more and copied him. "It melts in your mouth. It's basically spun sugar."

Ron looked dubious. "Those cheating Muggles," he said. "All they did was blow up a bit of sugar for profit." But despite what he had just said, he took a large chunk off the rapidly shrinking ball of fluff and shoved it into his mouth. "Tastes good though," he mumbled through a thick coating of sugar over his teeth.

Before he knew it, he had finished half of the candy floss. It was addictive, though it didn't do much to fill his stomach. Hermione watched him with a small smile, taking some candy floss for herself now and then, but mainly enjoying the sensation of watching an adult try candy floss for the first time.

It wasn't long before the only thing left was the paper stick. It was covered in a little sugar, which Ron promptly offered to Hermione for her to lick off. She accepted the gracious offer and did so, proceeding to throw the paper stick in a bin they passed on the street. Then she kissed him softly, using her tongue to lick off the remaining sugar on his teeth as he did the same to her. They smiled despite themselves as they broke apart and looked at each other.

Ron struggled for something to say, as he always did after they kissed. All that came out of his mouth, however, was a hopeful, "Can we have another one?"

Author's Note:

This story just popped into my head during Chinese because I was bored out of my mind. I think it's sweet though (excuse the pun).