It had been several years since Hermione had begun her regime of teaching Ron about the Muggle world. Knowing that everything she did was for his own good, and being the dutiful husband he was, he had never asked her why. Now that his knowledge of Hermione's origins had gained much more depth, he was slowly beginning to see the reasons for her actions.

As it always was, the world was changing. The wizarding view of the Muggle world was slowly evolving as the years passed, and while Muggles still remained largely ignorant that there were magical people wandering in their midst, there was an increasing percentage of them who knew about their existence. More wizards and witches were marrying Muggles, and there had been an inexplicable but significant increase in Muggle-born children over the years. The wizarding world knew that it wouldn't be long before the two worlds would eventually be merged together, for at this rate it was clearly inevitable.

Of course, being a person who was always prepared for the future, Hermione had already foreseen this. It was because of this eventuality and the fact that she wanted to teach Ron more about her roots that she had done all this.

"I think you'd be able to live as a Muggle now, if you so wished," she told him one day. It was true, she reflected, that Ron had picked up the Muggle lark startlingly quicker than she had expected. Perhaps one day, when they had children, they would be able to teach them this too, so that living in both worlds would come easily to them. Thinking of actually deciding to have children with Ron still gave her a sort of thrill, but given her brains and fastidiousness, she was sure this would not be a problem. After all, it could be a survival skill they would need in future when the Muggle and wizarding worlds finally intermingled.

Of course, he had yet to master the ability to drive a car, but she didn't think they needed to rush. She spent a little time imagining the convenience of it all if he did eventually get his drivers' license; surely car rides would be much more romantic than trips via broomstick, Floo or any other wizard's mode of transport! She had every confidence in her husband that he could do it in the future.

It was all in good time, Hermione decided, and she and Ron had many happy years before them. None of them would ever know what the future would bring, but may it be good or bad, she had no option but to let them come.

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'All was well.'

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