I was fourteen at the time, It was my freshman year. I never thought I would be the social accepted one or the one that was being crushed on and competed for. I never expected for anyone to like me for my nerdiness, but I've learned over time that people like others for being them. You don't have to change yourself or your ways, it's just something you simply like. I never thought I'd find myself completely crazy for two people. Never thought I was that type of guy. I guess maybe I am, but somehow people don't seem to associate me with a player. I just don't understand how I didn't only let one good thing slip away, but instead let two of the best pieces of my life withdraw from me. Being twenty now, I still regret that I didn't choose or didn't even keep in touch with them. I'm a closed book, not even my fiance, can quite ever truly read me. I fake a smile, so she won't know how I truly feel. I never accepted the fact of what I truly liked or who I truly liked it just happened. Instead of standing proud I shied away. I guess life really is bitter-sweet.

"Hope, it's your first day of school. Get down here, we don't accept lateness in this home." I slowly fluttered my eyes open. It was five-thirty A.M. and school didn't even start until seven. I knew she wouldn't stop calling me until I responded. I rolled over, hoping and praying to get a few more minutes of sleep. That was mistake number one because I rolled the wrong direction and hit the floor with an unnatural thud. I groaned. You've got to be kidding.

"Hope you better be up."
I mumbled, "I'm alive. Thanks for asking." A smile crept onto my mother's face. "Typical teenage response," she said as she chuckled. very amusing mom. Five minutes after the fall and I was still on the floor, army crawling to my door. I knew I'd eventually get to where I wanted to be. That's until my dad forcefully opened my door and knocked me in the head. Second time this morning that there was an unnatural thud, and a groan from me.
"Hope... whoops. Son are you alright? What are you doing crawling to the door in the first place?"
"Well, what are you doing in my room in the first place," I responded.
"Whatever, don't give me that tone. Just get ready to go or I will lift you by your ears." Sometimes I just want to curl up in a corner and sleep forever more, but in this family I minus well forget that. Once he left the room, I silently thought, "One day dad... just wait for it." At the time I didn't really know what I was talking about.

Finally, after what seemed like years I made it to school. Surprisingly I wasn't late. My first day seemed bad until I saw the partner I had in science class.

-AN: This is really old, but I decided maybe I should continue to write this story XD. Idk what do you lovely people think?!