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Chapter 1

I slowed down my bike as I came to a huge grey, pen house like building. Coming to a complete stop, I pulled off my helmet to look up at the large building. It was several stories high at least 7 stories. It looked to be a very comfortable complex, one that somehow fit my older brother to the 'T'.

'So this is where my brother lived.' I thought to myself as I got off my motorbike and parked it. 'It sure is big.'

With my helmet under my arm, I entered the complex to enter lobby which was decreated comfortable.

"Can I help you?"

I started slightly upon hearing a person speak up next to me. Looking over, I saw an older woman who was coming towards me with curiousity.

"Um...yes...My name's Zaphara Raven. I beleive I called you earlier concerning my brother, William Raven, living quarters here?" I asked as I turned towards her as I pulled out a piece of paper with the complex's address on it.

"Oh, thats right!" The woman said with a bright smile. "You must be his younger sister."

"Ya," I said as I rubbed the back of my head sheepishly. "Did you know my brother very well?"

"Why yes." The woman said before adding with a dreamy look in her eye. "He was quite the charmer."

"...Oh, really?" I asked in disbelief as my brain flashing me a memory of when William and I had been younger...


"WILLIAM!" I screamed as I ran as fast as I could away from him. "GET THAT AWAY FROM ME!"

"Oh, come on, sis." William said evenly as he kept up with me. "It's only a tiny worm."



"I find that hard to believe." I said as I forced myself back to the present.

"Well, yes, you would as you're his sister." The woman said with amusement in her eyes. "Well, if you will follow me, I will take you to your brother's flat."

"Thanks." I said as I followed the woman to a private elevator.

"Now, Miss Raven," The woman said as she pulled out a ring of keys and pulled one off and inserted it into a key hole in the elevator. "This will be your personal key to get up to your brother's flat. Just insert it into it, like so and the elevator should take you straight up to your brother's flat."

With that the woman turned the key and the elevator closed and took us both up to the 7th floor.

"Wow, this place is huge!" I gasped as the elevator doors opened to reveal, instead of a hallway, my brother's flat.

"Well, your brother wanted the very best." The woman said as I started wandering around opening doors at random while the woman started listing off what was now mine. "Your brother's flat has two rooms, a large bathroom, kitchen, living room, and storage area. It also has a large study and a library."

"What the-!?" I gaped as I opened one particular door only to stare at what was behind it.

"It even has a pool!" The woman said cheerfully over my shoulder.

"...Um, would it be alright if I could be alone to look around?" I asked as started feeling slightly overwhelmed with my surroundings.

"Yes, of course!" The woman said instantly, having seen my face.

"I know all of this is a lot to take in, even if it has been at least five years since your brother died." The woman said quietly, looking at me with pity.

I looked away feeling more then slightly annoyed by the woman's unneeded pity though it had been at least five years since my older brother had died.

I had only been 13 years old when I suddenly received in the mail a telegraph saying that my brother had been killed in a computer accident where my brother had been working as a computer programmer for some kind of military establishment that could train their troops.

William and I had been planning for me to come to China to live with him as our parents had..."ditched" us to go travel the world, leaving my brother to take of me when he was barely out of high school and I was only 7 at the time.

Upon hearing the news that my brother had been killed, I decided to finish my schooling here in the country sides of Romania before going to the busy city of China.

And here I was five years later, standing in my brother's flat.

"...Well, um...I-I guess I'll leave you to it then." The woman said nervously as she started moving away from me when I didn't answer her after a while and the tension in the air thickened.

When I finally heard the door closed behind the woman, I took a deep breath to calm myself before I started to really explore my new home.

"Well I might as well call the moving company." I told myself out loud as I grabbed the phone to do just that.

After finishing I looked at the large room in front of me. 'Well I guess I should go through the rooms and see what need to be taken out and what needs saved.'

I spent the next couple of hours looking at all the stuff my brother had before I went into the study to see what I could salvage in there. What met me was a disaster area. The entire room was full of books and papers. all of which was scattered on every surface in there.

'This is going to take forever to clear out.' I thought with a sigh as I stepped into the crowded room.

Further in, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a brightly colored box, that had a bow and a note on it.

Slowly I lifted the note of the box to see what was written. I felt tears fill my eyes as I read:

"Dear little Esme,

If you're reading this then I am at work and 'YOU' came earlier then expected. SO~ welcome to your new home! Inside this box, which is your homecoming gift, is the headset I was telling you about. The one that lets you play the game I am working on here. I hope you have fun as you play. Ill see you later, OK?

Love William, your crazy brother."

Smiling lightly at the note my brother had written, I put the note down and lifted the box from the shelves and opened it.

I gasped in shock and awe for inside was a beautiful looking head set. It almost looked like an elvish tiara with red gems decorated though out the tiara, but instead of being silver (like I've seen in movies), it was pure black.

As I picked it up to inspect it, I saw out of the corner of my eye something move in the box. Looking down, I saw a letter that was addressed to me.

Placing the tiara down, I picked up said letter and opened it.

Inside it said: "Hey, sis, its me again.

As you can see it is a tiara. This tiara is the headset used for the game. The red sparkly things (that no doubt caught your eye) are micro-chips; the tiara as a whole is a bunch of wires. Being the brilliant brother that I am, I customized yours to fit your personality. When you enter the game, you will be in a big room and a person called a Game Master or GM will help you design your character. To make the game more real, you can have only one character made for you. It can not be change after it is created so choose wisely. I have enclosed some cheat sheets to help if you ever need them, they will help you find your way around the game and to make it so that you can level up faster. Other then that you are on your own. I'll try and join you when I get home. Have fun!"

I smiled at the letter when the doorbell distracted me from my thoughts.

'That must be the movers.' I thought as I heard someone knock on the door in impatience.

"Coming!" I shouted as I came closer to the door and let the men in. I spent the rest of the day helping them that I forgot about the headset and everything else.


~~~~~~~~~~Two weeks later~~~~~~~~~~


I smiled as I waved at my two new friends that I had met, in my literature class, at the University I was studying at.

They had been telling me about this new game, that was all the rage now, called Second Life. I instantly recognized it as the game my brother help make so I was extremely exited. So much so that I couldn't concentrate on the lessons that the Professor was teaching.

Laughing, I hurried to my brother's, I mean, my flat and headed to the storage room that I had put all the things I wanted to keep, away. Finding the box, I quickly ran to my room and hooked up the system. Changing into my PJ's and I put the tiara on and slowly drifted off to sleep as I let the headset activate and take over my consciousness.

***IN GAME***

I suddenly found myself in a pitch black room with light that circled around me. As I looked around, I couldn't see anything expect for myself and just as I was about to call out, I heard a female voice speak up.

"Greetings! Welcome to Second Life!" Turning my head in the direction it came from, I found a girl smiling at me as she sat in a hover chair which moved towards me.

She wore a giant helmet with a giant letter number two in the middle and two pink pigtails popped out from under it. I could tell instantly that she was a GM or a Game Master as the cheat sheets had explained.

"You are the first player for this account, so please wait a moment." She said holding up a finger. "I will commence the infrared and sound wave scan, from now on as soon as you put your game helmet on; you can start playing Second Life!"

Two machine-shape guns appeared on either side of me and started scanning me up and down, making a noise that much sounded like a car speeding by. Once they were done scanning, they vanished to wherever they had come from in the first place.

"Okay, you are now ready to create your character. Before creating the character, I must warn you, you have only one chance to design a character, for once the character creation process is complete, your race, name and looks cannot be changed."

"...can't change." I repeated, softly as I remembered my brother's note.

Thinking that I had ask a question, the GM explained, "To make Second Life as realistic as possible; each player may only have one character."

I nodding my head to tell her I had heard her before softly asking a question that I had wondered after reading that part of the letter. "What if the character dies? Then what? It doesn't just end, does it?"

"Dead characters will be reborn at the Rebirth Point, but you will lose a level in the process." The GM explained. "So, please start creating your character."

A bright light flashed around me and I glanced up to see many various creatures all around me. It looked as if they're studying me. A demon growled softly while a celestial flapped her wings happily, smiling toward me. A dwarf snorted at me causing me to give him an amused look.

"First, choose the race you like. The races are basically divided into Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Celestials, Elementals and Beasts. Beasts can be divided into wolves, birds, dogs and..." The GM said and I noticed a pig, a turtle and a dog waddling toward me, pleading to be picked up. After that a tree along with many variations of plants looked at me. "The Elementals can be divided between flower spirits, tree spirits, and-"

"Why are there so many different types?" I interrupted knowing that if she continued, I would be here all night long-literally.

"Commercial jobs are also a special feature of our game." The GM shrugged while giggling.

'Well that explains it.' I thought as I looked at all the different creatures.

"Can I see myself as a vampire?" I asked the GM as I ignored the creatures around me.

"You want to be a vamp?"The GM asked as she looked at a clipboard, she had pulled out of thin air. "W...we don't have that species."

"You don't have vampires?" I asked in shock as I looked at all the different species floating around me.

"Well, we could try and mix a blood/shadow demon and an elf together and see what happens." The GM said as she once again looked at her clipboard.

I nodded my head in agreement.

The GM nodded reluctantly before saying, "Okay, please wait, I will inform my superiors of your request." She then closed her eyes like she was praying or asleep.

This gave me the opportunity to look at my surroundings. Not seeing anything of interest, I turned back to the GM.

Slowly the GM opened her eyes and brightening. "Since you have a special head set and system, my superiors have decided to reward you. So your special request has been granted! As a result of this,we will put those three creatures together and make you a vampire. Do you also wish to be 30% more beautiful or ugly?"

"Thirty percent more beautiful, please." I said politely and the GM nodded and snapped her fingers. The creatures from before disappeared into another huge cloud of smoke to reveal instead a female vampire with long black hair and a slim, average height body appeared instead.

I looked the vamp over carefully, thinking seriously about the way I wanted her to look like before looking up at the GM who I was surprised to find was slightly blushing.

"What you blushing at!?" I yelled playfully.

The GM looked away when I caught her looking at the vamp. "Nothing." She snapped back.

"Right..." I said as i turned back to my character "Can I see her with a page cut, but in layers with the longest locks, being her bangs, bleed from black to red and surrounding her face?"

"No problem!" The GM replied as she snapped her fingers to do as I asked.

"...So hot." The GM complimented in admiration and I giggled at her for her reaction.

Slightly satisfied, I turned my character to face the GM who squealed out, "BEAUTIFUL!" while her eyes sparkled in admiration.

Pleased with this reaction, I once again turned to examined my Avatar.

The Avatar then opened her eyes to show glowing red eyes which bothered me slightly.

"Change the eyes to amber, but can the bleed red when i feel strong emotions like pain and make the skin alabaster toning." I said and as the GM eagerly did so and I suddenly had my Avatar.

"Alright, I want you to tilt your head slightly and smile a little." I ordered to my Avatar who apparently heard me for she obeyed me.

She looked at me, tilting her head and grinning really wickedly at me and I could literally feel the GM looking at me with so much admiration that I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"OK, this is my Avatar." I announced to the GM, nodding my head in contentment.

"And I want nothing changed or you'll never see me in the game at all." I threatened as I noticed her raising her hand to do something.

I saw her pout, but I ignored her in favor of thinking up a name for myself.

"Now about my name..." I mumbled softly to myself as I turned and looked up at the GM.

"How about 'The Shadow Countess of the Blood Guild'?" The GM offered and I shook my head.

"You want to name me 'The Shadow Countess of the Blood Guild'? That's way too long." I grimaced, but I took the name. "Let's get rid of the 'Shadow' and the 'Blood Guild' parts; I'll be called Countess instead."

"Countess..." GM said in a curious tone and I nodded my head, smiling happily at her, causing her to smile back at me.

"By the way, where do you wish to be born? There's North, East, South, West and Central Continents." The GM asked as she looked up at me.

"Doesn't matter, but somewhere in the woods, please," I said just as I suddenly felt a yank towards Countess who flew toward me. I felt us slowly merging together into becoming one being which I will tell you; it freaken' feels weird!

"Whoa!" I said as the area slowly diminished.

"Oh, by the way, my name is Lolidragon. Cheeka!" The GM squealed as the room darkened. "You must PM me! If you PM me, I'll reward you!"

With that, I fell into the dark blackness which took over.


I groaned out loud as I slowly became aware of my surrounding once again. Getting to my feet, I looked around and gasped in surprise.

'How beautiful.' I thought as I headed to the closest hill. I found that there was a lake nearby so I headed there so I could examine my reflection carefully.

Countess looked back at me. I was wearing a white tunic and black pants on with black boots. I sighed before I tightened my resolve and looked around.

"Okay...what should I do first...Wait, I remember reading about me needing to get a job..." I told myself, remembering what the "cheat sheets" had indicated. "But first, I need to level myself up to 10 to get a job."

At that thought, I grinned wickedly before I started walking around trying to find some monsters to help me level up.

I didn't wish to see anyone yet as I knew that with my new looks, guys would be flocking to me faster than bees to honey.

As I walked deeper into the forest, I kept alert in case something or someone tried to attack me. After a while of not finding anything, I stopped and suddenly heard something hopping next to me. Looking down, I found a small blue blob that hopped to me before stopping to staring up at me cutely.

Knowing what it was, I quickly kicked it as hard as I could.

-Successful Attack, Flesh Eating Slime. HP-7!-

"How disturbing," I snorted, meaning both the announcer and the Flesh Eating Slime. I watched with amusement as the Slime shakily got back up, roaring angrily as it hopped back, hoping to get a bite out of my skin.

"Oh? You're looking for a fight?" I asked it with a smile of pleasure. "Don't mind if I do!" And with that, I gave it a very good sound beating of it's little life.




As the Flesh Eating Slime finally died, it blew up into a puff of smoke, leaving behind a knife and a small pouch.

-Bingo! Flesh Eating Slime has died! Earned: 25 EXP, A knife, A pouch.- The announcer said very obviously and I bent down and picked up the knife and pouch, examining both carefully.

"Hmm...Interesting..." I muttered when the announcer spoke up.

-Advice to newbies: To view your statistics say the word "System"-

Curious, I did so and indeed my statistics appeared before me. Then I heard a noise behind me and turning my head around after closing my statistics, I saw a mob of slimes all of whom seemed very furious at the death of their friend.

But all I did was smile, pleased.

"Oh? There are more of you." I thought as the Flesh Eating Slimes pounced at me as I stood there, holding my knife ready. 'This should be fun.'

Two hours later...

"I'm at level 15 now, so I should be able to choose my job now." I said as I casually headed to the newbie village, feeling a whole lot less stressful. "Although I'm slightly unsure as to what job I should take."

'OH~ well.' I thought as I looked at the village. 'I think I'll deal with that some other time. I really need to get ready for class.'

And with that, I logged off and got dressed to get ready for said class.



Opening my eyes, I began to search for the place where I would be able to choose my job. Stepping into the village and walking a ways in, I suddenly found my arm grabbed and looking around, I found a very good looking elf girl ogling at me, I presumed, feeling very uncomfortable

"E-excuse me, would you like to train with you?" She stuttered, looking right up at me with her bright blue eyes and long blond hair, wearing a pink dress with pale red design. I scowled at her.

"No," I stated, yanking my arm free from her, causing her to gasp softly. 'Whats with her? Can't she see I'm a girl?'

Finding a store that apparently sold potions, I decided to get a few only to see that the NPC was helping another group, most of which were men-well, all, but one-were men. Swearing softly to myself, I kept my head down so that they couldn't see my face. I did not want to be bothered with them.

"Oh! Hello!" I heard the girl say upon apparently seeing me near the door.

"...Evening," I said back softly as I kept my head down.

"Are you shy? Why are you keeping your head down?" One of the other players asked, but I instead asked them a question.

"Where do I go to change my job to a warrior?" I asked instead, ignoring their questions.

"You have to get ten wolf fangs for that," One of the males of the group said with a kind laugh. "We were just about to grind wolves, let's got together!"

"Sure, but I need to get some potions first." I said easily as I moved towards the counter.

"Ok, we'll wait for you at the West side gate," They said as they all left. "Be quick about it!"

"Thank you...I'll be there soon." I said slowly and once the door closed, I looked up at the NPC. "I'd like some healing potions."

"Thank you!" The NPC gushed. "I'll get them for you immediately, please wait here!"

I raised my eyebrows a little in shocked before shaking my head.

"Oh yeah," I said snapping my fingers as an idea popped into my head. "Could you add a mask to that list?"


"Hi." I called as I jogged over to the West side gate; waving at the group who was visible shocked by my mask. "Sorry for waiting, my apologizes..."

"A mask..." One said, blinking in shock.

"Why did you buy a mask?" The girl asked and I quickly thought up an excuse.

"Because...because I need to...increase my defense..." I said slowly, hoping they would buy it. "Yeah, increase my defense, ha-ha-ha...!"

"Okay! Let me introduce myself, I am Snow White Rose, a mage, please call me Rose." The girl, Rose, said as she gestured to herself and the others introduced themselves as well.

"Legolas, the archer."

"I am 'For Healing Only', a priest."

"I am 'The Strongest Warrior', call me Li'l Strong."

"Ah...I'm called Countess and I don't have a job yet..." I said as I tried to not freeze over in shock at their very...eh-hem...interesting names though the girl's name was just fine-actually it was just as weird, but the nickname was a lot better.

"Countess?" F.H.O, the priest said as he looked at me in bewilderment.

"Ya..." I said as I looked at them as they seemed to be staring at me with confusion. "What's wrong with my name?"

"Nothing, its just I would have thought Count, I mean you look more like a guy then a girl." One of the group said.

"What?" I asked as I found a small puddle nearby to look into. Taking the mask off slightly, I found to my horror a handsome looking man looking back at me.

"OH MY G**!" I screamed as I jumped back. This caused the group to look at me with shock and confusion.

"How the heck did I become a man?!" I asked myself as I paced back and forth. "It must have been that GM-Lolidragon's fault." I hissed just as something came charged at me.

Dodging it, I started to run away from it only to see that it was a wolf who I had apparently attracted it's attention.

'Well at least I'll be able to increase my speed like this.' I thought as i continued to run and dodge.

"Stop running, Countess!" Someone yelled. "Turn back and fight that wolf!"

"It's Count now!" I yelled back.

"Well, whatever! Just fight the wolf!"

"Don't be scared! The priest can heal you!"

'And I don't want him to.' I thought to myself.

"What is he doing?" Another asked in disgust.

"To outrun a wolf..." Li'l Strong (I recognized that voice!) said as he laughed in surprise. "He really is agile! Ha-ha-ha!"

"Humph!" The guy, from before, said, sounding like he didn't believe Li'l Strong.

Without me knowing how it had happened, I suddenly tripped and the wolf bit me on my leg.

"YOUCH!" I screamed before I threw it off of me, now completely ticked off.

"WHY YOU-!?" I said as I grabbed it with my bare hands and started beating the snot out of it. "You bit me!"

Due to its multiple injuries, the wolf tried to make an attempt to flee, but I stomped down onto its back, snarling, "Trying to run away now, are you?! I am having a bad day right now and I'd much rather kill you then hold onto this anger all day so sit still and deal with your punishment!"

With a few strong stomps, the wolf blew up in a puff of smoke and I stood panting heavily, due mostly to my fury.

"Humph! Stupid wolf, you just had to bite me " I mumbled to myself, not noticing the looks of shock the group behind me were giving me. I was too upset to look in their direction.

-Quest item received: Wolf Fang!-

"What powerful strikes...that wolf couldn't even react..." Li'l Strong said slowly.

"So cool!" Rose said as she pressed her hands to her red face.

"What skill..."

"Hmm?" I said, seeing something move out of the corner of my eye-it was another wolf.

"COME HERE!" I snarled as I processed to slice at the poor unfortunate wolf who just so happen to cross my path.




"...It looks like he's in a trance..." Someone said in shock as he turned to his neighbor.

With one powerful thrust, I stabbed my knife right between the wolf's eyes, killing it instantly.

"AAHHH!" Rose screamed as she covered her eyes.

"Defeated it in an instant...So strong...!"

"EAT THIS!" I yelled as I sliced another wolf literally in half.

"And another one...Fast...this brat has even more potential to become a warrior than me!" Li'l Strong said dazedly.

"He's dangerous..."

'This feels great. I guess being a guy does have its advantages.' I thought as I slowly straightened up, dripping in blood and enjoying every second of it. "Where's the rest?"

"Come on wolves come get me!" I yelled as loud as I could at the pack of wolves that charged at me in response.

"Blood..." I heard Rose say and my smile grew. " A-a Blood Elf!"

"More like a Blood Demon." Li'l Strong said as he watched me slaughter every single one of the wolves that came at me.

'You don't know the half of it.' I thought to myself as I slowly looked over my shoulder at the group who visibly backed up a step as the look of insane pleasure in my eyes while I stood there, dripping in blood...


"I finally collected 10- well more than 10 wolf fangs for sure." I said as I was cleaned up and holding my pouch which had at least 45 wolf fangs in it.

"Thanks for the help!" I said as I walked away. "I need to go change jobs, see ya!"

"Byeeee!" Rose called back, waving. "Let's grind monsters again someday!"

"Here's the wolf fangs." I said as I plopped the large bag of wolf fangs in front of NPC. "I want to sell the rest of the fangs for money."

"Wow! So fast?!" The NPC said in shock before laughing. "Good job, young man! When I was young-!"

"Look," I said interrupting. "Just change my job, will ya?! I've had a pretty rough day already. Maybe I'll listen some other time, OK?"

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Warrior! Learned: 3 new skills: Strength boost, Haste, and Inferno Slash.-

The NPC opened his mouth to say something when the narrator spoke up again.

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Archer! Learned: 2 new skills: Long shot and Sight.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Mage! Learned : 2 new skills: Heal, and Shadow blast.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Nicromancer! Learned :1 new skill: Revival.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Bard! Learned: 1 new skill: Song of the Dead.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Beast Warrior! Learned: 1 new skill: Claw Slash.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Barrier Master! Learned: 1 new skill: Small Shield.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Ninja! Learned: 1 new skill: Dash.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Sommoner! Learned: 1 new skill: Sommon Small Beast.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Thief! Learned: 1 new skill: Snatch.-

-Ding! System Notice: Job Change successful to Wizard! Learned: 1 new skill: Shadow Haunt.-

"What the heck!?" The NPC yelled. "That's not supposed to happen!"

"Don't look at me, I don't know what happened either." I said as I thought. 'That's the second time today something odd has happened to me. If this keeps up, I might begin to think that my brother is still alive and pranking me...'


"Alright!" I said happily as I left the shop and was heading the woods once again. "I'm now a warrior...kinda."

"I wonder what weapon I got..." I said softly to myself as I reached into my pouch. "Let's see..."

Reaching inside the bag, I felt around with bewilderment. 'This things a whole lot bigger then it looks.'

'Well there's something long and made out of wood... an small pointy thing...mmm... a twig...why is there a two twigs in my bag, I will never know... I'll just grab...this!' I thought as I pulled out a large blade that was completely black with the edge blood red. "A-a sword?"

"Hmm," I hummed softly as I pulled it closer and examined it over before smiling, pleased and started waving it around to test it out.

"I'm going to have to give it a try." I said softly to myself as I sheathed my new sword before putting the pouch filled with my other weapons away.

'I'll take those out and examine them later,' I thought to myself as I turned towards the woods. 'After I find some good armor that is.'

Just at that moment, time seemed to freeze as I sensed something coming at me. Ducking, I let the thing fly over me before I grabbed the back of the person's tunic and hit them once.

"Why you...LOLI!?" I said as I looked at the GM that I now recognized. "What the heck do you think your doing sneaking up behind me!? I could have killed you!"

"...Who are you?" Loli asked as she stared at me in confusion. "Have we met before?"

'Great, that means she's not the one who did this to me.' I thought as I released her.

"Its me, Countess or as it seems I am now a guy, Count." I replied as I watched Loli get up from the ground.

"Countess?!" She asked as she tried to hit me again, but I easily dodged her blows. "I told you to PM me! I had to look for you for soooo long! And what the blue blazes happened to you?!"

"I have no idea. I was hoping you could tell me." I said as I began to walk towards the forest once again.

"Why are you here any ways, Loli? Don't G-Ouch!" I yelped as Loli hit me. "What was that for?"

"Listen carefully!" The GM snarled as she pulled me closer to herself. "I'm actually a hidden GM, if you dare let it slip, I'll..."

"You'll what?" I asked with a dangerous look in my eyes as my said eyes flashed red as I shoved her away from me.

"I'll...I'll..." The GM said, trying to think of something, but I just rolled my eyes.

"Right, well when you think of something go ahead and try it." I said as I moved away from her towards my previous destination. "But right now, I have more important things to do, like training."

"I know!" The GM squealed as she grabbed my arm, yanking me to a stop. "I've obviously been looking for you so I can train with someone like you!"

"...Excuse me?" I asked, looking at her in disbelief.

"Besides with me by your side, you don't have to worry about fan girls that will probably start forming if you are seen without a girl already with you! But don't worry; I'll definitely protect your chastity!"

"I can handle myself just fine, you know!" I said as I jerked my arm from her grasp. "I don't need you following me around, seeing as you seem to be one of the first fan girls i've come across!"

"Let's go grind monsters!" Loli said ignoring me as she seized my arm once again and started dragging me to the woods.

"Fine, but release me first!" I yelled, feeling my temper rising, and everything start to bleed red. When she didn't listen, I processed to make her release me by introducing her to my fists.

"Count! Wait!" Loli yelled as she painfully got back to her feet and hurried after me, drinking down a health potion. "Sheesh, talk to me!"

"Fine!" I snarled, really wanting to send her to Rebirth Point and get rid of her, but I owed her one so... "If it shuts you up; what's your job anyway? Mage? Priest?"

"He-he-he...How can I do such pathetic jobs?" Loli snickered at the very idea.

"OH~ really? Then...?"

"The job I chose is the one that had the most potential to make money! Needless to say...of course, it's the thief class!" She said, giggling as if it was a good thing and I sneered as she playfully nudged me. "Relax! I'll teach you the easiest, cheapest and safest way to fight monsters!"

"Hmm? Great! A wolf! Alright! Let me show you!" I heard her say, but I just ignored her as my focus went instantly to the wolf.

"Hey! Are you even watching?!" Loli asked furious, but to her astonishment and horror, I had the wolf already in my hands and my mouth was on it's neck.

My focus stayed there until I sensed something bigger coming up behind Loli.

"WATCH OUT!" I yelled dropping the wolf and pointing behind her, but it was too late.

-HP -150!-


-System Notice: Wolf King as appeared!-

Before i could get to Loli, I was caught.

I spat out blood as I felt the Wolf King's claws dig into my gut, but he released me to throw me against a tree. I felt my mask fly off as I flew through the air and crashed against the tree trunk much like what had happened to Loli as I could see her knocked out on the ground.


"That hurt..." I groaned as I got back to my feet i could feel blood dripping from my head as i looked the Wolf King.

Everything, once again turned red but this time I felt the uncontrollable hunger and need to feed.

The wolf came charging at me as a wicked smile sped across my face. My speed seemed to increase with each of the wolf's attacks before I jumped and hit the wolf with a hard kick to the back of its head causing it to fall forward.

-Attack Successful! Wolf King HP-30!-

Hunger seemed to drive me as i dodged one more of the wolfs attacks before my jaws closed onto its neck causing the wolf to fall once again forward. I let what felt like energy flow from my fangs into the wolf causing it stop moving. I sat there for several minutes as i drained the beast of it's blood with every gulp.

-Attack Successful Hp- 60-





Jumping off of the beast, I could feel my health returning, before I looked at the Boss and pulled out my sword. I then proceeded to use my new attack: Inferno Slash.

-Hp-300! Wolf Boss has been defeated! Count has gained Blood lust attack. Counts weapon has leveled up to 2. Speed has increased to 7. Count has leveled up to 16.-

"What the-?" I asked as I turned towards Loli to see that she had awaken and had pulled out a health potion and was drinking it as she came over to me.

"Your weapon leveled up?" She asked as she looked at my blade.

"Yeah...It would seem I have a growing type weapon." I said shrugging my shoulders, cleaning the blade on the grass before sheathing it.

"Wow! That's very lucky!" Loli gushed, smiling.

"Hmm," I grunted in disinterest as I was more interested in how i beat the Boss then what kind of blade I happened to have.

"Hey, Count...?" Loli asked after a while of silence as we recovered.


"Let's create our own legend!"

"Huh ?" I asked, confused as I looked over at her.

"Second life's first legend..." Loli said softly before holding a fist out towards the sky. "'The Legend of Count'!"

I just looked at her as I thought her suggestion over. 'The first Legend, huh?'

"Sounds like fun." I said out loud. Before I knew what happened, Loli was hugging me with all her might.

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