Author's Notes: So... yeah. I've been cast in the play "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" recently. So that's taking up some of my time. And it's been making me think an awful lot about Charlie Brown. So... this fanfic is the result.
Normally I wouldn't do a High School AU fic for anything... But this is just natural progression for these characters. So it's not stupid to have them in High School.
Also, this is a Charlie Brown/Little Red-Headed Girl fanfic. I call her Heather because one of the cartoons said her name was Heather. Though I don't take most of my canon from them, I take this because it's easy.

Disclaimer: I miss Charles Schultz. This fanfic will probably not do him justice.

You're in High School, Charlie Brown!

Prologue (The past)...

Charlie Brown suppressed a sigh at the end of the lunch period. He sat there for a moment to watch the Little Red-headed Girl pick up her things. She picked up her lunchbox and chatted with someone he didn't know as they went into the building. Charlie Brown sighed again. Lucy came up behind him and followed his line of sight.

"You're hopeless, Charlie Brown." Lucy said, rolling her eyes. Charlie Brown jumped and looked over his shoulder at her.

"What?" He asked.

"It's absolutely pathetic the way you pine after her." Lucy went on. "She never even looks at you."

"She has before..." Charlie Brown argued.

"And how did you react?" Lucy asked.

Charlie Brown blushed and sighed again. He distinctly remembered the various times the Little Red-headed Girl had turned her head in his direction. Putting bags over his head and ducking under benches in an effort to not be seen.

"See what I mean? Pathetic. You've never even said one word to her. What makes you think she'd ever like you?" Lucy pointed out before leaving.

Charlie Brown just sat there for a moment before standing up and putting the remains of his lunch in a nearby trashcan.

"I don't think it's hopeless." He said to himself. "Maybe one day I'll be able to sit next to her and tell her..." He mused. He started to smile as an idea came to him.

"Or maybe one day she'll come over and sit right next to ME!" He said excitedly. "And she'll ask to have lunch with me and say how she's always admired me!" He clasped his hands as he thought about it. The smile slowly faded off his face.

"No... No one's ever admired me." Charlie Brown said dejectedly. He sighed and trudged back inside as the bell rang.