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There are reasons behind everything someone or something does. Reasons to why some people hate others or like other. Reason why The western Lord, Sesshoumaru dislikes humans and the hanyou they bring in to the word. Reasons why he shows respect for his parents yet shows no love for either. Reason why he is cold heart ed to everything and everyone except those whom are lucky enough to matter. His reasons start when he may still be considered nothing but a pup.

Sesshoumaru was a child of two powerful Daiyoukai, his father The Inu-no-Taisho, and his mother The Inu-Kimi. They were cousins of a sort both from the same family but separated through a few marriages. They were push in to wedding each other keep the Inu bloodline strong and pure and like many arranged marriages neither two loved each other. They loved as they were family but not like that of lover, or husband and wife. And through duty, Sesshoumaru was born.

He grew up like every child of a lord and lady did, loved and very strictly raised. He was groomed to be the next lord of the land, conditioned to be the next Taisho of his father's army, He was trained to be a Daiyoukai to be feared and respected by other youkai and Daiyoukai. He would become the Lord of the Western lands.

Though with all his training and teaching his parents agreed on there was one topic neither could agree on and that was the topic of humans. His mother claimed them inferior creatures and should be stepped on like bug should they get underfoot. His father claimed they were strong beings that were growing stronger and should be respected as such. Both preached their side to their son but neither side could win and over the years Sesshoumaru looked to humans as beings to be used or ignored unless they get in his way which they shall thus be removed from existence.

Sesshoumaru was roughly equivalent in age to a teen age boy when his reasons start. He was tall like his father and pale skinned like his mother. A indigo moon sat proud on his fore head as if a crown of his status and was accompanied by a set of two thin magenta stripes on his cheeks..His golden eyes were soft and full of life and emotion. He wore clothes of pure silk white with a white fur wrapped like a belt about his waist.

Sesshoumaru was walking down the walkway around the back of the house that faced the vast Garden, that his mother had servants work diligently on. He was walking down the path to visit his mother, a guard ,a boar demon, in toe after one too many attempts on his life from other demons. He knew his mother would be sitting in her room enjoying the garden this time of day making his visit all the more possible. He could see her from the path he walked as she could also see him as he approached. She had a simple smile on her lips as she approved her son's visit.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" A young child's voice called out cheerfully drawing his attention making the guard step to block the child and even scaring them.

"It is alright." Sesshoumaru spoke softly placing his hand on the demon's should as he stepped around to see a young human girl about six maybe seven, a child of one of the human servants most likely. She has messy black hair and warm chocolate eyes. He has seen her before hiding behind trees and other objects when he would look in her direction. He knelt down on the walk to be closer to her level "Why do you call this Sesshoumaru?"

"I... I.. " The girl looked even more terrified now. "I... I... I..." The little girl was frozen before she thrust her hand out at him holding a crown of flower she had made.

"Are you giving that to this Sesshoumaru?" He gave a warm smile to the young girl as she nodded. He reached out taking the crown of flowers from her and looked it over before placing it on his head. "There it is a good fit."

The girl looked shocked that he did that and even smiled up to him happily. She blushed as she smiled to him. What neither saw was his mother's scowl as she watched him interact with the young girl. His mother disliked human and only had them in the palace to appease his father's demand to have a few human servants to show they were not flesh eating monsters.

"Kairin!" An older woman ran over and grabbed the girl and forced her to her knees as she too dropped to hers bowing like a scared rabbit. "I am so sorry my Lord. Please excuse my daughter's rudeness. She knows none the better. I fear she has a slight child's crush on you my lord. Please forgive us and forgive any misgivings!"

"Good woman, she has done nothing wrong. In fact she has made this Sesshoumaru a crown many men will wish to steal one day." Sesshoumaru smiled and stood back up. "Please stand and worry not."

The woman looked up thinking she must be dreaming or dead. Sesshoumaru gave her a nod went off back down the walk and removed the crown of flower. He was amused that the young human girl had a crush on him, it explained her actions around him. He would have to show his did the flowers later as he knew his father would be amused by them as well. When he got to his mother's door he bowed deeply to her as he moved to join her.

"Do not enter this room, Sesshoumaru." She was harsh. "Not till after you wash that disgusting child's smell off you."

"Mother you fear a child's smell?" Sesshoumaru stood tall and held his head up.

"No I fear it will make my room reek. And next time that brat uses my flowers for such a useless item as that I will have her head." His mother snapped out and seethed slightly.

"Flowers that the gardener cut away to allow them to grow more beautifully? You rather them thrown out? Rather then becoming swags for the door or bouquets for your table?" Sesshoumaru watched his mother his hand playing over the flowers in is hand.

"Those only set foot in this palace and touch things in here because your father says, it is because of him I do not kill them all for ruining the look."She turned her head to the side away from her son and the garden.

"So be it mother. Have a good rest of your day." Sesshoumaru bowed again and turned on his heel leaving his mother to sulk over the pointless hatred she had. He had other things he could be doing then spending time wit her and so he would now do those other things seeing as she refused his company because of a small human child.