The reason he Travels.

Sesshoumaru never returned back to the palace till he heard of his father's return. He had refused to go home till he had a reason to and his father was that reason. He did not want to be alone with his mother in the same palace as he was sure he could not hold his anger back and attack her. He was alone for the month he was out of the palace and even kept to himself away from any and all humans ti he finally returned.

He walked through the palace gates anger rising as he first saw his mother walking down the path followed by other demons. He growled as she glanced over and frowned but continued on her way. He stalked away going to his father's wing of the palace passing human and demons along the way. He looked to them and nodded as they bowed deeply to him in respect. He soon found his father in his room relaxing and smoking a pipe.

"Father?" He spoke softly knowing full well he was heard.

"Sesshoumaru, your mother just came to visit me." He looked over and narrowed his eyes. "She said you attacked her, in your demon form."

"Yes." Sesshoumaru lowered his head in shame to his father as he was told repeatedly not to change in to his demon form unless he absolutely needed to, and to never do so against family. "I am sorry, I couldn't help it. I lost all control when she struck down Kairin."

"I heard of that to. Come sit with me, you look like you need to talk." He moved over slightly in his mound of pillows to let Sesshoumaru join him.

"Yea..."Sesshoumaru sat down on a few pillows next to his father and sighed heavily. " I do not understand why her death affected me so."

"My son, the reason you were so affected you so is because you claimed her as your property." his father chuckled.

"She was not my property. She was a young girl I enjoyed the company of." Sesshoumaru quickly argued. "I would never claim a human as property."

"Sesshoumaru, you did not but your inner beast did," he chuckled again. Taking a puff of his pipe. Exhaling slowly. "Because of how powerful we are we are closer to our primitive side. So we tend to have a second voice in our head and hearts to help guide us. Kind of like a sixth sense but with a voice."

"I do not like the idea of a voice in my head" Sesshoumaru replied rather dryly.

"You got no choice. That voice will save your life and help you choose a mate for life." He leaned back. "I have yet to find mine, your mother was a marriage of necessity to keep the Inu bloodline pure."

"So you are saying my beast claimed that little girl as my mate for life?" Sesshoumaru was very disturbed by the thought.

"Mmm... no. Mostly she was your property, your human, and no one could touch her unless you said it was OK. If your beast did you wouldn't have backed down so quickly from your mother. You would have kept going till she killed you or you her." he spoke like it was nothing to worry about. "Though had you killed your mother, I don't think I could stay very quiet."

"So what do I do then. My blood boils when I see mother, or even think of her." Sesshoumaru seethed a bit at the thought.

"Leave and travel across Japan, or at least travel the western territories. Everything there will be come yours when your mother and I pass on, or killed in her case." His father smirked making a bit of a joke."

"How long should I travel for?" Sesshoumaru looked to his father as he admired his father a lot.

"Till we both die?" He took a deep inhale off his pipe. "Travel till you find a reason to stop. Find a girl you like, or guy..."He glanced to his son getting a very dead pan stare. "I wont judge but I rather prefer grand kids. Or travel till you are tired and need to come back. Do not feel once you leave you cannot come back till you accomplished your goal. I would enjoy a visit and story or your travels."

"Thanks dad. That sounds like a really good idea." Sesshoumaru smiled slightly. "I think a trip to explore the lands may be a good learning experience."

Sesshoumaru stood up from his father's side and bowed to him and made his leave to his room. He was going to travel around Japan to become stronger. He was going to rule these lands and learning of his people wouldn't be such a horrible thing either. He figured he could also travel about till his mother was gone or he was finally able to forgive her. He had many reasons to travel each of which would keep him moving for a while. He had a lot to plan out and a lot of things to do before he left almost indefinitely.