Hermiones choice 7

Alas, JK didn't give me the rights to HP for my birthday.

I did receive a private message stating "I will be finishing my story after you publish the next chapter of Hermione's Choice!" I look forward to reading the finale! (You know who you are)


That night many students lay in their beds unable to sleep and thinking about the revelations of the day. 'Why do people accept that they are considered lesser class than others? Is it just social matters that it affects? What about jobs after school is finished? Does the class system affect that? Or what about further education? Is it limited to only apprenticeships? And which group tends to get those more often than others?' They mused, not realizing that several others were thinking the same as they were. 'I will start researching in the morning.' Was a common thought.


After transfiguration the next day Harry approached Professor McGonagall.

"Professor? Can I make a time to talk to you about a problem please?"

"Certainly. It is break time now so would you like to meet in my office in five minutes?"

"Ok, thanks Professor."

Sitting in Professor McGonagall's office Harry got straight to the point.

"Professor, Mrs Tonks told me that my Magical Guardian has been in prison since I was a baby and that I need a new one. The problem is that I don't know any grownups well enough to know if they would be any good as a guardian or how to ask them."

"I see. Do you know the name of your current guardian?"

"No. Mrs Tonks just said that it was her cousin. She didn't say a name or even if it was a man or woman."

"I see. Well normally I would offer to be your magical guardian but at the moment I am afraid that I cannot. The law only allows for a teacher to have up to five children in a single persons care at one time and I am afraid that my allowance is full. Many of the muggleborn students will ask a friends family to take that position after the first year or so at school but this year has more than the usual number of new muggleborns. Let me think… Professor Dumbledore cannot take on anyone… What about talking to Professor Flitwick? He may be willing to help. I can ask him tonight at dinner if you would like me to. If he cannot help you then he might be able to recommend a solicitor that can. I know that he has connections to many of his former students."

"Okay, thanks Professor."


The next day Harry found himself sitting in another office.

"Good morning Mr Potter. I am glad that you received my note. Today we are just going to have a chat to start to get to know each other and understand the situation that we find ourselves in. To begin, I understand that your current magical guardian is incarcerated and you don't know who this person even is. Is that the main problem?" Professor Flitwick asked.

"Yes sir. It is also that I have learnt that I should have been taught many things about my family that I am still unsure about." Harry replied.

"Well, I am not sure how much help I can be about your family history or magics… Has anyone explained about Family Magics to you?"

"Mrs Tonks told us about it in class the other day."

"All right then. I won't go over it again then but you can understand why I cannot help you there. But as for the rest, basic etiquette, handling your vault at Gringotts, everyday Wizarding interactions and so on, I am sure that we can work together and see you grow up into a fine and knowledgeable wizard." Flitwick finished enthusiastically. "So, I will make the standard guardians oath and the magic from it will register me as your guardian with the ministry…Wait a moment, Harry, you said that your current registered guardian was in prison? Hmm… Normally magic would have voided his claim to you… Very strange. Let me do what we Ravenclaws do best and research this a bit. Then we can continue. Until then I will act as your guardian with just my word that I will do my best for you."

After chatting for a time Harry was dismissed and Professor Flitwick sat and thought hard. Coming to a decision he walked over, threw some powder into the fire place and called "Ministry of Magic, DMLE."

A young woman's head appeared and in a bored voice stated "Department of Magical Law Enforcement. How can I help you today?"

"I need to speak with the head of the department please. As soon as humanly possible!"


On Saturday a sixth year Ravenclaw, Philip Turner, received several parcels of papers in the morning post. As he read them he got more and more upset and started passing them to his friends who got unsettled the more that they read. Eventually he rose and approached the teachers table.

"Professors. After hearing the talk about the importance of a families name and status in the magical world I was unsure if this was just relevant in social settings or if it had a larger impact in everyday life so I wrote to several places such as the Ministry and Saint Mungo's asking for information about possible employment after Hogwarts. I am not happy with the responses that they sent back. It seems that to get a job that does not involve basic menial labour in the magical world you need to be either a pureblood or a half blood that lives with little to no contact with the muggle world. Unless a muggleborn has a sponsor from an influential family then the chances of getting a decent job are zero! And even then the chances for advancing in that career all depends on how much of an effort your sponsor is willing to make for you!"

"What were you expecting Mr Turner? Unlike the Purebloods currently, muggle borns can return to the non-magical world and get jobs there. You cannot reasonably expect a pureblood that has no experience in that world to be able to do the same. In a few years, perhaps they will be able to, but certainly not at the moment." Professor Dumbledore said mildly.

"But that is the problem here! You come to us when we are eleven and we are expected to abandon our other education at that age. We then disappear from the Muggle system for seven years and are then told by the Magical system that we HAVE to go back to the Muggle world if we want to earn a decent wage because all the well-paying jobs are reserved for pure or half-bloods and that we muggleborns can just go and get jobs in the muggle world! No we can't! We have no real education, no training and no hope of catching up to our peers while working to support ourselves in the non-magical world!" He said passionately and then continued less forcefully. "As much as it hurts me to say this I must tender my resignation from Hogwarts effective from the start of the Christmas break. With a lot of hard work to catch up with the schooling I have missed I hopefully I will only be a few years academically behind others my age and can still make something of myself." Turning to the hall he said "I recommend that all muggle born students get your parents to register you as home schooled and to try and do both educations while you are here. That way you still can have a chance at a decent life!"