"Why the hell do you have so many love confessions? Don't those fangirls know when to quit?!" Aomine muttered as he ripped all of the love letters. Yes, he was well aware that Kise was attractive, being a model and all, but Kise was his. Only his. And anyone that got in between them would pay the price.

The locker room was quiet, save for the sounds of ripping paper. Practice was over and everyone had left already. Kise would've left too, if Aomine didn't see the piles of letters falling out of his locker and demanded that they needed to talk. No one would've expected this; the super scorer of the Generation of Miracles was easily jealous. Not that Kise minded that much in the beginning, but recently, Aomine has been going over the edge.

Kise went up to Aomine and hugged him tightly, hands grabbing the back of the ace's jersey as he buried his face into the other's shoulder.

"I love you Aominecchi," Kise said as he tilted his head to look at Aomine, "I only want Aominecchi."

Aomine pinned Kise against the lockers and kissed him fiercely. Kise was beginning to feel light headed; he needed air. He pushed against Aomine slightly, trying to get the man to let go, but that only made him hold on longer. When the kiss ended, only pants were heard from the locker room.

"Kise," Aomine grounded out roughly, "I don't like seeing you flirt with all of those girls. I don't want to see them giving you love letters. I want you to look at me. Only at me."

A look of confusion crossed Kise's face. "Aominecchi, what do you mea—"

"It means I want you to quit modeling, Kise." Aomine cut off. "I want you to quit basketball, too. I don't want anyone to look at you except for me. If you don't agree, then choose, Kise. Me or basketball?"

Kise stood there in shock. Aomine has said some ridiculous things before, but this was on a completely different level. Tears began to well up in Kise's eyes. Now he had to choose between the two things he treasured most: basketball and his lover. Was that really how it was? Kise blinked his tears away. That's right, he thought. He realized that deep down, he already knew the choice he was going to make, but he was too scared to say it.

Kise let out the breath he was holding and with tears still in the corner of his eyes, he looked at Aomine.

"I-…I love you Aominecchi."