Stabler carefully placed his Marine uniform back in the clothing bag he always kept in. He truly loved being a Marine and missed it but he loved his family more. He remembered the night he came home and discussed re-enlisting with Kathy. She understood his love for the corps but hated how they moved around and when he was shipped off. She understood why he joined and loved him for being the man he had become but wanted a more of a somewhat stable life for their children. One where they weren't relocated in the middle of the school year, or where he wasn't shipped off, and missed major milestones in their children's life. After a long discussion he agreed not to re-enlist and move back to New York where their family was.

Thinking back now that was one of those nights.

A/N: I know it has been a super long time since I've updated this story. I haven't forgot about it I have just been focusing on Revelations and Divorce. I hope everyone enjoys this short little chapter.