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The Shadow's Secret

They had set up the perfect trap. Three doors, only one would lead to the right way. Should their enemy follow the right way, the people from the other two rooms would all barge into that room and ambush them. They knew this plan would work. Each room had 80 men armed with the latest handguns, machine guns with ammo on standby. They knew from the start that their enemy would split up. All they had to do was obliterate them. Little did they knew who they were actually dealing with.


"Sir! The green man and the purple one is heading this way!"

"Alright men! Get ready to fire!"

Everyone shuffled about and adjusted their positions as they aimed their guns at the door. All was quiet. Minutes passed but nothing happened. The door was not opened. 'What the hell?' The head of the squad signaled one of his men forward. As the man approached the door, he suddenly stopped halfway. Everyone in the room looked up. To everyone's shock, the man fell on the floor with blood seeping out of his torso.

"What the?!"

They heard something clicked and then, there was an explosion. The door burst open with two figures walking in. The men were coughing due to the smoke and couldn't see anything.

"FIRE!" shouted the head of the squad but no gunshots were heard. When the smoke cleared, he saw his men, lifeless on the ground; each and every one of them shot dead. The head of the squad looked up to a man taking off the silencer from his gun. The man walked towards him slowly, certain that there was no escape, "I never miss my shots."

"Please..! Please don-!"

The man knew begging wouldn't do any good. The gun pointing directly at his forehead belonged to a person; a brutal assasin with a face of a tactical thinker, hair as green as it could be and eyes that reflected no mercy. A flash of light was the last thing the poor man ever saw before his life ended. The sound of a single gunfire indicated that Midorima had found the root of trouble, in this case, the head of the squad.

"Yare yare~… Mido-chin is as heartless as ever~" A tall man walks over the corpses as though they had no value or reason, "Aka-chin would be pleased~"

"You're one to say, Murasakibara. How about those explosives in your suit?"

"Demo~ Aka-chin hasn't given permission yet~ Besides, you guys do all the killing anyway~"

The green haired man turned his back on the other, "Hmph. Don't compare my style with those two. Obviously, mine is more elegant and effective."

"Hmm… Soudayo~ Mine-chin and Kise-chin's style is much more ruthless~"

Midorima pressed the button on his earphone, instantly connecting with the other two groups, "Room #1 clear. Heading to the main room."

"Are? That was so fast Midorimacchi! Did you and Murasacchi cheat again~?"

A tick became visible on Midorima's head, "Kise..."

"Oi Midorima! You just want to get back to Akashi don't you?!"

Midorima sighed, "Even if I did, I wouldn't admit it to you brats."


One of the men looked at the monitor, "Alright, it looks like they've divided into three. The yellow and the blue one are on their way! Everyone! Get into your positions!"

They could hear footsteps coming nearer and nearer until they were sure the two was just behind the door. Suddenly all was in dead silence. Something from the monitor table dropped, making the men shift their eyes for a split second before they regained their focus back on the door. Then, a man from the left side of the room shouted to the ones on the right side, "Guys! Behind you!" Everyone looked to where the man indicated and saw a blue haired man in a casual suit tossing his daggers playfully in the air, "So, how is it this time Kise? You take the left? I'll take the right?"

The men paled when a reply came from the other side, "Didn't we discussed that already, Aominecchi?" pouted a blonde man with a katana in his right hand, "It's an all out massacre remember~?"

The squad leader shouted, "F-FIRE!" But as all started shooting, the two disappeared from sight. Obscured from the naked eye, the duo slashed their enemies one by one; dodging every bullet, landing hit after hit. The squad leader thought to himself, 'W-What are t-they..?'

For a split second, he saw their eyes. Their pupils weren't human. They were slits like those of an animal; a killer, a predator.

In just a few minutes, only the squad leader was left.

"Well, that didn't take too long." said Aomine as he stretched his arms, "You do the last one, I'm beat..."

Kise sighed, "Fine, it's not like I didn't fill my quota today."

Aomine flinched, "How many were in this room?"


"Damn.. Guess this is my kill after all. You did do only 40 right?"

Kise smiled brightly. As the two were conversing, the squad leader shivered in fear. These men were not even affected by the people they had killed or the blood splattered on their hands, clothes and faces. The man stood up shakily and made a run to the door connecting to the main room. The doorknob was just in reach when he felt a sharp object pierce the back of his head. The dagger went through the man's head and he died instantly as he fell to the ground.

"Geez. I hate it when they do that..." Aomine turned to see Kise smirking, "Are? That was so fast Midorimacchi! Did you and Murasacchi cheat again~?"

Aomine smiled as he turned on his earphones as well, he knew the green head had finished his side, "Oi Midorima! You just want to get back to Akashi don't you?!"

"Even if I did, I wouldn't admit it to you brats."

'More like he just did...' thought the two collectively.

"Anyway, Room #2 clear~! We'll be on our way Akashicchi!"


The door to the main office opened to reveal a huge spacious room. Akashi entered calmly. Each step he took, his shoes landed noisily on the marble floor. One would be stupid to openly reveal their presence but Akashi knew better. Stealth was something he need not learn. For stealth was a given to him. As the red head reached the center of the room, the twin door he had opened shut itself tightly.

"Welcome, Crimson Emperor." greeted the head of the mass producing drug company, Daigo Co.

"I appreciate your welcome."

"Do you now? I have to say, you underestimate my men by bringing only four with you! You think that's enough?!"

Akashi did not let his glare falter even once, "Honestly, we could have destroyed you without confrontation. It doesn't take much. All we have to do is destroy those that belong to you."

"Ha! You really think you can destroy me?!"

The red head smirked, "Of course, your mother and father at the South India animal research party would definitely love to have a chase with a wild savage beast; a lion maybe? Or perhaps your sister studying in New Zealand could be stripped off her hard earned scholarship in a blink of an eye. And perhaps a fire could erupt in your grandparents bakery in Paris. Wouldn't that all be...wonderful?"

The man flinched as every venomous statement was clearly declared in front of him. Even though he had broken off all ties with his family ever since the age of 12 but that didn't mean he didn't keep track of them. Of course, it was logical that he would but the fact that his enemy and once partner would go THAT far, he was baffled. The man clenched his hands, "How dare you..!"

Akashi smiled as he took out a single curved dagger, "You see, we don't simply take any company under our wing. Do you honestly think, that my father would be foolish enough to take you without some sort of guarantee for the possibility of a bleak future?" The dagger was tossed playfully in the air, "Also, my weapons aren't ordinary weapons either." The red head threw the dagger at the man; spinning it midair. The dagger rotated like a boomerang and slashed the man's two bodyguards before returning back to its owner. The man's bodyguards screamed in agony as their eyes became useless to them. The man gritted his teeth, "ALL OF YOU GET HIM!"

Suddenly, the walls and ceiling tore down; armed men running towards the Crimson Emperor. Akashi merely chuckled as an explosion erupted not a second too late.

"-cough- -cough- Honestly, Murasacchi.. Can't you use normal grenades?"

"No. Aka-chin in danger."

Aomine sighed, "He'd be fine even if we weren't here altogether." he shrugged.

Midorima pushed his glasses with his forefinger, "I don't know why he even brought us along."

Akashi smiled as his men waited at the broken down door, "Our mission here is done. There's no further need to wallow ourself in this shithole."

"WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU! DON'T YOU DARE LOOK DOWN ON ME! WHO DO YOU THINK HAVE BEEN SUPPLYING YOU ALL THOSE DRUGS?! AND DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM M-!" but the man was cut short when a long sword and a bullet grazed his left and right cheek. He shivered as the four men standing at his door glared menacingly at him.

"Ara~? Did you hear something, Mine-chin~?"

"Hmm... Not sure. How about you, Kise?"

"Maybe a whisper? Did you hear it, Midorimacchi?"

"All I heard was a puny insect."

Akashi smirked, "Atsushi, light this place up. Don't leave a single trace behind."


Akashi walked out with his men following close behind except Murasakibara.


Murasakibara eyed the man lazily, "Stop talking already will you? You're annoying Aka-chin~" The purple head stuffed his hands in his pockets. A familiar click resounded throughout the room full of immobile armed men. They all knew what that click was. Murasakibara took out the grenades from his pockets and smiled devilishly, "Jaa-ne~"


The entire Daigo Co. building was blown on the spot. Nothing was left of the building as though it never existed in the first place.

"Haaah... I'm so tired. Can we go home now? We've hunted 13 companies today.. please tell me this is the last one..." complained Kise as they all entered the limousine outside.

Murasakibara nodded, "I ran out of snacks too..."

"This should be the last of them according to this list. There are no further records of any other company on the blacklist" assured Midorima as he went through a thick stack of clipped papers. Aomine was already fast asleep; snoring loudly as he did so. Akashi instructed the driver back to Teiko Co. where he would report to his father, the CEO of the huge well known and feared company of business and trading. He was no different though. As the heir of his father, he proves his qualifications by making sure things run smoothly. But lately, he's even taken over 'erasing' the bad data out of the company's history; from traitors to unprofitable underlings. Everyone acknowledges him for that. Even more after discovering that all he needs is 4 men; recruits he brought in himself. 4 deadly trained assassins also known as his playmates since birth. Together, the five of them would create a new era of Teiko Co.

When they reached the Main Office, they were greeted by their fellow workers, "Welcome back."

Akashi paid no attention to peasants, he only acknowledges those worth his time. Like the pink haired woman walking up to him, "Welcome back guys!"

Momoi Satsuki; the jewel of Teiko Co. She's no ordinary secretary. Not only does she set up dates and venue for meetings, conferences and shipments, she also makes a detailed background check on every company that intends to make an alliance or even those waiting on the phone to connect to ANYONE in the building. She was pretty much the reason the company had such little loses in terms of profit. She rushes over to them with a happy smile on her face, "Today, the CEO of KageKuro Co. paid a visit."

Akashi nodded, "I trust everything is going smoothly?"

"Yes. Your father is speaking to him right now. It seems as though they had opened up a bottle or two.." replied the pinkette sheepishly.

"That old man..." KageKuro Co. was the first company they ever made an alliance with. It was made almost 20 years ago, back when the current CEO's were merely naive business men. It was no surprise that they were what most people would consider the best of friends. However, the KageKuro Co. was a small company that assisted those in need. It was more of a company to 'rely' than to 'invest'. It helped boost up the companies that were dying or the companies that were robbed. That was the kind of company it was. But no one dared to touch or cheat the KageKuro Co. after finding out its sworn alliance with Teiko Co.

Akashi left his four men to do as they please as he went to deal with his father. The trip up the floors was occupied with Momoi reciting the daily report. She excused herself as Akashi left on the 55th floor of the building. He passed by a long corridor until he reached a huge red wooden door. The smell of alcohol reached his nose when he pushed the twin doors open. 'They did it again...' Akashi sighed and walked up to his father's table. The spacious corner was always clear with the exception of his father's marble work desk, laptop, keyboard, half a mug of black coffee, his father's big cushion chair and a similar one on the other side of the table; meant for 'special' guests. Akashi went around the table and pressed a button on the laptop, "Kazunari, get someone to clean my father's office."

"Yes sir!" answered the cheerful man on the monitor.

Akashi sighed again. As he turned, he suddenly realized someone sitting on the 'special' guest seat.


Frankly speaking, Akashi had never been so shocked his entire life. 5 years of hunting companies and he couldn't even sense a guy opposite of him?! Akashi fixed his composure, "And who might you be?"

"Kuroko Tetsuya. it's a pleasure to meet you. I would shake your hand if only I can move them."

Akashi raised an eyebrow to that statement. He went around the table and pulled out the 'special' guest seat with Kuroko still on it. That was when he saw the guy's bounded hands and feet. The red head rubbed his temples, "Please tell me they didn't open up a bottle of Everclear again...". The red head got on his knees as he went on to undo the ropes around Kuroko's feet.

"Unfortunately so, my father bought it this morning. I didn't know it could have such an effect on a person. I should've thought out the consequences."

Akashi stopped midway from unbinding the ropes, "Your father? What was your name again?"

"Kuroko Tetsuya"

'That's a surprise. Father never told me uncle had a son.' "So why are you here?"

"I thought you could tell me the answer to that question."

"What do you mean?"

"You see..."

"AHAHAHAHA! I never thought this day would come!" shouted a blue haired man.


Kuroko uncomfortably watched as his father drank like there was tomorrow with a person he did not recognize. Hell, he was petrified when the people at the lobby bowed down to him and his father. And now, here he was sitting at the corner as the two supposed adults danced in the room. Oh how he regretted getting the bottle of alcohol his father requested. But Kuroko enjoyed their conversation of previous events they shared together. Kuroko was fond of his father's relationship with this man. It was nothing like how he talks to his mother or other co-workers. Suddenly, the two men stopped laughing and moving.

Kuroko got up to check up on them, "Father? Uncle? Are you two alright?"

He leaned in to hear their mumbles, "...but...it'd be better...right?"

"..true... We'll leave and..."

The two men turned in unison with a funny look on their faces as they spotted Kuroko. The blue head backed away slowly when he realized the weird glint in their eyes, "What...is it?"

Before Kuroko could make a run for it, he was pounded on the ground and bumped his head till he lost consciousness. The next time he woke up, his hands were bounded behind him, his feet bounded together and he was placed on the chair opposite the boss's chair he supposed. It took a while for him to focus his hearing and vision but when he did, he saw his father and the other man with their arms crossed beside the boss's chair, "And so! That concludes your briefing! Clear?" asked the man.

Kuroko was dumbfounded, "Wait.. What?"

The two men started laughing hysterically, "You raised a fine son! Such a good sense of humor!"

"AHAHA! Yes! Yes! He'll be perfect with your son!"

"Now then, let's go to Hawaii!"


"The two obviously drunk men left this room after that. But my father did say before leaving that if I have any question, I could ask you instead. Akashi Seijuuro right?"

But Akashi was already facepalming to himself to even respond to the question, 'I'll kill those two someday...'

"Umm.. Forgive me Akashi-kun.. But will you please unbind my hands? I can barely feel them anymore."

Akashi got around to the side of the chair to help remove the rope around Kuroko's wrists. With a final tug, the ropes came off. Kuroko massaged his sore wrists. Akashi finally saw how truly pale the boy's hands were. Unconsciously, Akashi grabbed the pair of wrists and massaged them himself, "Forgive me, my father was in the military for two years. He's really good with ropes and ties them really tight."

Kuroko looked into Akashi's eyes that had turned gentle; much opposite from when Kuroko first saw him, "You really love him don't you?"

Akashi was taken aback for a few seconds. He wanted to reply but the main door suddenly burst open, "AKASHICCHI~! / Yo, Akashi! / Aka-chin~ WE ARE BORED!"

"Forgive me, I couldn't stop them." Midorima said as he entered last. But no reply came back as the three that had entered first stood still. Midorima looked to where Akashi was and gaped. There was their captain kneeling on the ground holding the hands of an unknown man. Somehow.. The scene before them was... fluffy?

Kise was the first to react, "Akashicchi...finally...found...someon-"

"NO WAY IN HELL. Oh my god, he has a heart!" shouted Aomine.

Murasakibara had a small blush on his face while Midorima had a small crack on his glasses. Before anyone could say anything any further, a pair of scissors flew pass them and sturdily pierced the wall behind them, "Somehow your reaction annoys me." said the heir menacingly. The four stood in silence as their captain stood and crossed his arms. In their minds, there were black flames blazing in the background. Kuroko looked from Akashi then to the four at the doorway. Even he could tell they were dead meat, so to break up the tension, he stood to introduce himself, "I'm sorry to intrude. My name is Kuroko Tetsuya. Please take good care of me."

Midorima snapped out of himself, "Kuroko? The heir to the KageKuro Co.?"


Kise and Aomine's faces lightened up, "EH?! Cool!"

Murasakibara looked confused, "He had a son?"

Kise and Aomine lifted their fists, "AWESOME!"

Another scissors flew past them. This time, it grazed Kise's left cheek. The four looked at their captain's deadly face, "What do you do when someone introduces themselves to you?"

Midorima fixed his glasses, "Ah, it seems we were a bit rude to you Kuroko. My name is Midorima Shintaro, Akashi's right hand man."

Kise raised his hand, "I'm Kise Ryouta! But Kurokocchi can call me anything he likes~!"

Aomine smiled goofily, "Aomine Daiki! At your service!"

Murasakibara was still nibbling on his chips when he said, "Murasakibara Atsushi. Somehow, Mido-chin sounds so cocky..."

"Hahahaha!" Kise and Aomine laughed harshly. Kuroko couldn't help but smile as well. The four gave off a warm feeling despite their sadistic captain being in the same room. Akashi sighed and turned to Kuroko, "Shall we go downstairs to my office then?"

Kuroko nodded, "Yes, that would be best."

Midorima pushed the rest of them out; making way for Akashi and Kuroko. Akashi went ahead of Kuroko who accidentally stumbled forward. The red head's reflexes responded by catching the other swiftly, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, supposedly. I'm sorry, it seems.."

"Your blood have yet to fully circulate."


"Then please forgive me."

"For wha-!" Suddenly Kuroko felt Akashi's hand under his knees and arms. Before he knew it, he was already up in the air in the arms of the red head, "We need to move now so that I can contact our old geezers. Please forgive my rudeness, Tetsuya."

Kuroko simply shook his head, "I think this is more of an act of kindness than rudeness, Akashi-kun. No matter how inappropriate it may feel or look like."

"I really wonder how you can say that with such a straight face."


Akashi chuckled lightly. At the door, four heads that were supposed to leave downstairs beforehand peeked quietly. Kise whispered, "He chuckled..?"

Aomine replied, "He chuckled."

Midorima confirmed, "It's settled."

Murasakibara warned, "Aka-chin's looking~!"

They all thought collectively, 'We're so dead...'

"Please tell me you're joking. You're already on your way there?!"

"AHAHAHA! Seijuuro, don't look so disheartened will you!"


Another man came into view of his monitor, "Oh don't worry, Tetsuya will not be of too much trouble! He can handle himself! Just make sure he gets to his U (university) on time! He tends to oversleep. Tee-hee!"

"Don't 'tee-hee' me, Uncle."

His father pushed the man away and looked into his son's eyes, "Seijuuro. This is the final mission from me. Lately, the KageKuro Co. has been targeted by an unknown enemy company. Momoi has yet to fully understand their motives. His son, Kuroko Tetsuya has been hidden from the business world. He never wanted this kind of risky life for his son. Therefore, I instruct you to protect him with your life and keep his identity a secret until things cool down. Understood?"

Akashi thank his father in his inner thoughts. Only when his father was serious was when he truly respected the man. Such strong words of command you can't help but obey, "I understand. But this is of such short notice. It's unlike you."

"Haha. Well, something big happened this morning. I'll tell you when its appropriate. For now, you're on babysitting duty but remember, his life is worth millions of companies combined, do it well."

'What is that supposed to mean?' "I understand father. Please have a safe trip."

"Yes well then- / SEI-CHAN~! Mama and aunty are going to Hawaii!"

Akashi deadpanned, "You brought Mother and aunty along... Why am I not surprised.."

"-sigh- Take care son."

The monitor screen went blank. Akashi leaned back on his chair. He closed his eyes and thought of his final mission. He knew what it meant. This was his last mission before his father retired for good and he would take over the Teiko Co. It was still too early but he had proved his worth long before his father ever thought of retiring. The red head got up and left his office where the other five were waiting. Kuroko was kneeling and currently poking Kise's cheek as the blond laid lifeless on the ground with a pair scissors piercing his chest; the same goes for the other three.

"You can keep doing that, Tetsuya. They won't wake up for a few minutes."

"It's kinda fun" Kuroko responded with a bright face. Akashi found it interesting how Kuroko's face almost always remained the same but you could tell when he was happy, sad or angry.

"Come inside, I'll tell you what our fathers had to say."

Kuroko nodded as he took the hand that assisted him off the ground.

The monitor on his personal computer went off. He sighed as it was pretty vexing to speak to his own son. His best friend seated next to him gave out a long sigh, "Do you think he realized it?"

"What? The double meaning? I'd already be dead if he knew! HAHA!"

But his best friend wasn't laughing. He looked upon him with serious eyes, "You know...this might be the last time you ever see him."

"-sigh- I know. But those boys are strong. They'll be fine without us."

The silence between them built until his best friend finally said, "I'm..sorry. For all of this. If only.. If only..!" Before the man could finish his sentence, his wife's hands covered his eyes from behind, "It's alright dear."

Both wives sat beside their husbands, "We were always prepared to do this for you two. No matter when or where, we'll always love you."

The two men looked sadly at each other. They were all targeted. If they made a run for it, they would probably be a distraction long enough for their sons to counterattack the enemy. The red-haired man looked out the window. Guess he would really have to retire after this but he knew he wouldn't be able to. However, he was at peace because he had given his son the final mission before his own death. It was his approval of Akashi being the next head of Teiko Co.

The pilot of the jet suddenly saw something in the radar, "What the..? No.. It can't be..." The man got up and ran out of the cock pit to inform everyone of the situation, "There are two missiles aimed at us!"

The four on the jet went pale. The red head man stood up and looked out the window, "Damn you... Hanamiya!"

Everyone in the office was silent. Kuroko was the first to speak, "Would you mind repeating, Akashi-kun?"

The red head sighed, "Again, we'll all be taking turns babysitting you."

"Why am I to be babysitted? I'm 21."

Kise and Aomine both covered Kuroko's mouth before Akashi became annoyed and would turn into the devil, "He didn't mean that!"

Currently, everyone was in Akashi's office sitting on the chairs as their captain explained their weekly duties. Every morning, a car will send Kuroko to campus and one would be waiting after class to send him to the main Teiko building. Later, any available of the four would escort him home and spend the rest of the day there until the next morning. The routine was to be repeated until further notice. Kuroko pouted in annoyance. He hated to be taken care of, he wasn't that vulnerable and he was annoyed as to why both his parents went away and sent him to the deadly daycare of a business company with a tyrannical dictator as their head. Momoi came in a few minutes later with a happy smile on her face, "Momoi here! I'm here to pick up our guest for lunch~ Where is he?"

Akashi and the others stared at her like she was insane. Kuroko was right in front of her yet she didn't notice him until he lifted his hand, "I'm here."

The pinkette involuntarily squeaked and took a step back, "Hii! Since..when..? Umm.. Right this way!"

Kuroko got off the chair and smiled at Momoi as he walked towards her, "Thank you, Momoi-san." The pinkette blushed, no one had ever thank her properly because what she did for the company was more of a necessity than a favour, 'thanks' were not needed. "U-Umm. Yes! You're welcome! Shall we lunch for go? I-I-I mean..! I'm sorry.." she flustered as she hid her face behind her work file.

The two left the office, leaving the other five pretty annoyed with the awkward love drama scene that had just unfolded. Kise sighed, "He may not look like much but he sure is a lady killer."

Aomine scoffed, "Nah, it's cuz Satsuki has weird taste in men."

Midorima ignored the two, "Akashi, what is this all about?"

The red head leaned forward on his chair, elbows on his desk and fingers entwined as he thought hard of how to explain the situation, "It seems something huge is going on. The KageKuro Co. is being heavily targeted by unknown sources. Even Momoi is having a hard time finding them. My father is bringing the head of KageKuro Co. to a remote place where he and his wife will be safe. Unfortunately, the world did not know of his son, Kuroko Tetsuya. His distinct features and attitude allowed all that knew them to never even think that they were related. Therefore, your mission is to protect Tetsuya and his identity. He is also the last mission my father has assigned for me."

Aomine lifted his eyebrow, "So.. If we screw this up... You're screwed, which also means we're screwed..."

Akashi sighed, "Daiki, will you please refrain from stating the obvious?" Akashi looked at all of them in the eye, "No foul ups."

All four of them nodded, "Yes Sir."

"Well, Kuroko-san, how do you like our office?"

Kuroko looked blankly at everything before saying, "It's nice." When actually, in his head, he kept on thinking about his awkward situation. Babysitted? That was out of the question. All his life, he had been raised a happy healthy child. He had gone to normal schools, made normal friends and lived a normal childhood and life. He had been accepted to his university of choice too but why was this all suddenly happening? He still remembered how his parents had planned a movie night last night. They had pulled out the mattress and placed it in front of the television as they watched rented movies till late night. He didn't know when he fell asleep but he did eventually and he dreamt of his mother crying as she hugged him. Or was it really a dream?

The blue-haired man was snapped back into reality when Momoi said, "We're here!"

Kuroko was baffled, the so called 'cafeteria' looked more like a fancy restaurant. Momoi took him to his seat where food was already served. There was a sumptuous array of steamed fish with a side of lemon gravy along with a small basket of criss cut fries with a side of mayonnaise and finally a 3-tier cupcake stand filled with a variety of macaroons and blueberry cupcakes topped with icing sugar. Kuroko stared long and hard, "Are the others joining us?"

Momoi laughed as she sat down and gestured Kuroko to sit as well, "I hope our chef's style of cooking is to your liking!"

Kuroko nodded awkwardly. He started eating the fish first; it was definitely...exquisite. It's soft flesh drenched in the sweet sour gravy was the perfect combination. Kuroko had figured that all the other dishes would have the same effect too but there was no way he was going to finish everything, "Momoi-san?"


"We have an emergency situation. Please call Akashi-kun."

"So, today, after the chauffeur has sent him to his university, send out at least 20 men to stand watch at the perimeters. Also-" Akashi was cut short as his office phone rang. As much as he wanted to ignore the call, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong because Momoi was the one calling. The red head pressed the speaker button so everyone could hear, "Speak."

"Akashi! There's an emergency in the cafeteria! Please come quick!"

The five of them reacted as quick as lightning as they ran down the stairs till they reached the cafeteria. What they saw though was...nothing. The only ones there were Kuroko and Momoi. As the two realized the other's presence, they both turned. Momoi waved happily, "Over here!"

Kise and Aomine rushed towards them, "What's the emergency?!"

Kuroko looked at them and said, "I can't finish all of this. Will you help me?"

Everyone deadpanned except for Akashi who was raging with the pointless plea. Let's just say, Kuroko finally got to see the true demonic side of the soon to be head of Teiko Co.

Kagami entered the classroom full of noisy students laughing and playing about. He had applied for the same university as his best friend, hoping to pursue the same career. Both of them majored in media studies, communication and librarianship. Kagami wasn't good with people but he would try for the sake of his friend. After a certain incident in the past, Kagami just couldn't leave his best friend's side.

As he made his way through the classroom, he found his best friend sitting by the window with his face hidden in between his crossed arms on top of his table. Kagami slammed his books on the table, wanting to surprise the other but to no avail, "Oi Kuroko. You dead or something?"

Kuroko lifted his face, revealing his horrified expression to Kagami. The red head backed away one step, "Woah.. What happened?"


"What? Nevermind, the old man's here!"

The middle-aged teacher didn't miss that, "KAGAMI! Get back to your sit!"

"Whatever." Kagami sat beside Kuroko as the teacher started teaching them something about reporting and the media industry. Kuroko looked fine but he wasn't focusing at all. Outside, he could almost detect at least 5 people from Teiko Co. It was easy to spot them if you focus on the nape of their neck. There was a small red tattoo drawn on each of the workers. It was weird at first but gradually Kuroko thought it was rather cool but it had to painful as well if it was permanent though. Kagami noticed Kuroko's absence in the class.

That day, they only had one class and it ended earlier than expected so, Kagami and Kuroko decided to sit outside at one of the fountain yards available at their facility before going home, "What's gotten into you? You're not focusing in class."

"Yes I was" answered the other bluntly.

"No. You weren't."

Kuroko stopped sipping his vanilla milkshake he bought earlier, "How can you tell?"

Kagami scoffed, "You usually use your left hand to write when it's that old geezer teaching 'cuz he hates your right handwriting and you respect that. Other than that, every 10 seconds, you'd look out the window or fidget with your fingers."

"Somehow, your observance frightens me. The class was only half an hour."

"More than enough to tell."

Kuroko became silent. Kagami was the only one that knew who he was. At first, it meant nothing. But afterwards, it meant everything. He trusted Kagami to the ends of the Earth. But Kuroko's current situation was no small matter. He knew something big was going on which was why he didn't want to endanger his best friend. Kuroko simply looked at Kagami and said, "My father and mother went to Hawaii and left me here all alone."

Kagami became speechless, "Wait...What..? Wait... WHAT?! You mean you're living alone?! In that house?! Then do you-!"

"No." Kuroko intervened, "I'm fine on my own. Besides, sons of my father's friends are coming over for sleepovers so its fine."

"Do you even know them?!"

"Again, your observance frightens me."


The huge clock on the pillar in the middle of the fountain rang loudly as it signaled that it was 1pm. Kuroko flinched at the chime of the clock and immediately got up, "I gotta go. See you tomorrow Kagami-kun."

"Eh? Wait a minute!" But Kuroko was already walking away, ignoring the red head. Kagami sighed frustratingly and ruffled his hair, 'There's no way he's alright.'

Kagami got up and secretly followed the other. As Kuroko made his way out of the main exit, a car suddenly appeared in front of him. Kagami's eyes widened when two men guarded the car door until Kuroko was inside. Kagami ran to the facility's right side exit where a car was waiting for him. A man opened the door for him and greeted him as he went inside the car. The driver in the front seat looked at him from the mirror, "Where to Taiga-sama?"

"Follow that car."

"Yes sir."

As the driver followed behind the car Kuroko had gotten in, Kagami tried contacting his elder brother. When the ringing ended, he heard his brother's voice, "Hello?"

"Aniki, Kuroko's in trouble."

Akashi stared at the clock. '1:32pm'. 'He should be here by now.' Right on time, his monitor screen displayed Momoi's face, "He's here, Akashi-kun."

The red head nodded and turned off the connection. He got out of his seat and went out of his office to greet Kuroko himself. The blue-haired man was rather quiet as they ate together at the cafeteria, "Something the matter, Tetsuya?"

Kuroko snapped back into reality, "Ah. No.."

Akashi stared at his face intensely; making Kuroko rather uncomfortable, "It really is nothing, Akashi-kun."

"You cannot fool me, Tetsuya. If it's about our parents, then let me just say that they're well and will be landing in 5 hours."

"I see." Kuroko was relieved at that news but that was not what was really bothering him. Somehow, he had a bad feeling. Suddenly, Momoi's screams could be heard. Akashi and Kuroko looked at the cafeteria entrance where a panting red head was standing; glaring with all his might, "Kuroko!"

"Kagami-kun?" Honestly, he wasn't expecting the red head in the least.

Kagami stomped towards the table Kuroko and Akashi was sitting at, "TEIKO CO.?! Are you telling me, THIS is where your sleepover 'friends' WORK?! NO WAY IN HELL! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY DO IN THIS COMPANY?! I AM NOT LETTING YOU STAY A SECOND LONGE-!"

Akashi stood up abruptly, "You are not permitted to speak as an outsider. Get out."

Out of anger, Kagami grabbed Akashi by the collar but the moment he took hold of it, the sharp end of a katana blade rested on his right cheek, the cocking sound of a gun was heard behind him, a blue-haired man cracked his knuckles and a purple-haired man stood behind Akashi. Each of them, a glare matched their menacing aura. Kagami could only frustratingly release Akashi. Kagami's fists shook with fury, "What do you people want from Kuroko?"

Akashi scoffed, "That has nothing to do with you."


"KAGAMI-KUN!" Kuroko shouted angrily, catching everyone off guard, "Enough all of you. Akashi-kun, please forgive my friend. He knows about my father and goes to the same university as me. He must have followed me on the way here. I am sorry for causing so much trouble. Kagami-kun, please come with me for a second." Kuroko tugged the other away from the group that had appeared so suddenly. Kise sheathed his sword while Midorima withdrew his gun but all five of them had their eyes locked on the red head that Kuroko had brought away to the gardens of Teiko Co.

Akashi crossed his arms, "Daiki, check on Momoi. Atsushi, Ryouta, follow them. Shintarou, search him." Instantly, the four disappeared.

Kagami managed to cool down as Kuroko brought him to a vast indoor garden. It was an awkward silent moment until Kuroko broke it, "I'm sorry, Kagami-kun."

"For what? The fact that you didn't tell me? What the hell is going on?!"

Kuroko sat on the edge of the huge fountain in the garden's mid-section, joined by the other, "My father left me to this company's care."


"Please let me finish. I don't know the current situation but... I think my parent's are in trouble. They wouldn't tell me about it though. And it seemed that Akashi-kun is the son of my father's good friend. I was ordered to stay with him. Please do not go on a rampage. They are good people."

Kagami sighed after a while. There was nothing he could do when the blue-haired man had made up his mind, "Fine, but I'm still coming over at night. Deal?"

"Are? But that's no fun! Kurokocchi's bonding time with us will reduce!" said a certain blonde as he tackled Kagami from behind. The red head fell off the edge of the fountain; hitting his head hard on the ground, "What the hell?!"

"Sodesuyone~ Kuro-chin is ours~" said another as he sat around Kuroko; placing the blue-haired man in between his legs with his head leaning on the other's, "Murasakibara-kun, please don't eat chips on my head."

Kagami saw the katana the blonde was carrying and recognized the purple-haired man from before. Kagami got up and bowed politely at them, "I'm sorry for before!"

Kise laughed, "Kagamicchi is such a softy!"


Kuroko felt calm again as he was finally to tell his best friend the truth and things worked out for the better.

"Kagami Taiga. Second heir to the RedTiger Co. The first heir, his older brother, Himuro Tatsuya has already taken over after the late founder. Their family names differ because his mother had not known he was the son of the late founder until told so by the said person."

"In other words, he's a bastard." Akashi replied to his right hand man's report.


Akashi smirked, "How interesting."

After a while, Kagami and Kuroko along with Murasakibara and Kise met up with Momoi and Aomine. Kagami sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he apologized to the pinkette. Kise and Murasakibara had to hold Aomine back from beating the crap out of Kagami during the apology though, "What kind of coward are you to hit a woman asshole!"

Kagami turned towards Aomine, "I told you it was a heat-of-the-moment thing!"

"Hell I care, dumbass!"

Then, it was Kuroko's turn to hold the red head back from fighting with Aomine. They looked like children as they mocked each other nonstop all the while they were being held back. Akashi and Midorima joined them shortly after. The moment Midorima cleared his throat, everyone stiffened because they knew Akashi had arrived. However, that gave the two idiots the chance to punch and roll on top of each other, trying to beat the other up. Both of them stopped fighting when Akashi stomped his right foot once and only once. The two looked at the crossed heir and how they wished they never fought.

Kagami groaned out loud as he walked side by side Kuroko on the way home, "Now I know what you meant by 'Akashi' this morning.. That guy scares the hell out of me..." The red head involuntarily shivered as he remembered the face of the devil reincarnation. Kuroko nodded mutely. When they reached the Taiga residence, Kuroko bid Kagami farewell. Kagami pouted, "I'll come by tonight."


"Be careful on your home!"

"Yes. See you tonight then."

Kuroko waved one last time and turned around. His house was at least 15 blocks away with two main roads to cross from. It was far from Kagami's house but he enjoyed walking. Unfortunately, he received order from Akashi to get back on the main road where Aomine and Kise would escort him home by car. Kuroko sighed and turned around a left junction. All he had to do was go straight and turn right. The moment he took one step, almost immediately, he sensed danger. There were houses everywhere but the atmosphere suddenly became dense. To run back to Kagami's house was an available option but it became invalid when Kuroko's stomach twisted looking at the road he used from Kagami's house.

Kuroko ignored the feeling and continued walking forward. Suddenly, he felt someone behind him. Kuroko turned and ducked on instinct. Luckily, he dodged the sword that would have cut off his head. The blue-haired man lost his balance and fell to the ground. Kuroko winced and looked up, the man cloaked in black swung his sword high before descending it downwards. Kuroko closed his eyes. All he heard was a loud clang.

"Yare yare~ You guys showed up faster than we expected."

Kuroko was shocked at seeing Kise blocking the enemy's sword with his own, "Kise-kun.."

The blond pushed his sword up, forcing the other to retreat a few steps, "Gomen, Kurokocchi! But I'll catch up later!"


Aomine scooped Kuroko up from behind, "Up we go!"


"You better hold on, Tetsu!" Aomine nodded to Kise, "I'll leave him to you then, Aominecchi!"


Kuroko protested as he was carried on Aomine's shoulder, "Oh c'mon! Akashi did it once! My turn!" The two got into the car safely, "Drive away!"

Kuroko looked back worriedly, "But, Kise-kun..!"

"Don't worry about that guy, he's more than capable."

But Kuroko's expression did not change. Aomine smiled. Somehow, he felt happy that someone cared for their wellbeing. Sure, the five cared for each other but they knew each other's ability too well to even care if the other was in danger. Aomine patted Kuroko's head, "Quit worrying, don't you trust him?"

Kuroko looked down. These people were protecting him for no absolute reason other than the fact that Akashi had told them to. He hated being cared for. What was the point of sacrificing for him? But that was only what Kuroko would ask himself. The real reason was because he was afraid that someone would die for his sake. No life should ever be spared for his. Kuroko looked up to Aomine and nodded quietly, "Kise-kun will come back right?"

"I doubt he won't"

The trip back to Kuroko's home was filled with silence. When they reached the house, Aomine gaped, "That house.. for 3 people?!"

Kuroko nodded, "We moved here last month after our house burned down. Mother was out shopping, father was at work and I was at class. This is the original Kuroko mansion owned by my grandparents but father doesn't like being showy so we left it for a long time unattended."


"Yup, there's ghosts too. Technically, it's haunted."

At hearing that, Aomine shivered involuntarily, "G-Ghosts?"

Kuroko nodded, "Won't you come inside, Aomine-kun?"


Akashi was sitting down, reading about past eliminated companies that might be involved in the current case when his phone rang. The red head put it on loudspeaker for his right hand man sitting opposite of him to hear too, "Report, Ryouta."

"Ah... There was a problem today, Akashicchi... Kurokocchi was already targeted on the way to the car. If Aominecchi didn't tell me to go check, they might've.."

Midorima pushed his glasses up, "Describe the enemy Kise."

"Black attire. Oh and I don't know if this means anything but there were six dots shaped like a circle on the man's left wrist."

Akashi's eyes widened, "Ryouta, was there a leaf tattoo on the man's left ankle?"

"...now that you mentioned it... I think I saw something there.. / Wait let me check for you. / Ah! Thank you!"

Midorima raised his eyebrow, "Kise, where are you?"

"Oh! I got some help from Kagamicchi! / Stop calling me Kagamicchi! / We'll be on our way to Kurokocchi's soon! I'll send pics later! Bye-bye~!"

Midorima disconnected the call and turned to Akashi's calculating face, "Do you know who they are?"

"I am not certain. But the description sounds familiar somehow. If I'm not mistaken, they are the one's called the 'Forbidden Flower'."

Midorima looked genuinely shocked, "The spy company? They disbanded 20 years ago."

Akashi hummed loudly, "Then, wouldn't it make sense?"

"How so?"

"20 years ago, the peace treaty was signed by my father. It was placed in a box with a 21-digit password; both letters and numbers. It was a treaty representing this country's top 20 companies. Spies were no longer needed. But if the peace treaty was proven stolen or destroyed, then the country would go into a chaotic state."

"Much similar to war within the country itself. Not to mention the havoc with the other countries as well."

"Exactly. But that wouldn't explain why Tetsuya was targeted so fast. My father said no one knew about him. Unless..."

The green head leaned forward, "Unless..?"

"Shintarou, what time is it?"


'They should have landed already if they really left at 10:00am...' Akashi tried calling his father but there was no answer. It was unusual of his father but it probably had something to do with his 'last mission' or something. The red head gave up on his fourth attempt but something was not right... "Shintarou, contact the Hawaiian branch of Seiho Co. My father should have informed them of their arrival."

"Will do."

'Why have they already targeted Tetsuya?' "We'll go to Tetsuya's house tonight. Inform Atsushi."

Kise winced as Kagami applied some healing cream on the cuts on his back, "Did you let your guard down or something?"

"You could say that. Why are you treating me anyway, Kagamicchi?"

"Get rid of the -cchi! Anyway, you did this to protect him right?"

Kise shrugged, "Of course!"

"That guy... He hates it when people get hurt because of him. It's better if you can heal faster so he won't see 'em."

Kagami watched as Kise's face changed to a shocked expression, "What is it?"

Kise just smiled goofily, "Oh, it's nothing... Shall we go then? I've already sent the pictures to Akashicchi! I'm sure Kurokocchi and Aominecchi are waiting!"

Kagami nodded, "Hold on, I'll talk to my brother for awhile."

"Alright! I'll wait outside!"

When Kagami left, Kise felt exactly how Aomine felt, it was the first time he had someone care for him like that. Kise smiled to himself and vowed to protect Kuroko and Kagami for as long as he lived. After Kagami returned, the two left for the Kuroko mansion. From inside the house, through a glass window, Himuro watched as his brother left with Kise, "Who knew he'd get along so well with the infamous Teiko Co. samurai?" Himuro knew Kise too well. Along with the other three under Akashi.

They were deadly assassins trained from birth, Kise's great great grandfather was the only remaining samurai from the Tokugawa Era. His teachings was passed on to Kise, the only one capable of wielding a sword in the family. Kise had worked for hundreds of vengeful customers, killing off almost 300 people at only the age of 16. Aomine's father was part of the army and excelled in hand-to-hand combat. He had brought Aomine to every single of his fight; making the boy self-learn martial arts. At the age of 7, he had beaten up every single bully in his school, a shocking amount of 68 students triple his size. Midorima's uncle was the private shooter hired by rich politicians to kill off one another or businessman who had enough to compensate. Spending every summer at his uncle's, he learned the art of shooting and the models of guns that work best on certain conditions. Receiving missions directly from his uncle, Midorima had travelled the world, killing off targets at the age of 15. Murasakibara's father was the opposite of him. His father was a bomb defuser. But the purple head who had watched his father defuse hundreds of bombs, decided to do the exact opposite. His first bomb set in a forest exploded a great 300-metre radius, destroying the entire forest and its dwellers. He was only 5. But one thing they all had in common, that was the friendship they had all shared with Akashi. When Akashi hired them, they were more than willing because Akashi had not forced anything on them. Never asking them to kill off women and children and innocent people, only those that have greatly sinned and have become an eyesore to the world.

Himuro sighed, "But they sure look different up close.."

Kise and Kagami walked towards the huge mansion. Kise whistled out loud, "Wow... Kurokocchi lives here?"

"Yeah, he used to live in a much smaller house but it burned down. Those bastards..."

The two knocked on the door but no one answered. Kagami checked the doorknob, "It's not locked. WHAT IS THAT GUY THINKING?!"

Kise laughed sheepishly, "Haha.. Calm down Kagamicchi.. Aominecchi is with him, I'm very sure they're fine!"

The two went inside, surprised to see how dark the mansion was. What's more, it was already night time, making the two at the door panic. Kagami called out for Kuroko while Kise called out for Aomine but neither answered. Kagami searched for the switch, he had only been to the house twice, he didn't know where many things were. When both of them reunited, they were still at lost as to how to find the switch. Suddenly, they heard the floor creak. Kagami shivered, "W-Who's there..?"

All of a sudden, a flying face appeared, "Boo."


Kagami hid behind Kise as he trembled with fear. Kise merely stood still and tilted his head, "Kurokocchi?"

The flying face pouted, "Kise-kun, you're no fun."


Kuroko lifted the black cloak from his body and turned off the flashlight he had used to show his face. The man clapped his hands twice; all of the lights in the house suddenly turned on. Kise was awed but then his attention went to the pouting blue-haired in front of him, "Gomen, Kurokocchi! I'm used to ghost and the supernatural... But you scared Kagamicchi for sure!" Kise showed the frightened Kagami, "I wasn't scared!"

But Kuroko was already doing his 'success' pose. Kise looked around the other, "Where's Aominecchi?"

Kagami and Kise swore Kuroko snickered. The blue head walked towards a room with the two trailing behind him. After entering the room, Kuroko opened one of the closet. Inside, was a shivering man in a fetal position, "Please leave me alone. Please leave me alone. Please leave me alone. Please leave me alone. Please leave me alone."


When Aomine saw Kise, the other glomped the blonde, "T-This place i-i-is haunted..!"

Kise sighed as Kuroko made his 'success' pose again. Kagami hit Kuroko on the head, "Don't go scaring people, dumbass!"

Suddenly the light turned off again. Kagami held Kuroko and shouted, "Kuroko, this ain't funny!"

"But, I didn't do anything this time."

Then, they heard it again. The resound of heavy footsteps becoming louder and louder until Kagami and Aomine suddenly screamed out loud. Kise was shocked. Not only was his sight taken but Aomine was pried away from him. Kuroko admitted to himself that he was terrified at the moment. He tried moving towards where Kagami's voice was and ended up hitting something big. Kuroko fell backwards but an arm cushioned his landing, "Are you alright, Tetsuya?"

The voice was a dead giveaway, "Akashi-kun."

Kise slammed the tray of cups filled with honey tea on top of the floor table, "Honestly you guys! Aominecchi and Kagamicchi passed out! How cruel can you people get?!"

"It wasn't intentional, Ryouta."

Murasakibara nibbled on his biscuit, "Mm. Who knew Mine-chin was such a scaredy cat~"

"I agree." Midorima replied as he drank his tea.

Kuroko poked the two lifeless body. After the lights turned on again, Kuroko saw Akashi smiling at him with Midorima hovering over him. He must have hit the green head before he fell. In the corner was Kise looking like a lost puppy. Then there was Murasakibara carrying Aomine on one shoulder and Kagami on the other. Both of them were passed out already from the shock. It was a prank Akashi had planned but he never expected the two to be so scared of ghosts.

Kuroko sipped his tea before asking, "How are our parents, Akashi-kun?"

"Neither answered my calls. They must be busy."

Everyone didn't missed Kuroko's distressed face but there was nothing they could do to make him feel better. Akashi gently ran his hand through Kuroko's hair, "Ryouta told me what happened. Are you injured, Tetsuya?"

Kuroko returned Akashi's gaze, "No, Akashi-kun"

"Is that so?" The red head's hand travelled down his spine. Kuroko's eyes widened when Akashi pressed his fingers on his tailbone, "AH!" Kuroko accidentally dropped his cup as he leaned forward, breathing heavily. Akashi removed his fingers, "As expected, you must have injured your tailbone." The Teiko Co. heir carried Kuroko in his arms, "Ryouta prepare a cold bath, Shintarou prepare a bedroom, Atsushi bring some ice."

Midorima led Akashi into a room where the red head had placed Kuroko on a bed. Kise came in a few seconds later, "Bath's running!"

After everyone exited, Akashi helped Kuroko undress much to the blue head's dismay but Akashi had promised that Kuroko would feel better soon. All he had to do was trust him. Kuroko gave in eventually because after Akashi triggered the pain in his back, he could barely walk anymore. They were both in bathrobes by the time they exited the room. After entering the bathroom, Akashi took off the robes for both of them and entered the spacious tub. Kuroko sighed in relief. The cold water was doing wonders for his back and body. "Feeling better?"

Kuroko nodded in bliss. It was half an hour later when they reentered the room. Kuroko was dressed with the clothes one of them had prepared or found for him while Akashi had his own clothes as well. Akashi forced Kuroko to sit on the floor much to his discomfort. His back was still aching. Akashi took the ice from the table that Murasakibara had prepared, and sat behind Kuroko on the floor.

"Tetsuya, please bare with this." Akashi pushed Kuroko forward, leaning his body further and further downwards. Kuroko whimpered at one point, making Akashi cease all movements. The red head took a cloth-filled ice and placed it gently on Kuroko's tailbone. The blue head screamed softly before sighing loudly. The pain was subsiding tremendously. Kagami suddenly slammed the door open, probably after hearing Kuroko's voice, "What's wrong?! What happened?!"

Akashi sighed, "You are such a pain, Kagami Taiga."


That night, after dinner, Kuroko brought everyone to their respected rooms. The Kuroko mansion used to belong to 3 of the main Kuroko families. Obviously, the amount of rooms were endless. For some reason, Kuroko felt at peace because he had so much company. He entered his parents room. He preferred sleeping in there more than anywhere else but he could not sleep that night. He wondered about his parents. He missed them even if he didn't show it. Then he wondered if Akashi missed his parents too. Kuroko got up from his parents bed and walked to Akashi's room. Before he even reached the red head's room, he saw Akashi sitting at the hallway, looking out at the garden in the middle of the house wearing his yukata.

Akashi smiled at Kuroko as he gestured the other to sit beside him, "Come here, Tetsuya."

Kuroko didn't hesitate as he sat beside the red head; hanging his legs over the edge. A few minutes of silence passed until Kuroko's head bobbed to the side. Akashi could almost laugh at seeing Kuroko's sleepy eyes. The red head gently placed Kuroko's head over his lap. Kuroko adjusted until he was comfortable enough to sleep. The blue head's light snoring made Akashi's eyes glaze with gentleness. Kuroko was similar to a younger sibling he once had. He couldn't remember much though. It was a long time ago. Akashi looked up to the skies, wondering how their parents were doing, 'Please be safe all of you.'

Outside the mansion, a pair of eyes watched the two sitting at the hallway from a tall tree, "Just you wait, Seijuuro.. I'll make all of you regret for getting rid of me." In the moonlight, a 6 petal red flower fell to the pond of the Kuroko mansion indoor garden.

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