Why hello there! Long time no ramble! TL;DR at the very end for those who don't want to read through my 2am ramblings.

I can imagine whoever's reading this after five years must be a little surprised and confused. After all, I did say I was done with this fic thanks to burnout and too much crap happening in my real life. And, well, to be honest, things haven't really improved in my life. Quite the opposite in some respects. However, because of that, I have once again sought shelter in my happy place, which is the world of Tolkien. And with Tolkien came Baylee, one of my most favorite ocs. I always felt guilty that Baylee and Bofur didn't get their happy ending-just a half assed summary of one. They're probably my most favorite oc/canon couple (with Lovisa and Bifur being a close second) and it always felt like I did them a major disservice. And that brings me to the whole point of this against-the-rules-notice.

I'm rewriting this story!

That's right, lovely readers! And with rewrites come changes. Now, I'm not changing the plot around too much, but I am changing it around to be an everyone lives au because like. I hate that the Durins had to die. Always have. Plus, I kill them off in the other hobbit fanfic i'm working on (but more on that later). There will also be new characters, more cohesion, less Khuzdul, more Boflee cuteness, and overall (i hope!) a better reading experience. I'm having a lot of fun with the rewrite so far and I'm hoping you'll enjoy it just as much (maybe more?) as the original.

I'm also changing the name. After all, since I'm keeping this original story up, it'd be mighty confusing to have 'Finding Their Place' and 'Finding Their Place rewrite/redo/2.0'. The new name is 'Âzying'. Wonder how many of you remember what the significance of that word is? ;D

I'm sure some of you are wondering what this other hobbit fanfic I mentioned is. Well...This is going to sound weird and will probably make some of you groan and want to ignore the story completely-i know, i know. I don't blame you. I really don't! But the story is essentially what would have happened if I had kept Baylee in her original incarnation, which was Baylee Baggins, daughter of Bilbo Baggins. It is not a Baylee x Bofur story. It will eventually be a 2-part Baylee x Thorin story. But i daresay it's going to take even longer for Thorinlee to happen than it did for Boflee to happen-which is saying something since it took nearly 225 pages to get Bofur and Baylee to smooch.

'But reno-wait, what, you changed your username? Okay then. But missiemoose, you already have a Baylee story. Why do you need another?' I metaphorically hear you ask.

The answer is simple, dear readers: Peer pressure. Essentially, my girlfriend and some of my friends are demanding I write it. Which, hey. You do not disappoint your girlfriend who is in love with Thorinlee. But I digress. The title of part one is going to be 'Her Dreams Became Nightmares'.

Anyway: The first chapter of Azying will go up on May 6th and the first chapter of Her Dreams Became Nightmares will go up on May 13th. I'm not sure if they'll each get one update a month or two-it all depends on how large i can get my buffer before then. Currently, both stories have 5 chapters, so we'll see.

As I said earlier, I do hope you'll find the rewrite as enjoyable as the first draft and that you also enjoy the hobbit!baylee fic. I don't blame you if you don't want to read it, but I'm having a lot of fun with it as well, so at least there's that, right?

With all that gibberish said, TL;DR: Rewriting FTP, calling it azying. Also working on second fic with hobbit!Baylee because peer pressure.