Jigsaw versus The Punisher

Chapter 1
It was sunny day in New York and everyone was happy and the sun was shining and the birds were singing. But it wasn't because it was night and evil mafia guys were talking about drugs and tried to sell drugs to little kids. And that's horrific.

But they didn't new that Frank Castle, who is also know as the Punsiehr knew it! So evil drug dealer sad to kid "Hello boy do you want to buy cocanie?" but suddenly, Frank Cartle was behind him and punched him in face! (AN: Friend told me that didn't make sense but it does if he punched through mafia head!) And then there was brains every were! Kid was horrified but had no lasting pyshochotical damage because it received tehrapy and this is very impotant that children recveie proper therpary after potentialive trumtiaic evnets so they don't later beehave strangely and can function as normal
memberrs of socitie!

Meanwhile, mafia was still talking about evil maifa busness when suddenly, meanwhile the punisher jumped thorough window on cellar! It was… the Punsiher!

"Oh no that's punisher shoot…" sad mafia and wanted to say "shoot at him" but couldn't not finished sentenence because punisher throwed knife at his face and then, knive was stuck in his head and there was blood and guts everywhere and he was dead!

"Fuck you Frank Cattle!" screamed another mafia guy who had a mustache so he looked like a porn star but Frank Castle said "No asshole fuck you!" and then the porn star attacked him with chair but Fank Caltsle punched through chair and the porn was hit in the face but now he had no head anymore! And then, the punisher took out akmbio pistols like in movie Punisher: War Zone and started shouting at them with pistols and kileld ltos of evil mafia guys but was okay because it was mafia! And then they were dead and there were dozen of corpses with bullet wounds and no heads and there were limbs and blood and brains and bones and guts and also some eyeballs everwhere! Also, lots of blood!

But suddenly, ninja attacked from behind with katana and slashed across frank castle! And then, there was blood everywhere but frank castle just said "Who the fuck do you think I am? I am the goddamn punisher!" and shot him into kneecap! And ninja tried to give round house kick but punisher blocked and broke his other knee! And then, he shot him in the guts and left him to painfluently bled to death because he was the goddamn punisher!