The Police is arriving at the scene!
Police just arrived at crime scene and tried to figure out what happened.
"Officer John wtf happened?" asked another cop but officer john said "I dunno but there is blood and guts and bones everywhere! Someone killed lots of people! And now they are all dead!"
"Oh okay" said the cop and tried to take finger prints.
"What do the guys that always try to find out who somebody is by taking finger prints say who the guy is? You know, the ones from telviosn?" asked the cop.
"OMG THAT'S FRANK CASTLE!1" shouted the guy that took finger prints like in CSI Miami.
"Who the fuck is Frank fucking Castle?" asked the cop because he had now fucking idead who the fuck Frank Castle was.
"OMG you don't know who Frank Castle is! Lol!" and then, all the other cops laughed at him because he was dumb as shit!
"Frank Castle is the baddest badass motherfucker this world has ever seen! I dnot think we will catch him beacsuse he is too smart to catch and also, he has killed lots of people!"
"But we cant let him room free and kill more innocent crimnals!" said orifice john but guy whot ook finger pints said "Im sry but I think police is useless against someone with balls as big as balls of The Punisher!" and he was right because Punisher has huge balls.
"I dnot care I will catch Punisher whatever the cost!" sadi office john dramatically and he rushed out of the room!