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Chapter 4

The gang was all there and Tsume was on a ledge probably thinking about Gehl. All of them turned to Kiara when she came in. She felt very uneasy because they were staring at her quite viciously. She sat down next to Tsume.

"They say the nobles put a bounty on every gang in the city." One gang member said.

"Is that so?" Tsume said.

"Yeah they've already started rounding the people up and our stuff been kinda high profiled lately. We figured we're next. Maybe it's we should move on. There's a freight train pulling out at midnight. We can sneak one-" said Seto.

"Our next raid it's gonna be tonight. Make the usual preparations." Kiara said.

"Why so you can sit back and watch?" asked Chen. Kiara flinched not going unnoticed by Tsume. "Gehl's dead because of you. You let him die." Kiara put her head down and pulled her knees up to her chest while Tsume looked over his shoulder. "Sorry pal but I ain't working with you any more I wouldn't wanna slow you down now would I?"

"Suit yourself." Tsume said. He stood up and looked at Kiara. "We'll meet up at midnight get the word out."

Tsume walked away while Kiara stayed. They all glared at her. When she couldn't take it, she ran out of there.

Kiara went back to that place where she met up with that brown wolf. She stared at the ground while she was walking and failed to notice a boy with brown shoulder length hair, red long sleeved shirt, green pants, and black boots. She saw him crossing his arms behind his head and crossing his legs leaning against a wall. She just looked at him and then looked away. She walked past him and he followed her.

"Uh, um, thanks a lot for before." He said.

"Huh?" Kiara looked at the boy.

"For the sausages." Kiara still looked confused. "Uh, remember back at the alley. Well that was my dog you gave them to." He said.

"That beautiful dog belongs to you really?" Kiara asked.

"That beautiful? Uh yeah, yeah he's mine." He said.

"But how could you know that I fed him if you weren't there?" Kiara asked.

"I heard it from the lady at the store." He said while crossing his arms behind his head.

"What's his name?" She asked.

"A name?" He laughed. "The name is Toboe."

"Toboe? What an interesting name." She said.

"You think so? Thanks." He said.

"I'm Kiara, what's your?" She asked.

"I just said it's Toboe." He said.

"But isn't that your dog's name?" She asked.

"Uh well, we're a lot alike so I decided to name him after myself." Toboe said. 'Sure, that's what you say, but you're just like me.' Kiara thought.

"You're kinda weird." Kiara said.

"Is weird bad?" Toboe asked.

"No, it's fine with me." She said. Toboe laughed. They went to talking and Toboe seemed really happy until they ran into Tsume.

"Tsume." Kiara said.

"Hey, you're another one just like me." Toboe said to himself.

"Move it kid. Kiara, let's go." He was about to walk until all three of them came across that same blue-eyed dog. There was a drunken man next to it with a bottle. He had on a gray hat with a dirty beige coat.

"Hm you found something'?" He asked the blue eyed dog. He looked at the group. Tsume and Kiara jumped out of the way. Toboe stayed not knowing there was trouble. The man dropped the bottle and pulled out a rifle out of his coat. He reloaded it and went toward Toboe. Toboe was scared so he couldn't move.

"Boy, you're not a boy." He started to walk over to Toboe then aimed. Tsume came down and disarmed him. He avoided a bite from the blue dog.

"Jump." He said to Toboe.


"Hurry up!" He shouted at him.

"I was getting ready to." Toboe said. Both of them jumped up the building out of harm's way.

Tsume and Kiara were heading out to the hideout but Toboe was following them.

"Who the heck was that? And what's up with his dog?" Toboe said.

"I have no idea." Tsume said.

"Hey you're Tsume right! This is a first for me I've never met a wolf, I mean other than myself. I heard rumors about you from the crows though. They say that you make friends with the humans and run wild with them. So if you're Tsume then you must be his partner Kiara. The crows also talk about you, but they say that you're a wolf also..." Toboe said.

"You heard wrong. I don't have friends." Tsume said.

"But if you don't have friends then why do you Kiara tagged along with you all the time? The crows say that you two look like mates." Toboe said, causing Kiara to giggle, but Tsume tensed up.

"I'm an exception..." Kiara said.

"You guys are not really mates right?" Toboe asked.

"No, we're not." Kiara said as Tsume looked at her. 'Even though I would like to be mates with Tsume.' Kiara thought. He was thinking the same thing she was. He did want her to be his mate.

"Well anyway, I'm Toboe. You know what I've been living with humans my whole life too."

"Just get lost will ya? I'm getting pissed off and that only happens when I'm around idiots." Tsume said.

"But can't I come with you?" Toboe asked.

"No. You can't." Tsume answered before walking away. Kiara looked at Toboe with an 'I'm sorry' look before she went to Tsume's side. When she looked back, Toboe was gone.

"Tsume, do you have to be harsh?" She asked, but didn't receive an answer. Kiara stopped and jumped off somewhere to look for Toboe.

She came onto a place where there were a lot of guys. She took one whiff and felt disgusted. She saw Toboe walk into a corner with some guys following him.

"Well now, what do we have here?"

"It's a boy, can we kill him?" Toboe was shaking in fear not knowing what to do.

"Hey!" The men turned around. There were about 8 of them.

"You..." Kiara charged at one of them. "Leave." She punched him in the gut. "Him." She kicked another where the sun don't shine. "Alone!"

"Get her!" All of them charged at once. She turned into her wolf form and started to kill them off one by one. She was aiming for their necks or ribs whenever she gets near one of them. One of them had a shotgun and Toboe saw it. The guy aimed the gun at Kiara. Toboe transformed into his wolf form and killed him. When all the guys were dead, Toboe realized he killed a guy and began to howl.

"Toboe..." Kiara mumbled.

Toboe continued to howl and someone's footsteps were Tsume's. He grabbed Toboe and took him away with Kiara following him.

"Kiara, what the hell were you doing?" Tsume shouted. Toboe stopped crying.

"I was only helping Toboe!" She shouted back.

Tsume grabbed her shirt. "Don't you know someone could've seen you? Damn it, Kiara you're smarter than that! I don't want you to go into your wolf form unless it's an emergency, do you understand?" Tsume shouted.

Kiara held her eyes down and hesitated to answer. "...I understand." Kiara said. 'Damn it! I hate it when I have to yell at her.' Tsume thought.

"Good. Come on." Tsume said to the both of them.

They stayed in his room with Tsume sitting in the window and Kiara sitting beside Toboe.

"I never meant to kill anything." Tsume and Kiara listened to Toboe. "Granny, she…I was all alone at the entrance to the dome and she was so nice to me. She said I was so little and my eyes had barely opened. She gave these to me." He raised his arm that had three bracelets. "And we'd lived together ever since." Toboe said.

"You mean she kept you as a pet. That human tamed you. You were nothing more than an obedient dog." Tsume started.

"I wasn't!" Toboe shouted. "I-I only, I wanted to protect, but she still..."

"She still threw you out?" Tsume asked.

"She still died." Toboe said. "She died." Toboe wrapped his arms around himself and buried his head in his arms before he started to cry. "I...I let her die."

Kiara was at the breaking point of her tears coming out until she heard someone coming. Tsume went to the door and opened it to reveal Seto.

"Seto." Tsume said.

"No one is gonna come." Seto said.

"The why are you here?" Tsume asked while Kiara came next to him.

"I'm leaving after this. Tsume, you and Kiara are just too different from the rest of us." said Seto.

"He doesn't know the half of it." Kiara mumbled, but Tsume heard her and smiled.

"Well good luck." said Seto as he walked away. Kiara and Tsume watched him leave until they heard a nobles ship overhead. They gasped and looked right as it flew over them.