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Hi everyone! I am brand new to RoTG fanfiction, and have yet to see the movie due to living overseas for a time before heading home to America in spring. I am certainly not the best writer, but I hope you enjoy this fluffy one shot of Bunny and Jack brotherly goodness! This is going to start as just a one shot, but I might make it a series of drabbles concerning Jack and him getting used to having a family. PLEASE feel free to read and REVIEW!

This is a story where I was wondering what if Jack enjoyed listening to campfire ghost stories, and what if Bunny decides to tag along to see what was so much fun about them.

Jack sat up from where he had been laying on the couch and stretched, almost having to fight the urge to purr like a cat. In the past year since they had defeated Pitch, the winter sprite had been getting used to living amongst his new family, an undertaking that Jack finding not too difficult to do. Within the first six months, Jack had allowed himself to become accustomed to not only having people constantly around him, though he was still an introvert due to the three hundred years of solitude, but he was also finding that he greatly enjoyed naps on the couch at the North Pole during his "off seasons".

It had not taken long for the boy to worm his way into the hearts and minds of the guardians, and soon no one could even remember the time before Jack Frost was part of their odd little family. In fact, even Bunny had become used to seeing the small winter spirit lounging on the couch, with his legs hanging over the arm rest, and one arm thrown over his eyes as he snored in a blissful sleep. It was a sight that never failed to make the Pooka smile fondly as he reached down to softly ruffle the kid's hair with one paw.

But tonight, Jack did not have the time to snooze in the comfort of his favorite napping spot. No, he had a very important appointment to keep. Tilting his head backwards, the winter sprite's back arched as he strained to gaze out the closest window. Seeing the sun setting, Jack jumped up with a small yelp, and prepared to fly at top speeds back to Burgess. But his plan was halted by a furry paw wrapping around his ankle, and yanking him back down to the ground.

"Oi snowflake," a thick Australian accent chuckled softly "where you off to in such a hurry?"

Jack turned around, and his crystal blue eyes stared up into emerald green. Scratching the back of his head nervously with the crook of his staff, the winter sprite let out a weak chuckle.

"N-no where…" he spluttered "Just remembered a city I forgot to give a snow day to, that's all."

"Uh-huh" Bunny said, one eyebrow raised in disbelief as he crossed his arms and shook his head "Sorry frostbite, but ye'll 'ave ta do better than that. What's the real reason you're running out of here in such a hurry?"

"It's snow!" Jack said hurriedly, both hands rose in front of him as he tried to convince the large rabbit "Honest!"

"Ri-ight" Aster drawled "If I didn't know better, I would say that our little snowflake's got a secret."

Jack began to back away from the Pooka, his face wreathed in a panicked grin as he laughed nervously "S-s-secret? Me? No! I just… feel like running to Burgess for a bit. You know, kick up a little snow, play with Jaime, make a few snow forts, that sort of thing."

Bunny allowed a wicked grin to grace his features as he advanced on the boy "It's getting late Jackie" he said lowly as a playful gleam lit his eyes "and I doubt that Jaime will be allowed to play outside, besides, it's your off season. Burgess doesn't get snow this time of year, and you hate anything even slightly resembling hot weather. Which makes me wonder what is so important that you would risk melting just to go. So you've got two choices. You can either tell me your secret, or I'll go tell Tooth and North that you've got yourself a girlfriend."

Jack felt his jaw drop in shock. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh but I would mate" The Pooka laughed evilly "So what's it gonna be? You going to tell me what's got you all in a rush? Or shall ruin any chance of your keeping it between us by going to go get North and the fairy?"

Ok, Bunny was cranky, and sometimes even downright mean. But the winter spirit had never seen the rabbit this childish. Almost like now that Easter was over, he was allowed to loosen up and have fun. It was a side of him that Jack had never seen, and it was because of this that he actually considered telling him his secret. It was either that, or have four guardians breathing down his neck for the rest of eternity. So Jack made the only sensible choice. He told Bunnymund.

"Ok" Jack said leaning in close "But you can't tell anyone."

"I'll be silent as the grave."

Darting a look around, Jack gestured for the Pooka to sit down on the floor next to him, and soon the sprite began to divulge his secret.

"Ok" He began as he laid his staff comfortable across his lap "Just this spring someone new moved into Burgess, a girl…"

"Oh Manny" Bunny groaned as he face palmed "Don't tell me you're crushin' on this Sheila?"

"What?!" Jack sputtered "NO!"

The Pooka gave a heavy sigh of relief before gesturing the young guardian to continue. Jack treated his friend with a stern glare and then took a breath to finish his secret.

"Anyway… as I was saying. This girl, her name is Rhianne, is in her early twenties, so she isn't a kid, but she is pretty cool! She takes all the kids in Burgess out into the woods for a big campout every Friday."

Understanding began to light in the rabbit's green eyes as he put the puzzle together. "Today's Friday." He said softly as if he had just solved an impossible mystery.

"Yep!" Jack said excitedly "I have been going every Friday since she first started, and I don't want to miss the campout. Plus, Rhianne tells the best ghost stories!"

Bunny's ears twitched at the mention of a campfire ghost story. To be completely honest, he loved them, was addicted to them even. There was just something thrilling about sitting in the inky darkness of night with only the campfire to provide light, listening to a tale that may or may not be true about some haunted house, or poor doomed soul wandering the earth searching for victims. The Pooka fondly remembered the nights he spent in the Australian outback listening to his fair share of ghost stories told by a local shaman, or tour guide. And so hearing that Jack was on his way to a campout where such chilling tales would be told appealed to the rabbit.

"Alright" Aster said with a firm nod as he stood up and brushed off his legs "then let's get going so you won't be late."

"Wait…" Jack laughed "What?"

"Aw come one mate" The bunny smirked "You can't honestly expect me to turn down the chance to hear a master story teller spin a campfire ghost story, do ya?"

Jack felt a bright smile stretch across his face at the prospect of the Easter bunny joining him on his Friday night outing. "Sweet!" he exclaimed as he rose up in the air excitedly "But I gotta warn you, Rhianne's stories are pretty freaky!"

"Whatever Frostbite" Aster waved one paw dismissively "I'm a Pooka, with nerves of steel and a musculature that would even make a professional body builder jealous. I doubt a little campfire story will send me running to my mum."

"Slowly…so slowly…Ashley crawled across the floor to look out her window…"

Bunny and Jack sat behind a group of children, Jaime clinging to Jack for dear life as they listened intently to the story. The young woman, Rhianne, was lit up by the fire, her shadow flung behind her like some ghostly specter waiting to rise up from the ground and gobble up her avid listeners.

"As she pulled herself up from the floor to the windowsill," Rhianne hissed, leaning forward as her voice became gravelly with the tone of the story "All she could see was the ghost slave ship waiting in the harbor behind her house. Ashley screamed, and dove back into her closet, praying that someone, anyone, would rescue her from her inevitable death at the hands of the dead slave who had perished in that ship ship so many years ago."

Jaime gasped, and Jack scooted just a little closer to Bunny as the story continued. Aster placed one arm around both boys, telling himself that he was protecting them, when in fact his own paws were shaking from the tale being told.

"And then, she heard it…" Rhianne tilted her face so the firelight cast a garish mask across her features "A sound from the first floor of the house, coming up the stairs. Thump, thump, draaag…thump, thump, draaag…"

Bunny, Jack, and Jaime scooted even closer together, now joined by the other children who were blessed with being able to see the guardians of fun and Hope. All crowded together, their eyes wide as they were fed a horror story beyond all horror stories.

Rhianne smiled wickedly, knowing that the children were ready for the big finale "She could hear the spirit of the dead slave coming to take revenge on the last surviving heir of the family who had owned him as a slave on the plantation, and were the cause for why his left leg was now mutilated beyond repair. His uneven footsteps echoing down the hall, Ashley could only cover her ears in terror as she listened to him drag his decomposing body towards her room. Thump, thump, draaag….thump, thump, draaag."

"Finally Ashley could take it no more, and burst from her closet determined to escape from her house and never look back. But as soon as she prepared to run, there he was, the last slave of the plantation from over 200 years ago. In his hand was held a large farming scythe, and dragging behind him was the useless left leg, that had been twisted and mutilated beyond repair as punishment for running away. And as Ashley began to scream, the ghost began his deathly walk towards his final victim before he could finally rest in peace…and the last thing Ashley heard before she was killed was the footsteps of the ghost as he dragged his bloody leg across the floor…Thump…thump… DRAG!"

With that Rhianne jerked forward, baring her teeth into the firelight with her hand upraised in a claw like gesture. All the children screamed and hugged each other in fright while their leader melted in peals of laughter at their expressions.

"Oh! Oh my!" Rhianne guffawed "I really don't know why you bunch insist on ghost stories every Friday. If anything, I worry about the effects these stories will have on your poor brains!"

Eventually all the children dispersed, each heading to their tents in nervous groups. Jaime stuck around to tell his friends good-bye before heading to bed. Reaching up, the small boy hugged Jack tightly, and after he said goodnight, dashed off to the relative safety of his tent.

Bunny tapped the ground with one foot, making a tunnel for them to use in order to get back to the Pole in a short amount of time. Diving in, both sent measured glances towards the other, wondering just how affected they were by the story. Upon reaching the Pole, Bunny sat down on the couch in the living room, his green eyes paranoid as they watched the darkness.

Jack sat down next to him, and gave a small laugh. "What's wrong cotton tail? The ghost story make you jumpy?"

"Naw, mate" Bunny huffed "Like I said, I've got nerves of steel. No story is gonna make me turn tail and act like a scared child."

"Ok…" Jack shrugged, and then found himself nervously eyeing the route back to his room up in the tower. It was a long walk, and a dark one too, especially this late at night, with only the occasional torch to light they way. The winter spirit gave a heavy swallow as the story came back to the forefront of his mind, and he repressed a shudder at the thought of having to walk all that way by himself.


Bunny turned to the winter spirit, one eyebrow raised in question at what the young man wanted. Jack gave a small, breathless laugh as he tried to think of a good way to ask without sounding like a complete wimp.

"You know that North gave me my own room, right?" Jack asked slowly.

"Yeah, I know" Bunny replied as he slowly crossed his arms.

"Yeah he did," Jack nodded "…. Did you ever get the chance to see it?"

Bunny found his mouth twitching as he tried his best to resist the urge to laugh "what's wrong snowflake, scared to walk up to your room by yourself."

"No!" was the emphatic reply, but judging by the pout and angry glare, Bunny knew he had hit the nail on the head. "I just thought that since I officially live here, you would like to see my room. North let me decorate it, and I only just really finished the last touches."

Bunny shook his head fondly, and then stood up. "Sure, why not. Let's go see your room."

Jack let out a silent sigh of relief before following the Aussie up the stairs towards his room. They walked through the winding hallways, and trudged up countless stairs before finally making it to the winter spirit's room. Bunny couldn't help but be impressed. He had seen the room when North finished fixing it up for Jack, but now that Jack had finished adding his own touches to the decorations, the Pooka had to admit that it was a pretty cool looking room. Jack however was bolting towards his bed, and throwing open the windows.

"Come on ya ankle biter," Bunny chuckled softly "Time for you to get a bit of shut eye."

The large rabbit strode over to Jack's bedside, and prepared to tuck the boy in when both heard a horrible sound.

Thump, thump, drag….Thump, thump, drag…

"Uh…Bunny?" Jack laughed nervously "You don't hear that…do you?"

Thump, thump, drag…Thump, thump, drag…

"Well" Bunny gulped "That depends on what you're referring to."

Thump, thump, drag…Thump, thump, drag…

"I'm referring to the sound of something dragging its mutilated leg across the floor that's getting closer." Jack whispered in a hushed terrified voice "We…are gonna DIE!"

The sounds came closer and closer, and Bunny found Jack practically climbing into his lap as they both quivered in fear, until finally the horrible footsteps were right outside the door. Both guardians held their breath as the door knob turned, but right as the door began to open, a horrible roaring cry filled the air. Bunny and Jack shrieked in fear, both of them promptly passing out.

North opened the door, cursing in Russian as he glared at the Yeti who had pushed the giant wooden wardrobe on top of his toes. Stepping out of the way, the large man instructed the Yeti to push the wardrobe to one side of the room. The animal stepped back behind the wooden creation, and proceeded to take two steps, then push the wardrobe across the floor.

Thump, thump, drag…thump, thump, drag

Shaking his head, North limped over to the door, favoring his poor mutilated toes before doing a double take at the bed. There lay both Jack and Bunny all curled up in each other's arms, sound asleep. The pain in his foot forgotten, the large man walked as quietly as possible over to the sleeping pair and covered them with a blanket. Then walking back to the door, he smiled fondly at his family.

"And they say they don't like each other." North chuckled.


The next day at breakfast Bunny sat at the table across from Jack, one paw poking his sunny side up egg with a fork. Jack was equally quiet as he nibbled on his toast.

"What is wrong with you today?" North exclaimed in an exasperated tone "Last night you are all buddy buddy, and today neither of you talk."

"What do you mean buddy buddy?" Jack huffed, the Easter bunny silently nodding in agreement.

"Well" North shrugged "I just thought that you two have become friends, what with your slumber party in room last night."

"Slumber party?" Bunny asked incredulously.

"In my room?" Jack echoed "when were you there?"

"Last night I finish wardrobe for your room" North explained "So I have Yeti drag it up to tower for you to use, and when I get there, there is you and Bunny sound asleep. Was very cute, no?"

"A Yeti…" Bunny hissed as if in pain "It was a blooming Yeti?"

Jack however found it hilarious. His face contorted in barely repressed glee, the boy pointed at the large rabbit and guffawed "You screamed like a girl over a Yeti, so much for nerves of steel!"

"Oi! I wasn't alone mate!" Bunny growled "If memory serves correctly, you were the one acting like a scared kit by jumping into my arms and screaming about how we were gonna die!"

"I wasn't screaming!"

"Try telling that to my poor bleeding eardrums!"

"I was…!" Jack searched for a plausible excuse and finally could only growl "I was trying to scare it away!"

"By how?" Aster retorted "Making it think that you were a tea pot whistle?"

"I don't sound like a teapot whistle!"

And that my friends was the last time for a long time that Bunny and Jack went to listen to campfire ghost stories together.

Thanks for reading, and everyone let me know if you like my writing well enough for me to turn this into a drabble fic. I need votes, so please let me know if you want me to continue! Thanks!