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Sandy led the sullen duo to the infirmary where they would check on Bunny before leaving, the golden man's face was etched with worry, but at the same time, a stark relief sparked his eyes making them glow with happiness. They had the help of Scorpio, and Bunny was safe in their care, with what Pitch said the poison was fightable and therefore not a threat as long as Bunny had friends and family around.

They entered into the infirmary, seeing the frost spirit sitting next to Bunny, a brush in hand, grooming the Pooka "Hey," Jack smiled wearily before his blue eyes widened in surprise "hey, who's the new guy?"

"The name is Scorpio," the constellation said jerking a thumb at his chest and giving a cocky smirk "and I'm the guy who's gonna be kicking Orion's butt from here to Tuesday."

Jack slowly blinked, his brain processing what Scorpio just said and then gave a toothy grin "Make sure you put in an extra kick for me, ok buddy?" looking down at Bunny Jack poked his head gently "Ya catch all that?"

"Uh-huh," the rabbit rasped tiredly with a weak smile before another wave of grief overtook him causing him to shiver.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jack asked, tucking the blanket around the rabbit's shoulders and scratching Bunny behind the ears in an attempt to soothe him.

"It's just…nah, never mind Jackie," the Pooka sighed turning so Jack couldn't look him in the eye "it's not important."

"If it caused you to shiver, then it is important," Pitch objected causing everyone to look at him in shocked surprise.

"What?" the Boogeyman asked, vaguely unnerved by the stares.

"I know I'm new to…" Scorpio waved his hands as he searched for the right words and then sputtered "new to…here…but, what does shivering have to do with it, and why are you noticing? Because seriously dude, that's creepy."

"Simply because A) the poison creates a sense of feeling incredibly cold, like your heart is slowly becoming a block of ice, so shivering is actually a bad sign of the poison spreading closer to his heart" Pitch replied with a sneer before lunging in Scorpio's personal space, causing the constellation to jump back with a small yelp "and B) last time I checked, being creepy…is my job."

Scorpio glared at the gray face hovering mere inches from his own before placing a finger on the Boogeyman's nose and pushed him away "Well you're doing a marvelous job of it," he spat in return "and might I suggest the use of tic-tac's, because your breath, is vile!"

"It is not!" Pitch bellowed indignantly while trying to subtly check his breath "I use proper dental hygiene!"

"Yeah well, you failed," Scorpio shot back before a malicious grin lit his features "looks like your attempt to win the heart of fair lady was a waste of time and effort."

Jack's jaw dropped and Sandy's eyes popped wide open while Bunny began to snicker.

"Wha-What are you-" Pitch's voice cracked as his face blushed a deep magenta and he finally could only stand there opening and closing his mouth like a fish.

"Oh don't act all innocent," Scorpio continued, giving a rakish wiggle of his eyebrows "you would have to be blind and stupid not to see your little…crush, on the Tooth fairy. Come on, you can tell me, I mean really, what's a confession concerning ulterior motives behind a sudden and new dental hygiene regimen between friends?"

"But-I mean-He's not-it's not-" Pitch suddenly snapped, stomping his foot and snarling petulantly "that wasn't fair, you dirty sneak!"

The room was silent, Scorpio staring at the Boogeyman with amused eyes, while the specter in question stood fuming in response. Sandy and Jack were frozen, stuck looking between the quarreling legendary figures. However a small squeak caused reality to come crashing back in, and everyone turned to see Aster holding both paws over his face while turning a strange shade of purple. Finally the rabbit couldn't bear it any longer, and a snort exploded from his nostrils which quickly became snickers.

Bunny could barely hold them in as they reached a crescendo of helpless giggles, finally growing into all out guffaws "Tha'," he snorted "That has ta be the funniest thing…I HAVE EVER SEEN!"

Complete attention was on the rabbit as tears leaked from green eyes that had regained some of their former sparkle, and strong paws were clutching his bandaged side while guffaws shook his flanks mercilessly. Suddenly Jack snickered, then Scorpio snorted, Pitch chuckled while shaking his head, and Sandy was rolling around in midair laughing. Finally the room was echoing with loud laughter, with Aster at the center of it while a happy glow glittered behind his green gaze.

Eventually though relative calm returned to the room, and its occupants were gasping for air, rubbing sore ribs, and fighting back fits of giggles

"Ah," the Pooka sighed wiping away tears of mirth "That felt good."

"Yeah," Jack nodded before suddenly sobering "but back to the original point, what's wrong?"

Bunny rolled his eyes, but the warmth burning in his chest allowed him to continue "It's just that…" the Pooka hesitated before plunging forward "Easter was just a few days ago, yeah? Well after Easter I usually go around to some of my believers and play with them, especially after we met Jack, but I can't with a broken leg and battered body. I would hate for them to think I forgot about them is all."

"Oh," Jack sank down; his face forlorn from thinking it was something that they wouldn't be able to help with.

"That might work," Pitch murmured, one thin finger tapping his lips.

"Huh?" Jack asked, perking back up from his slumped position.

"No, that really might work!" the Boogeyman continued as he began to smile excitedly.

"Come again?" Scorpio asked, as one black eyebrow rose elegantly "I think we all would like to know what you're gibbering like a baboon over, especially considering none of us can read minds."

"Cultivating Hope!" Pitch exulted "THAT is how we are going to beat the poison! Going out and making enough children to renew their belief in the Easter Bunny, and in turn their Hope will strengthen Aster, creating an instant antidote that will stop the poison in its tracks!"

"Really?!" Jack jumped up and flew at Pitch neatly tackling him to the ground and bouncing up and down on the floor next to the dark specter "You really think that will fix Bunny?!"

"I'm the one that made that accursed poison," Pitch sniffed "I should know, and if I say it will then it will."


"One question though," Bunny interrupted holding one paw up "how are ya gonna do that when I'm bedridden?"

"It's simple enough," Pitch began to pace the room, the gears in his head turning as he spoke the ideas for his plan to the listeners in the room "we can go to your burrow and get all the leftover chocolate, eggs, and trinkets we can find, and leave them around the world. I can create shadows that look like you, and cast them on the grass so the kids think they see your shadow and believe that you were there. Hope will reach record heights, and before you know it, you'll feel well enough to join everyone for dinner."

"Heh," Aster chuckled softly sending a wink to the frost spirit "the Boogeyman's doin' my job, and gettin' all hopeful and optimistic over there, it's creepin' me out."

Jack only laughed, giving the rabbit a gentle cuff "Just as long as you don't develop a sudden love for snow and winter, I think we'll be all right."


Scorpio flew through the sky on Sandman's golden cloud, his arms folded behind his head causing the sinewy muscle to bulge, showing off his strength.

Just an hour before, he had said good-bye to Jack and Pitch who were preparing to go cultivate Hope for Bunny, and the frost sprite was trying to convince Pitch to put on a pair of bunny ears. Scorpio had joined in the conversation, once again turning the topic against the Boogeyman, leaving the dark specter fuming with embarrassment. The constellation chuckled at the memory, before craning his neck backwards in order to see where they were. Sandy had said something about stopping by his castle before going to Orion's palace.

"Oi, Sandy," Scorpio smiled while stretching his arms above his head and giving a yawn "we almost at your place? I'm falling asleep here."

Sandman looked down at his passenger while giving an amused smile and nodded. The constellation grinned in return, and jerked a thumb's up at the man.


Within just a few moments, they had arrived at the golden Sandcastle and Scorpio plopped himself onto one of the lush couches, giving a wide yawn and settling in "Let me know when you're ready, ok little man?"

Sandy turned around to scold the constellation for the atrocious nickname, but his face fell when soft snores drifted towards him. Rolling his eyes in exasperation, Sandy shook his head and flew up to his attic. There was an artifact that he wanted to get before they confronted Orion. It was something he hoped he would never have to use, but after what had happened to Aster, Sandman thought it fitting to be used on Orion.

Tooth stepped into the room where Bunny lay, and was pleasantly surprised to see him sleeping peacefully with no sign of shivering or discomfort in his features.

The fairy flew over, her wings as silent as a breeze as she hovered over her friend and tugged the blankets over his shoulders and tucked it in. Bunny opened on lazy eye, and smiled at the fairy before giving a large bone cracking yawn.

"Hey, Toothy," he murmured, rubbing sleep from his eyes "what's up?"

"Just checking on you," she smiled sitting down on the side of his bed and running her fingers through the fur on his forehead "how're you feeling?"

"Feelin' good," Bunny rasped snuffling his nose between his paws as he snuggled further into his blankets "I had a great laugh at Pitch which of course always makes everything better."

Toothiana snorted in laughter, glaring at the rabbit playfully "Why do you guys have to be mean to him? It isn't nice!" she scolded.

"One, because it is ridiculously easy," The Pooka grinned wickedly "and two, because it's fun to make him blush when we call him on his crush for ya."

Toothiana's mouth fell open in shock her face turning a bright pink, before she lunged forward and punched Bunny on the shoulder "ASTER!" she screamed indignantly.

"Ow," Bunny whimpered though he was also laughing from her reaction "owowowow,"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" The fairy exclaimed before giving the rabbit a scolding glance "But you shouldn't make remarks like that!"

"Why not?" Aster asked innocently "I mean it's true, he's always making goo-goo eyes at ya. Plus, the guy always goes out of his way ta talk ta ya, even if it's stupid."

"Ok, that's it," Toothiana laughed nervously waving both hands in surrender "we are no longer having this conversation, I mean the very idea that Pitch is crushing on me is…ridiculous!"

"Why would it be?" Bunny pressed "I mean, you're pretty, and smart, and strong. I admit, the guy would have to be an idiot not ta notice ya. Plus, he blushed like crazy when Scropio called him on it."

"I mean wha-Wait," Tooth paused biting her bottom lip "He did? What did he say?"

Bunny nodded and gave the fairy a conspiratorial smirk "He didn't deny it, if that's what you mean."

Tooth opened her mouth, then closed it just as quick, her eyes fluttered as she blinked rapidly, processing the Pooka's response "…Oh…"

Bunny snickered "What, does that change some things?"

"Huh?!" Tooth's face immediately shot from red to a dark maroon "Wha-NO! I mean, we're just friend, right?! There's no way, and I mean NO way that I have f-f-fee-lings for…P-Pitch, right, RIGHT?!"

Bunny just blinked innocently up at her and smiled as he gave a shrug "Maaaay-be,"

"I mean, it's ridiculous," Tooth giggled maniacally as she floated towards the door and ran into the wall before jumping back and flying through the doorway her voice fading away as she flew down the hall "…utterly ridiculous…"

Bunny smiled from where he lay and snuggled underneath the blankets, pulling them over his head till only his twitching nose was visible "They are so dense,"

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