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Sanity Snaps



Bella POV





I turned my head towards the wall, my mind trying to disconnect from what he was doing to my body.

His movements were slow, soft and deliberate. As if, he wanted me to feel them. What he was doing would have been considered sweet and sensual, would it have come from a lover. Instead, each caress felt like sandpaper rubbing the skin off, leaving me raw and making me bleed with each pass.

As his fingers curved with my body, never touching me in the way I am sure he really wanted to...I deflated even more.

There was really no escaping this, was it? I was going to be raped, and beaten into submission...no, not submission...slavery.

I felt my soul ripped from me as I try to hold on to my sanity. Trying to keep the most valuable of me still working, my mind. While the rest would become tainted and displaced in time.

My body responded silently, and felt astonished as my temperature rose…


The reaction was dismaying, to say the least. My mind, searching at a million miles per millisecond, flying as to reasons for my body to react in any way to his ministrations.

I don't want this! Why is this happening?!

The more he avoided certain areas of my body made my anxiety attack the numbness I craved to keep a hold of. I felt as my eyes filled and overflowed with fat salty tears as I just sat there, immobile. Locking myself inside myself, trying to keep from losing my mind as to the throwback reaction I was having to his treatments and petrified due to my fear of his retaliation to any negative feedback I gave to his touch.

My mind reeling over the strangeness of my body reactions to this...searching in my memory for the multitude of tomes I researched while writing for my psychology classes...wishing I had not listened to Mike when he reasoned that my career was unnecessary; that I had the knowledge that somehow escaped me to aid me through this ordeal.

He kidnapped me, took away my freedom, beat me and now he was molesting me and I am becoming aroused by it?

What is wrong with me?

I was jarred out of the blender of deprecating thoughts when he moved his arm suddenly from the water. I didn't turn to look but that didn't mean I didn't keep a corner of my eye on him as he released the sponge and reached out of my sight. I heard a bottle snap open and shut, then noticed as he placed it beside himself on the floor. Then his hands, without the sponge, reached for my right foot.

"There are points in the body that if given the right amount of pressure can relax tension," he began speaking softly. His voice was husky, calm, and meant to soothe. Suddenly, a jolt of electricity that shot right to my belly as he whispered his next words, "…as well as stimulate…given the right pressure."

I tried pulling my leg but he held on tightly and quickly pressed onto a spot on my foot. I felt it. A rush that melted my tension so abruptly that I couldn't help as a moan escaped my lips.

Oh god...

My mind couldn't grasp, let alone express the shock at what he was doing, as he continued to…stimulate…the same spot on my foot, as his husky voice let slip words that told me what he was doing.

"And if the stimulus is...continuous," His touch wreaking havoc to my unwilling body, boggling my jarred thoughts without pausing his words, "-the person at the receiving end of the massage can receive great…" as I peaked in ecstasy, he finished trying to hide the smug sound of his voice,"-rewards."

As soon as I came down from my high, I was mortified.

Did I just…? Oh god no! no! no! no!

I was forced back from my embarrassment by his hands massaging now my calf with the same slow torturous pace.

When he pressed my muscle, I couldn't help but notice that now my whole body seemed to have connections to my throbbing core, no matter where he touched.

The smug tug on his lips told me that he knew what he was doing.

He had me right where he wanted me.

What I couldn't explain is how he got me there with me fighting the whole way. My tenuous hold on sanity was slipping fast and I worried what it would mean for me.

I wanted to yell at him, curse at him...I wanted to hurt him.

...but at the forefront of my dilemma was, what else he could do to me. Just for speaking out earlier I had gotten a beating, and wasn't even allowed the attempt at escape from it. I was tied down and forced to take it. What would he do to me if I called him a freaking asshole and tried breaking his hands for doing this to me?

No, I had to be smart about this.

C'mon, Bella! There is always something, you just have to find it! There had to be something I could say or do, with in the limitations he had given me.

I kept forcing my mind out of the 'I fucking hate you' mantra several times, as I paid attention to how this infernal massage continued, flashed around my knowledge bank inside my brain. His touch may have been tender, but it only scraped up to my hip and groin muscles, the creases along the sides of my mound, but he did nothing to enter me.

I didn't delude myself, as reality had already set in. I was going to be used sexually. As to how painful the experience would be was apparently the only thing I was in charge of. As long as I was willing, he would be gentler. It was a test of my will.

Not just what I was willing to do for my survival, but how far I was willing to go without fighting.

His hooded eyes spoke his intentions as his hands gripped tightly at my rear cheeks. His sight tried to hold mine, even as I held my face adverted, while I the only noises that could be heard were breathing and the water being swished around the tub.

His hands went up my hips and side-handles, where I thought always to be ticklish. Not now. He did some tight squeezing there too. After not receiving the reaction he was hoping to get, he stopped with a heavy sigh. Taking his arms from the water to lean on his elbow on the side of the tub.

I guess he hoped I would become as pliable, like dough in the hands of a bread maker. He couldn't have been more delusional.

I was tenser than when he started, if that was possible.

"I am trying to help you relax," he stated, but I was not going to make the mistake of retorting with my thoughts, which were along those lines 'not a chance in hell. Asshole!'

Nope. Not giving you another chance to whip me again, if I can help it.

"Tell me why you are not allowing your body to accept my gift," he demanded softly.

I pulled my legs to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs, looking at the soapy water.

"I don't know what to tell you, master," I told him honestly, "If I tell you how I feel, I will get beaten again because it will displease you, and if I lie then..." I trailed off and shrug as to finish what I couldn't say.

We were at an impasse. I was honest to a point where it was deemed satisfactory, yet careful enough to not be deemed of punishment. If he asked for more, then I wouldn't be punished for it, right?

A few minutes had passed, enough for me to notice that the water was now cooler, when he spoke again.

"Tell me the truth," he said, then paused. It looked like he wanted to say more, but didn't. After a minute, where I didn't respond waiting for him to finish speaking, he said, "I won't punish you for telling me how you feel."

In my mind, I scoffed.

You mean I can call you a kidnapping, woman beating, rapist asshole!

Yeah right!

I licked my dry lips, analyzing my words well, then spoke slowly, "I have been taken from my life, where I was relatively free to be and do as I wished, forced into another where I am slave to another's whim. When I respond impulsively, the response I receive is unlike what I had before from others. Then, my words were met with humor, or another verbal response as retort. Now, I receive corporal punishment. Forgive me if I am not forthcoming, expressing my feelings about this, master."

He hung his head, and fisted his hand tightly.

I feared I had pissed him off enough to earn another beating.

He started me by snapping his head to find my eyes with his. His sight upon mine was intense and searching, "You don't think me fit to be your master."

It was not a question, but it felt like it was. Still, I wasn't told to respond. I wouldn't know what to say to that even if I was allowed!

All I could think was, would 'I don't need a master in the first place' be taken badly? I better not even try.

I pressed my lips in lieu of a response and he got up from his position whispering "right."

He walked to the exit, and stopped by the door. Without turning his voice was strong, yet his tone husky when he said, "I will give you a few minutes to finish what I didn't. Plans have changed for the night since I have received an invitation to go somewhere important, and I am taking you with me." The last part of what he said called my attention, "We have much to talk about before we head out."

He left the bathroom without further explanations.

I was left baffled by the sudden turn of events.

I had just told him my points of view on this whole situation and he was taking me out?

I did as I was allowed to do, apprehensive about feeling victorious just yet. I had voiced my opinion somewhat on what he had done so far and I was not taken to the torture chamber to pay for my words with my skin.

Not wanting to press my luck, in case he was waiting to punish me after the bath, I decided it was time to get out.

I made my way to stand, noticing that my backside was numb, no longer in pain as before, though my legs were still slightly shaky. Something I attributed to some still lingering shock.

I reached for the fluffy towel he had left on the top of the toilet lid and stepped out carefully to finish drying off, then wrapped it around myself.

I turned to pull or push the plug in the tub to release the trapped water, wishing I could go with it, drying my hand and noticed something floating in the water, and also of how the water looked slightly off. Intrigued, I grabbed what I now know is a small drawstring cloth bag of sorts, reminding me of the little sachets I used in drawers, closets and other storage with potpourri to keep a fresh scent on the clothing folded there. I opened the string and notice that there were several herbs leaves and twigs. The liquid leaking from it was like a dark tea, which gave the water an odd color and that's when I realized there was a smell that I couldn't attribute to the bath soap or bubbles.

As I didn't know what to do with it, I placed it on the empty soap dish with a drain into the sink and saw that he had left me a nightgown to dress in but was unable to find any undergarments. I bit my lip knowing this was a purposeful move.


He probably wants easy access to my intimate parts to torment me further.

The fucking asshole.

If it wasn't because of the way the silky fabric rubbed against my pebbled nipples – which I didn't know if that was because of what he had done to me in the tub or because the house was cold – it would have felt almost nonexistent against my skin.

The door was ajar so I just pulled it open and walked to the middle of the room behind him as he stared blankly into the closet.

He turned, looked at me in the eye and walked to stand in front of me.

"I have a few dresses and clothes in here that are your size," he said motioning to the closet, "I even have some jewelry and some of your makeup and hair necessities." He motioned to the small drawer chest on the right of the closet, "You have one hour to look spectacular on my arm. Wear undergarments that show your features without clothing, just in case. I will get ready and be waiting in the kitchen."

He turned and left, closing the door behind him.

I stood there stunned.

He wanted me to dress up to go out. I smiled and bit my lip; I think I may even have let out a small in excitement.

This is the opportunity I was waiting for!

I would be able to ask for help and return to my life!

I got to work in doing exactly as he asked. I know how to 'look spectacular'; after all, that is why Mike married me in the first place. I looked good on his arm.

I dried my hair and ironed it straight, put on subtle natural make up on, and looked inside the closet.

Some of the dresses where extravagant, others were just downright slutty, there were also costumes like school girl, police chick…there were feathers and masks….also some…things –lingerie - that I am sure caused me to feel heat rising on my face knowing he would make me wear those if I stay.

I won't waste this chance, I have to get the hell outta here!

The back wall had purses hanging and cubbies that held different shoes and boots to match.

I looked back at the clock and was surprised to have twenty-three minutes left.

I chose to use at close to five in looking for a dress.

He said spectacular, but….

What would HE consider spectacular?

I boggled my brain for a moment while browsing the closet and came up with the perfect answer on how to find out. I grabbed three different outfits that I found suitable for different settings, and after checking how much time I had left, I walked the kitchen.

"M-Master?" I said now uncertain of my actions.

"Pet? Why are you not dressed?" he asked, confused as to why I was standing in front of him still in the nightgown he had left me in but with make-up and the nightgown.

I looked at him, trying to plead with my eyes. I could call his attention but I was not allowed to speak until he said so, and my time was growing shorter.

"Tell me." He released me.

"Since I don't know the type of event or place you are taking me, I thought I would ask you what would be suitable and of your liking?" I asked quickly, and in one breath, the stared at him as I bit my lower lip with uncertainty.

He nodded; his eyes showed he was pleased by my appraisal of the situation.

I showed him the three dresses against me.

The first was short, right under the butt, tube topped right above the bust, but the center hung loose and it was so low I would need to wear body tape, made of a red velvet at the top and black lycra bottom combo, not very stylish and very much what a hooker would wear.

The second was short still but was much better, down to a finger length, tight, black lycra one long bell sleeve off the shoulder with a silver design and crystal rhinestones decorating the bottom of the sleeve that when it was down copied the design up the skirt, while on the other side was under the pit and there was also a hole on the love handle which was outlined with silver decoration and rhinestones as well – something I would have worn to a nightclub.

The last one was more upscale and in a light blue hue with silver, and in a fashion somewhat similar to the one I had on my birthday, flowy and delicate.

"The second one should be perfect." he said, in the next breath he demanded, "-give me the first one."

I gave him the first one, holding back showing him how confused I felt, and left with the other two.

In the closet, I grabbed a pair of high silver sexy heels and a black with silver purse. Out of the back, I looked into the area that caused me to blush deeply and grabbed a pair of invisible lace panties that would hug my rear but where the most covered in the sexy bunch, and a convertible brassiere, thigh high stockings, and a garter belt.

No way was I going without something, however slight, underneath.

I rushed to put everything on and grabbed a pair of dangling long silver and black feather earrings and a couple of large bangles in black and silver. In the purse I put, some makeup for retouching, a tiny folding mirror/brush combo, a hair silver butterfly clip and a black hair band. I put my hair over the sleeved side leaving the other bare and just before I left the room, I took a deep breath.

I was nervous about what he had planned tonight; still, I couldn't shake the hope that I may be able to escape my captor tonight.

I stepped back into the kitchen and found him with his back to me, looking at the clock; I looked up and noticed I still had a minute left. I allowed myself to smile at the small victory.

There will be no punishment for me this time.

"Master?" I called him hesitantly, my eyes casted low to the floor and his shoes when I watched him turn.

I heard him gasp and tried as I might to keep my face straight.

He came in front of me, took the hand in the sleeveless side, and twirled me around. Once I had completed the turn, he lifted my chin with the other and stared into my eyes.

"You. Are a vision," he said huskily and pecked my lips so softly, I barely felt the smoothness of his.

He walked to the table and grabbed a business suitcase from the floor and placed it on the tabletop, then turned to me extending his hand.

"Come with me, Pet," he said with a radiant smile.

I couldn't help but feel nervous as I walked the few steps that separated us and tried to not show my hesitation when I placed my hand in his.

He took a chair out and motioned with his free hand for me to sit, while he leaned on the table, right in front of me.

There was a moment of silence that left me wondering what was going to happen.

I began to panic slightly.

Are we really going somewhere or was this all a ruse to get me dressed up?

He sighed slowly and as he was still holding my hand, giving mine a light squeeze with his much larger one, he began to speak.

"Tonight you must mind my rules with special attention, Pet.," he said. "The people we are going to be around don't have patience like I do, and won't hesitate in suggesting painful punishments as means of retribution." My stomach felt hollowed out suddenly - where is he taking me? -"Also, if you do disrespect them, it will be as if you are disrespecting me," pausing to let his, words sink in. My heart sank. There will be no way I could get help in a place where there are others there with the same intents as he does.

I nodded my head slowly in agreement since I was not told to answer. I pressed my lips tightly, holding back the tears from the anger and disappointment. I was mourning the opportunity to escape before I even got the chance.

"Why didn't you speak, Pet? Why didn't you voice your understanding? Do you wish to be punished already?" he said lifting my chin again. "Speak to me"

"You didn't tell me to speak after you spoke, nor was it a question that required an answer, Master. The only way for me to convey my agreement to understanding your words was for me to nod. I am sorry if I displeased you, Master," I answered, my eyes already filled with tears that threatened to overflow any second. I was still reeling in the terror of being in a place with people who I have only read about in horror novels.

I should have known better.

"Don't cry, Pet. This was a test of your lessons, and it seems like you have learned well," he said with a pleased smile and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and let out a breath I was holding in slight relief.

At least I was right on one aspect of tonight. If he were happy I wouldn't be punished.

"I am sorry for testing you again, Pet, but I need you to really understand." He whispered to my hairline, as if he was forcing his words. "This place can be brutal. If a spanking with a paddle will make you feel the way you did, I just don't want to imagine what a lashing would do," he said, meeting my suddenly wide eyes with sad ones.

I tried to swallow the sudden lodged block of fear in my throat, remembering the whips lining the walls of the dungeon.

He caressed my head with careful fingers, kissed my hair and with a deep sigh; he turned and opened the suitcase. Inside it, I could see there were compartments and some paperwork. He grabbed a small black device and held it to my face.

A cellphone!

"Before you get your hopes up, this cellphone is restricted to be able to accept and dial only one number. Mine." He cleared out before I even got the chance to even think of getting my hopes up again.

Talk about getting my hopes shattered.

"You will use it if you get lost in the crowd," he said also getting a stretchy black, lacy garter and kneeling in front of me. I lifted my foot automatically and he slid the stretchy piece up my leg. As he reached my kneecap I moved to take it from there and he stopped to glare at me. So I put my hands on the chair and felt as my face flame when I had to open my legs for him to slide it higher on my thigh. His warmer-than-I-ever-felt fingers caressed my thigh with feather touches a little longer and higher than necessary, making my body recall its previous recoiled state suddenly.

I gasped.

Then a sudden cold square object was placed against my skin as I hear a muted clap, and the warmth disappeared.

His fingers somehow ended on my cheek and his thumb at my jaw on the other side, pulling me back into reality from the headspace I had used to escape.

I came-to catching his serious eyes focused on mine, and I quickly turned my gaze low.

He seemed unaffected, and continued instructing me, "Unless I call for your eyes on me by our known usual methods or by words, don't look at me. Be by me, and pay attention to what I want. When I say 'drink', go to the bar and get me the same drink I have already ordered, unless I tell you otherwise. To 'request to speak' you are allowed to ask politely, as you have before. And most importantly, if someone touches you without permission from me, you must tell me immediately. Anything else I can think of I will tell you on the way. Do you understand?" he asked.

I nodded.

"When I ask you a question, from now on, unless I tell you otherwise, you must voice your answer. It will always be a yes or no response, accompanied with my title. Understand?"

I nodded once as I voiced my agreement, not that I had any choice in the matter, "Yes, Master."

He stood from his knelt position in front of me and turned to face the briefcase on the table. I watched as he took out of it, a pair of disconnected cuffs and a collar.

"You must understand that you are mine.

My property...to do as I please.

To remind you of this you will wear a collar."

"This is a trading collar. The color represents you are still in training, but are available for betting upon," he said.

Once again, my eyes went panic wide, and I fought the automatic urge to look at him in horror and demand what he was talking about. Instead, my breathing escalated to shorter, panic-induced panting, and my tortured eyes filled again with salty, liquid emotion, while he placed the coughs on my wrists.

I was going to be sold tonight? Is this the reason for my kidnapping?

"May I ask you something, Master?" I said my voice was shaky and cracked with the fear I was failing to try to keep at bay.

"Yes, Pet," he said, hesitating, but continuing to put the chainless shackles on me.

"Am I to be…s-sold?" I asked, cursing myself for my shaky voice.

"I don't know yet, Pet. You don't seem to like me being your Master. Maybe another will be a better one for you," he said with a regretful smile, as he put the choker collar on my neck.

I made him upset and now I will be sold to the highest bidder! Shit! Shit! Shit!

I wanted to fight.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to yell at him that he could just turn me loose! I would promise to never tell anyone about what he had done!

All sort of things that I wanted to plead, but my case was already a lost cause. His status in the business market and media alone is enough to cause irreparable damage with a misdemeanor criminal charge; a kidnapping charge would bury him and blacklist him. He would be ruined. I understand how, in his eyes, I am an expendable mistake.

And I couldn't do anything about it.

Having read many stories and documentaries in human slavery, I knew that this was definitely the worse of the almost nonexistent possibilities i could opt for.

...and I didn't want to find out how much better was 'the devil I know in comparison to the devil I don't'.

How do I fix this!

"Come on. Pet," he said, taking my hand and pulling me behind him out the front door, completely unaware of my unspoken, inner turmoil.

A black hummer waited up front. Another girl was dressed just as nicely as myself but was kneeling by a guy who had his hand over her head like he was petting a dog, meanwhile she held on to his leg like it was a lifesaver and she would drown without it as well as looking at him adoringly.

"Up," the guy ordered, and she got to her feet swiftly.

"Sam." Jacob saluted.

"Jacob." The guy answered back.

"Hey Jake!" Another guy greeted him stepping out of the front seat.

"Yo Bro! S'up?" A third guy said from the other side of the large vehicle.

"Stay," he said over his shoulder to me. I stopped walking while he jogged to greet the guys, "Embry! Quil! What are you guys doing here?"

They got into some quiet conversation, glancing at me every once in a while.

After a few minutes, which felt like forever for me wearing these heels, Jacob turned around and called for me.

"Come on, Pet," he said as he walked with the guys in tow and opened the rear door in the hummer.

I took it as I was supposed to get in, but one of his friends put an arm before me prohibiting me from doing so.

"Mmm…maybe I will make a bet for her. She looks juicy! Does she like it rough?" the shorter one of the guys asked.

"I wouldn't know. It's her first day of training," Jacob said looking at my face.

The same guy touched my collar and cussed in awed tone, "Shit! And you are already looking to sell her?" the man said back to him with excitement, "Man! Mind if I give her a try?" he said licking his lips and getting closer.

"We'll discuss business at the auction," he said to him, pulling the other man's clammy hands from me and pulled me towards the door saying, "Hop in the third seat with the other girl," then as if he had just remembered, he snapped his fingers and added, stopping me from getting in at the door, "Oh! And there's no talking amongst slaves, Pet."

There was no mistake in the warning.

"Yes, Master," I said quietly without turning my head and got inside to take my seat by the other slave.

The other girl and I were seated in the third row of seats, two of the guys where in the middle seats by the doors and Jacob and the first guy, Sam, were in the front seats.

Suddenly after the hummer began going on the road, the two in front of us turned around with black sacks in their hands.

"You can't see where we are going, be good and we won't tie your hands and gag you," The second one my captor had spoken to, warned with a serious tone.

The shorter one, Quil, the grabby one that had a dirty smile and obnoxious personality, added, "Unless you want to be tied and gagged."

Neither the other girl not I said a thing and I took my cues from her in this case. Staying as calm as possible and allowing them to put these cloth sacks over our heads...and just like that, I was in darkness for the rest of the ride.

This must be so - I - we don't know which way to go if we try to run.

Concept of time passes differently when your nerves are spiked and your adrenaline is pumping, so I couldn't tell if it was few minutes or an hour before we had reached a road – which I only know because the ride became smoother – the phone on my garter began to vibrate. I grabbed it quickly and put it to my ear with care as to not remove the covering, so just pressing it over the cover where my ear is, thinking that I most likely being watched, dreading the consequences if I made another mistake and pissing someone off. Jacob's warning resounding clearly with in my thoughts still.

"Yes, Master?" I answered the phone.

"Pet," he breathed, sounding annoyed, "you will feel a shift in the seating arrangements, the other girl's master wants her by his side. One of my friends will be seating next to you," he said.

"Yes, Master," I said to let him know I understood, but I wanted to ask who it was. I feared it was the one that was handsy and I would be in danger.

But he told him it would be discussed at the auction, right? So, I take it that nothing is allowed until he allows it?

Then a cold chill went up my spine.

What if he allows it...?

"We'll be arriving in about two hours and twenty five minutes, or so. I don't know why he can't wait," he said as I felt the jostle of the seats and got pushed out of the way.

The first man he spoke to, that used to be sitting in the front now sitting on the seat before me, laughed and said out loud, "You will know why soon enough if you keep looking back through that rear view mirror!"

I didn't respond. I wasn't allowed to. I hoped he understood that.

"Gwad, man! Didn't you get some before you left your house?" The second one said incredulously as Jacob chuckled, huskily at his friend.

"I will see you soon, Pet," he said to me then he hung up. Still, I couldn't help but feel the weight of eyes on me grow heavy, as my own moistened with the fear I couldn't control once again, and my body trembled with the terror of not being able to do much more than answer to an silent phone, "Yes, Master."

When I tried to place the phone on my garter another hand met mine, and the moist warmth of breath reached my ear on the side of the hood I was wearing, "Why don't we get acquainted…Pet?" His hand went roughly up my thigh, pushing between my legs and I scampered for the phone, which fell, from my hand.

"C'mon," he chuckled darkly, whispering on my ear, "just a taste."

My mind blanched, as I lost all control and began to fight the man assaulting me in plain view of everyone.

Hoping that this was being done, as I had thought, without Jacob's permission, I screamed. In my panic, I forgot all protocol I had been taught to follow and used his name, "JACOB! PLEASE!" tried pushing the filthy predator, but he wouldn't move.

"PLEASE!" I tried to yell over the radio.

The hummer swerved and halted jostling the whole carriage, doors opened then slammed shut. I could only hear some yelling and cursing, but it was muted…I couldn't tell you what was being said because I was stuck fighting off the guy who currently had his hands trying to sneak into my underwear.

I felt him lift off suddenly, and I scampered to bury myself in the corner off the seat, squeezing myself down to the floor, searching for some sort of way to hide from his violating touch...still not daring to take the hood off my head for fear of being punished, my arms wrapped around myself.

Consciously I know I was trying to make myself a smaller target.

I was quivering, crying hysterically, fearful of what came next.

"No more, please-" I begged, "no more."

My heart was beating frantically against my chest. My breathing was rapid.

My sanity, which was barely holding on by a proverbial thread, had snapped.

"PET! Are you okay?" He said, pulling me from where I was, even as I thrashed against him at the beginning then held me tightly to his chest, "tell me what he did to you!"

"JACOB! LET ME GO!" I kept screaming, "DON'T TOUCH ME! JACOB!"

I was not really hearing him, just feeling that I was being immobilized by grip stronger than mine. Still calling for him to rescue me from my already removed attacker, "JACOB! HELP ME, PLEASE!"

He held me tightly to his chest and finally his words - which he kept repeating like a mantra - got through to me, "I'm right here, Bella. You are safe."

My limbs tired from first being tense and having fought in futile attempt to avoid being raped by my prior seat companion.

I shook my head, partly not wanting to speak because I wasn't allowed to, partly because the panic was still raging in my body and I was still unable to formulate words.

All I could do is whimper.

"Did he…did he hurt you?" he said, but I just shook my head again.

"Give her some air! Maybe some water!" one of the others said, I couldn't tell who.

He took off my hood and reached behind the seat. After a little thumbing noise, his hand was before me with a bottle of water, which happened one handed. I took it from his hand and gulped it half way, greedily. The tight grip making sure I stayed tucked into Jacob's chest.

A minute passed and I noticed that his breathing was labored too. He was on the reel of the door and he had pulled me to sit sideways on his lap.

I moved around a little, pulling my head from his chest, and he loosened his tight grip on me, bending as too find my eyes.

"Can you speak now, Pet?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Tell me what happened," he demanded softly.

"I-I -trie-ed to put the cellphone in the garter, and I felt his h-hand," The words came out barely as whimpers and whines. "He said we were going to get m-ore ac-acquainted and he….and he-" I broke into sobs again tucking into his chest again, seeking comfort. He held me tight as he kissed the top of my head and caressed my back.

After a couple of minutes that I wouldn't stop crying, he asked more questions.

"Did he kiss you? Touch you?" he said. I shook my head.

"He tried-" I whimpered, "he tried…he pulled at my…under-" I tried to finish, but he yelled out the open door, "You are a dead man! You hear me!"

"I didn't do a thing!" the guy yelled from outside.

"Embry, can I trust you to sit back here and not be a pervert with my Pet without my permission?" he said, but I pulled closer to him not wanting to let him go yet, seeking what little protection he was offering so far.

"We'll be there in a few minutes; Pet. Embry is a decent guy. Quil is just new to the scene and needs to understand a few things," he said, trying to calm me down, as he pushed me gently onto the seat beside him and put my seatbelt back on.

"No," I whimpered as he showed me the dreaded dark hood.

He let it drop on the floor and his hands were holding my face so he could stare at my eyes with words meant to be soothing, "you are safe now, Bella. He won't be bothering you anymore."

"But, I am not safe. Not if you are taking me to this place with people like him." I said with a small voice, pleading to be heard.

He put in on his lap, used both hands to cup my face, and pulled me to him.

"You won't get hurt unless I permit it, and Quil will pay greatly if he's damaged you," he said then kissed me on the forehead as he put the hood on my head covering my eyes, then my cheeks, and then lips. Then the hood was on, and he was gone.

The whole carriage shakes making me understand that everyone is getting back inside.

I made sure to sit as close to my side as possible.

The doors shut some with more force than others and the hummer came back to life. There was no music on this time though.

I heard some light moaning from one of the guys up front and something that sounded like someone was making out. I made no protest.

"I'm sorry about my friend," the guy beside me said, he sounded honest but my trusting limits had been reached for the day. I pulled myself tighter to my side as he continued his explanation, "He can be a real dick sometimes."

"Oh! Is that a…your cellphone?" he said confused as to what he had obviously spotted. His sleeve caressed my leg, I panicked and yelled, "JACOB!"

The hummer came to a halt once again as the guy beside me tried to explain, "I am picking up a cellphone from the floor, and my sleeve made contact with her leg! I swear! She's in a panic here because of that dumb ass!"

"Pet?" Jacob's voice called from somewhere up front, "Are you okay?"

I shook my head, but my answer contradicted my movement, "Ye-yes, Master."


"What the fuck was that for?" the guy who attacked me yelled.

"The beginning of what's coming to you, you fuckhead!" Jacob roared, obviously pissed.

Who knows how much longer later, the hummer stopped smoothly, and I heard a beep and an electronic voice say "Enter Identification code".

Jacob said his name, "Jacob Black."

By the double metallic clanking noise, I guessed that a gate opened.

Seemed like we drove for another hour before I heard Jacob command, "We are here. Prepare to get down. Pet. Stay until I get you out."

"Yes, Master," I answered, wanting and dreading getting out as soon as possible.

The vehicle stopped finally, and the doors opened again.

Suddenly someone grabbed my hand and gripped it tightly when I tried to pull it back, about to scream again, when Jacob said, "come on, Pet. You are safe now," trying coaxing me into moving towards him.

While meant his words to be reassuring, I knew otherwise. My plea had gone unanswered.

All this while, the hood stayed on.

Everyone seemed too silent for my taste and being the nervous wreck that I am, and having nothing to comfort me, I began crying. I tried keeping it silently but my nose was stuffing up pretty badly, and when I tried to breathe, a wet sniff cut the silence.

That's when I hear it. It was like boulders hitting against one another, then a curse.

"MOTHERFUC-!" the muffled insult was interrupted by several other blunders, and accompanied by more forced colorful language.




I backed a step and my heels gave from under my already shaky legs, making me stumble backwards. I scrambled trying to back away further, when the noise - which I now understood was a beating - stopped. I was panicking, thinking that I may be next; I reached for removing the hood, pushing myself backwards with my hands trying to get away at the same time, when I was caught.

"Stop, Bella!" Jacob demanded harshly.

"No!" I pleaded, "Please, don't hit me!" I begged, turning around so I was on my knees and quickly took off in a random direction still trying to get the damned hood obscuring my vision.

Of course, hysterical as I was, plus unable to see where I was going it was only a matter of time before it happened.

"Bella!" A chorus of male voices called from behind me as I ran, until I hit something at full speed.

Darkness swallowed me into peaceful oblivion.

Dun dun dunnnn

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