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Mirror to the Soul

Every time I look into the mirror I see a face I don't recognise. I know that it belongs to me but yet I don't recognise me. It is me and yet it isn't. Every time the same question. Is that truly me? It started after Jolinar died, saving my life. I changed. I'm not the same Sam Carter as before the whole thing with Jolinar. And I never will be the same than before. I can't be the same. How can I be the same with all those memories. All those memories about a long life. A life that is longer than I ever will be able to get. Hell, longer than anybody on earth ever will get. Memories about happiness, about hate and cruelty and about loss. But the most memories I remember are about one person. A person so kind and brave I wonder how he got in that life. A person so well-looking I could forget all. I wonder what he meant to Jolinar. What their relationship was. Maybe I will met him one day. Maybe. I hope it. He could be able to answer some of my questions. Maybe he can help me to recognise my own reflection. I look a last time in the mirror and there still is the face that is mine and I still don't recognise. Will I ever recognise it again? Will I ever be able to feel like before? To actually know what my feelings are? Or will it ever be this mixed up? Slowly I turn around and go downstairs. The guys are surly waiting for me so we can go out. Although I don't feel like going out, it occupies my mind with other things. Exactly what I need. Maybe I should get a life. Maybe I should stop thinking. But it is so easy to just let your mind wander


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