Lady Alseroen walked onto the stage, and observed the crowed for a moment. "I know that I have made you wait a long while for this, it's just that the trouble that I have with this chapter was that there was a load that I wanted to happen in it, but then school came and piled exams on me and I forgot about this story until now." With that said she just turned and walked away.

Chapter 4

Currently Arlea was talking to Nersalon, the General and leader of the Chaos Elf forces. In front of both of them was a holographic map of Middle-Earth, it showed the positions of every army that existed, but right now they were concentrating on moving their army in such a way that would ensure victory to the side that they were on.

"*Move ¼ of the army to the sea and hug the coast till they reach Port Reandelon, to take the ships to the river that leads to Osgiliath, I'll give the signal to move up river when its time*" here Arlea paused thinking "*then move 2/4 of the army near the edge of Arcanî. Make sure that the edge they're at, is the one that leads to Rohan.*"

Nersalon nodded making notes of the positions that his Queen wanted to place the army.

"*Hmm,*" Arlea didn't know where to place the last ¼ of the army, she could place them near Mordor, close to Minas Tirith or near Helms Deep. Arlea thought on it for a while, she wasn't that confidant, she had only been Queen for two months, and already she was planning a war, not a good way to start her rule. Arlea decided to gamble, besides Mordor was close to Osgiliath and Minas Tirith. "*Place the last ¼ of the army near the Black Gates of Mordor, here*" Arlea highlighted a zone on the map. "*that way the army can join if it's needed.*"

Nersalon nodded smiling, he knew that his Queen wasn't confidant in her skills, but so far she was doing great at placing the army even if she doubted where she had them stationed. After discussing the upcoming battles and trying to guess where they would happen, Arlea said farewell to Nersalon and checked in with the council to see what was happening to her city and to verify that the reopening of the cities, that had to be abandoned during The Banishment, was going successfully and to alert them that Nersalon would inform them of the positions of the army.

After that Arlea left the secluded room she had been in, the guards that had been posted at the door fell into step behind walked in the direction of Lord Elrond's study. As she walked, she thought over the progress their cousins had made to try and win back their trust, they were going in the right direction, but there was still an extremely long way to go. Arlea also knew that her people were going to be wary for a long time before they would fully trust their cousins again, Arlea sighed and hoped that no one would get themselves killed in her absence.

When Arlea and her guards arrived at Elrond's study, the guards placed themselves on either side of the door, Arlea knocked and entered when Elrond called "Enter". Elrond's study was a large square room, two walls were bookshelves full of books, another wall had a fireplace with a warm fire, on top of the fireplace was a painting of the battle that had started this mess, and on the last wall was window with a comfy looking window seat. In the middle of the room was a desk that Elrond was seated behind and two chairs in front of the desk. Arlea chose to sit on the window seat.

"Ah! Queen Arlea, nice to see you!" Elrond said cheerfully.

"Nice to see you too." Arlea responded curtly. "I came to warn you when the guiders of the Ring leave do not push for anyone to leave, it will only push them further away from you than they already are." Arlea said after a pause.

"To whom do you refer to Queen Arlea?" Elrond asked worried.

"You will know when the time comes. Please do not push that person to leave. If you try to force them to leave they will only defy you." Arlea pleaded with Elrond to listen to her though she could not reveal that it was Arwen that he would push away if he tried to force her to Valar simply wouldn't let her reveal what Elrond wanted to know, and she had to listen to the Valar no matter what she wanted to reveal.

"Please! Tell me to whom you refer to!" Elrond begged Arlea.

Arlea sighed he obviously hadn't heard the pleading tone her voice had taken on. "I cannot tell you, the Valar won't allow me to, nor would they be pleased that I defied them and they aren't the only ones, Sarvena also would not like it if I told you so please don't ask."

Elrond just sat there for a moment in confusion and then decided that if Arlea wanted to tell him or could tell him she would. He sighed and changed the topic of conversation "As you know the Dwarves are here, the parties that have yet to come are the Men from Gondor and the Elves from Mirkwood, the Ring has yet to come also but I suppose you already knew that didn't you? Anyway I lost sight of the Ring bearer and his party when they reached Weathertop, I do not know if they will come uninjured or not…" Elrond trailed off in thought.

Arlea made a contemplative noise in the back of her throat."Send Arwen in the direction of Weathertop, she will be needed. And do not ask me why I simply cannot reveal what I know, what I see, if I could I would tell you what would happen." Arlea sighed "Do not worry she will not get hurt a few minor scrapes is all nothing serious." After saying this she got up and left before Elrond said something to hinder the progress they had made.

When she entered her chambers the first thing she did was have a bath. Once she got in she let the hot water do its magic relaxing her tense muscles. Arlea closed her eyes as she remembered her little 'vacation'.


Arlea was sitting on the cliff that lead to First beach in the Quileute Res. It was a rare sunny day in Forks, so she had come here to relax, and to get away from Edward. Edward had started to become even more controlling than he had been, she had hardly any privacy and hardly saw her father now, and because of Edward she had been ignoring Jacob, who had been her best friend since she had come to this world.

As Arlea looked over the bay she spotted Jake walking down the beach with Embry and Quill, his two best friends other than her, a tear fell down her cheek, she really missed Jake but she didn't know how he would react to her showing up out of the blue 'If I ever find my mate I would like him to be just like Jake.' Arlea thought.

"You know people that watch others are normally called stalkers." Said a voice from behind her.

Arlea turned around to see who had spoken, and saw that it was someone she had secretly been friends with, Paul Lahote. No one knew that they were friends and they intended to keep it that way, at the start Paul hadn't trusted her, he got close enough to her to figure out that she wasn't human, he had amused her with the guesses he had made until she had decided to put him out of his misery and tell him the truth, after that they had been best friends, he asked to go back with her, she had said that he was welcome to return with her.

"Well it's not called stalking if you came to relax and just happened to see the person you were thinking about." Arlea shot back quickly. Paul laughed in response to that.

"That's true but you would never be a stalker, because you have a mate that's trying to find you." Paul mused. Arlea laughed and lay back against a rock that was next to her.

"Well you're partially right there, you also have a mate out there waiting for you, you just have to find them. But maybe they're not in this world, maybe they're in my world." Arlea hinted. "You will always be welcome in the Chaos Elf kingdom just so you know."

After she said that they stayed silent for a couple of minutes, Paul thinking over what Arlea had said he just didn't know how to respond, Arlea knew that Paul's mate was in her world but she couldn't say unless he asked her directly, since this didn't concern the way they met she could say something, she was just pointing him in the right direction.

She looked in Jakes direction and saw that he was sitting with his friends talking he looked like he was pissed off about something, like people said curiosity killed the cat, so she started to listen in.

"I don't understand why I haven't heard from her or even seen her." Jake said.

"I don't know maybe she's busy or reading a book, you said so yourself that when she's found a book she likes then she's oblivious to the world around her." Embry suggested.

"It doesn't take three months to finish one book!" Jake exclaimed.

"Then I'm not sure what she's doing but maybe she's got a load of school work she needs to do?" Quill said dubiously, not wanting to face Jakes ire.

Arlea took out her phone and started to text Jake.

"Who are you texting Bella?" Paul asked curiously, looking over her shoulder.

She sent the text before Alice could see anything that she was doing and interfere. A minute later she heard Jake's phone go off, she looked over to see that Jake had started smiling, she was glad that Alice couldn't get instant visions where she was concerned and couldn't do anything about her decisions.

"Guys listen to this: Jake I'm sorry about not getting in contact but I've just had to organize the whole house, and I had to scrub the whole bathroom and kitchen till it sparkled, listen I'm taking this weekend off of cleaning and doing homework, so do you want to get together?" Jake read out loud to Quill and Embry.

After that day Arlea had started to make sure she spent time with Jake helping him with homework, the Rabbit and various other things.

Flashback end

When she returned from memory lane, she wasn't that surprised that she was crying, she really did miss Jake and everyone she had had to leave back in Forks, they had somehow wormed their way into her heart in such a way that she truly missed them, and making the last thing she had said true and not fake. She even cared about the pack, even if they had made the last months she was allowed to stay lonely and sad that she couldn't get some last really good memories from Forks and La Push.

Arlea sighed and wished, not for the last time, that she didn't have to rule a nation, or that she had had a brother to take the throne and rule so that she could have stayed in Forks, no matter the pain of heartbreak and betrayal she felt towards the Black's and the Cullen's. She had also realized that sometimes she wished she had already met her mate so that she could have a distraction from her past and her visions, now she truly desired to meet her mate even if she had to walk straight into Mordor and sacrifice her life for Middle-Earth just to meet them. All she knew was that soon she would meet them but it also depended on the person's definition of soon on how soon it would actually happen, and for Elves, especially the Chaos Elves, that could be an extremely long time.