Hogwarts was getting torn apart as pieces of rock and other debris were falling towards the ground. Large parts of castle were missing as duels were taking places both in and out of the school. Gliding like a dementor up to the front entrance, the Dark Lord himself headed straight for the great hall where Kingsley, McGonagall, and Slughorn had finished dueling with Rabastian and Rodolphus Lestrange, knocking them both out with powerful hexes and subduing them both when suddenly the room began to shake. Slughorn looked towards the doors and his face turned white when he saw what was now before the three of them.

"Merlin, help us." He muttered.

McGonagall now noticed as well and quickly prepared herself.

"The magic you perform is not welcome within these walls." She spoke.

"I can stand the pain of being back in this school." Voldemort smirked. "How much pain can you withstand?"

With that, McGonagall, Kingsley, and Slughorn fired spells at the Dark Lord simultaneously only to have them easily deflected. Voldemort came back with a series of fireballs as McGonagall put a strong shield that was getting battered until the curse finally broke through and struck her in the chest, making her hit the wall and knocking her unconscious.

Focusing on Kingsley next, Voldemort fired off the killing curse but to his surprise nothing happened as the wand refused the spell. He tried again but got the same result as Kingsley yelled off a strong stunning spell that only got thrown back at him that knocked him out.

Voldemort then struck Slughorn in the knees, making him fall to the ground and his wand rolling out of reach. He pointed his wand at the wizard for the killing curse but nothing happened, again. Frustrated, the Dark Lord then simply walked over to him.

Slughorn looked up at the Dark Lord with a look of terror as Voldemort smiled down at him before violently grabbing him on either side of his head and breaking his neck. As Slughorn's lifeless body slumped to the ground, Voldemort turned around and headed back out of the great hall. For some reason, the elder wand didn't seem to be cooperating with him. It was like he had to force it to do his bidding.

He looked down at the wand, examining it for a moment before something occured to him.

"Severus." He mutttered.

Nagini then slithered into the school and began following her master as he went in search for Snape. In the meantime, near the area of the Astronomy Tower, Lupin and Tonks as well as Neville's group were battling against a group of Death Eaters and were having a hard time keeping them at bay. Two more apparated into the hall and Lupin found himself staring at a familiar face.

"Hello, old friend." Wormtail smiled.

"You were never our friend." Lupin responded.

"Oh, that is so not true."

"You betrayed James."

"I didn't have a choice."

"Sure you did." Lupin said as he shook his head, the hurt of what Peter did was still an old wound that would never really heal. "You were just too much of a coward to realize it. You're going to die tonight, Peter. And you deserve it."

The two former friends then began firing curses at each other just as a roar echoed through the hall that was followed by a scream. Zacharias fell to the ground with a large claw mark down his chest as Greyback fought with the other members of Dumbledore's Army. He then threw Luna against the wall before grabbing Neville around the throat.

Greyback grinned sadistically as he lifted him off his feet but let go as he was hit by a curse from behind by Tonks.

Greyback roared as he turned to face Tonks. She went to fire another spell at him but he dodged out of the way before lunging forward and smacking the wand from her hand. She quickly turned to run as he chased after her. Lupin noticed this just as he knocked Wormtail down.


Lupin abandoned the fight with Wormtail and quickly ran after them. Greyback had Tonks cornered in the tower by this point with no where to go and just as he raised one of his razor-sharp claws to bring down on her he was suddenly tackled around the waist and he and Lupin went straight over the edge, falling from the tower.

"Remus!" Tonk screamed as she helplessly watched until they both hit the ground below.

By this time Neville had recovered to help Luna fight against Jugson and two other Death Eaters when they suddenly fell to the ground. Harry and Hermione both cursed them before going after Jugson.

He ducked as he fired curses at them but Hermione nailed him with a stunner that finished him off. Before she could ask if they were okay she was suddenly grabbed from behind. Wormtail had snuck up from behind her and now had a knife to her throat as Harry's eyes widened with anger as he pointed his wand at the man who had betrayed his parents.

"Let her go." Harry ordered.

"Not gonna happen." Wormtail smiled as he pulled Hermione's hair so hard her neck snapped back. "Drop your wand. Or I'll kill her and then I'll kill you."

Harry continued to glared at him but as he looked into Hermione's eyes, something suddenly came back to him.

"You'll kill me?"

Wormtail nodded.

"Do you recall what happened when we met three years ago, Peter?" Harry then asked. The other man didn't responded, so Harry kept going. "Sirius was going to kill you, but I stopped him. That's the only reason you're alive today."

The realization then hit Wormtail as he remembered that he owed Harry a life debt. He swallowed nervously before shaking his head.

"That means nothing to me! You'll get nothing back from me! It was your own stupid decision-"

Suddenly, his hand, that silver metallic had that Voldemort had grown for him in place of the one he had willingly given to help bring him back dropped the knife. Wormtail then grabbed his own throat as Hermione quickly ran back over to Harry. They both then watched as Wormtail fell to the floor and continued strangling himself, not stopping until the last bit of breath left his body.

Harry continued to look at Wormtail's body, a feeling of vindication coming over him before he looked around and saw how battered Neville and Luna looked. Before he could ask them if they were okay he then saw Susan kneeling down over Zacharias who had succumbed to his wound.

"Dean." Neville then said, hoarsely. "They got Dean too."

Hermione frowned heavily as she took in the news then went over to help Luna to her feet.

"Come on, you two are hurt."

They needed to take them someplace, maybe to the Room of Requirements with the rest of the students and Mrs. Weasley. They had done enough as far as trying to help. But just as Harry was getting ready to throw Neville's arm over his shoulder, the sound of sobbing made him turn his head in the direction of the tower.

Harry walked over and found Tonks there on her knees, looking over the edge and crying her eyes out. He slowly knelt down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. He didn't even get the chance to ask her what happened;

"Remus." Tonks sobbed. "Oh Harry…he's…"

She couldn't even finish the sentence as Harry embraced her and began slowly rocking her back and forth as Tonks cried on his shoulder. Harry then carefully looked over the edge and guessed the Remus must have plunged all the way to the bottom like Dumbledore did, only the elder wizard was already dead when it happened.

"I'm so sorry." Harry said to himself. He then realized that was it, the Marauders were all dead now. That would certainly make Snape very happy when he found out.

Harry then gripped his wand tightly as he thought of his former professor. He then knew that he needed to find Snape. He needed to settle things with him first before he could fight Voldemort. As he helped Tonks up he then asked Hermione to take them someplace safe in the castle so he could begin his search to avenge Dumbledore's death.