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Persuading Angelique to accept me as her mentor was considerably more difficult than I had anticipated. With Christine, I had the story of Little Lotte and the Angel of Music as supporting material. Angelique, however, was not easily swayed.

For one thing, she did not in the least like that I was standing behind the wall when I started speaking to her, insisting that if we were to have a proper conversation, she should be able to see me. "I don't like talking to people I can't see," she argued in a tone that could rival Madame Giry's most severe ballet-mistress voice. So I opened the wall panel behind which I had been hiding; she looked surprised for a minute or two before stepping closer.

She was skeptical about my entire offer. After all, she insisted, I was the legendary Opera Ghost, the one that everyone thought had gone after Christine and the Vicomte de Chagny had left to get married. Why shouldn't she turn me in for murder? Why should she accept me as her teacher? What was in this whole revenge business for her?

Exasperated, I finally snapped, "Because as long as you look like a skinny, sallow-faced hobgoblin, the world will pay no attention to your voice as it is now. I could train it to the point where everyone ignores your face because your voice has them completely enthralled."

I expected a harsh reaction—what was I thinking, calling her such names?—but instead she seemed to pause and reflect on my words. She told me she would think about it and tell me the next day. "But how will I find you to tell you my decision?"

"Come back here at the same time. I will be waiting," I told her.

I think she will accept, but it is difficult to say for certain. She is not at all like my Christine, my angel. No, despite her name, Angelique is not an angel. What is she, then? I'm not certain yet.