A/N: Based on a Tumblr post that read "AU in which the Doctor is a very sick little boy lying in a hospital bed in a coma and his universe is just a dream. Each of his companions represents the kids in the beds next to him and when they die or leave the ward, they die or leave in his head. Regenerations represent times he nearly woke up or nearly died and the TARDIS represents his life support machine." I'm starting with the 9th Doctor as I'm not very good at writing previous companions…Anywho, this may or may not be continued, I'm not sure :)

The Doctor staggered back into the TARDIS, smiling slightly at its familiar hum, soothing him as the regeneration energy finally died down. His smile, however, didn't last long, and he was soon hurrying for the medical bay. Cuts and bruises littered his body, and it hurt to breathe thanks to broken ribs. He soon set about cleaning himself up, bandaging his cuts the best he could. There was no one there to look after him. They were all gone. He was the last of the Time Lords now, they'd all died. He'd had to step over their broken, battered bodies on his way back to the TARDIS. He sighed, sitting down heavily on the medical gurney, running a hand through his close-cropped hair. He had to get out of these clothes, he decided. They stank of smoke, singed where the Daleks had fired at him. Standing up, he made his way to the wardrobe room, eyes raking over the racks of clothes. He finally settled on a simple pair of black jeans, black doc martens, green jumper and black leather jacket. He quickly dressed in the clothes and crossed to the mirror, looking himself over. He sighed upon seeing his reflection. He'd known he'd regenerated, of course, but he never liked having to learn a new body again. And the teeth! It drove him mad! Turning quickly on his heels, he headed into the depth of the TARDIS.


Nurse Carlisle sighed with relief, stepping away from the bed. The life support machine had resumed its steady humming, and the boy's eyes were moving beneath their pale lids.

"He's stable," Doctor Lewis announced calmly, also backing away from the bed.

Several of the nurses who'd been helping stabilise the little boy were beginning to drift off, heading out into the main sector of the Childrens' ward to check on children in the other rooms. Only Nurse Carlisle and two other nurses remained.

"I need one of you to stay with him for a while," Doctor Lewis continued "just to make sure he is ok. Try talking to him, reading to him, whatever. Just…keep an eye on him."

"I'll do it," Nurse Carlisle announced quickly.

Doctor Lewis gave a swift nod and turned to head out of the room, the other nurse following. Nurse Carlisle quickly took a seat beside the bed. The little boy was pale and skinny, his eyes half-hidden beneath messy ginger hair. The cuts and bruises that marred his skin were finally beginning to fade, and Nurse Carlisle sighed, wondering just what they were going to tell the little boy when he finally came out of the coma. The boy was barely nine years old and he was already an orphan, both his parents dying in a car crash two years previously. He'd been in and out of care ever since. Then, remembering what Doctor Lewis had instructed her to do, Nurse Carlisle began talking to the little boy.

"Hello, Timothy," she told the boy softly "I'm your nurse, Nurse Carlisle, remember?"

It wasn't, of course, the first time she'd spoken to the little boy, as he'd been there for eight weeks.

"You might be wondering what all that racket was just now," she continued gently "but it's alright now. Something happened, and your heart stopped beating. Doctor Lewis fixed you up, though, and you're alright now."


The Doctor was all alone again. They all left him; Victoria, Jamie, Sarah Jane, Tegan, Peri, Grace. Some had died, some had decided to leave, but the result was always the same; the Doctor was alone. Sighing to himself, he crawled out from beneath the TARDIS console, resting a work-roughened hand on the coral.

"Still got you though, haven't I, old girl?" he murmured gently "You'll never leave me. We're stuck together, you and I."

The TARDIS seemed to hum in agreement, causing a small smile to grace the Doctor's thin lips.


The boy must be so bored in here on his own, Nurse Carlisle moved. Although he was in a communal room, Timothy was the only child in there, as the previous child who'd been in there- a girl called Grace Holloway- had only been in for a short operation, and had been in for no more than three days. Nurse Carlisle looked up as the door of the room opened and Doctor Lewis came in, followed by a blonde woman and a little girl with shoulder-length blonde hair.

"But Mummy! I don't wanna have the operation!" the little girl protested, brown eyes wide with fear.

"Rose, it will make you feel better, sweetheart," her mother replied, crouching in front of the little girl "you'll be able to run around and play with Keisha and Shareen, and go to the park."

The little girl- Rose- pouted, but allowed her Mum to steer her over to the bed beside Timothy's.

"Why's he asleep?" Rose asked upon seeing Timothy "It's morning!"

"Rose!" her Mum scolded quickly as she helped Rose onto the bed.

"It's alright, Mrs Tyler." Doctor Lewis chipped in, smiling gently as he sat on the bed to talk to Rose "That little boy's rather poorly. He has something called bacterial meningitis, so he's in something called a coma, which means he sleeps all the time,"

Rose looked at Doctor Lewis sceptically.

"But wouldn't he get bored sleeping all the time?" she asked, brow furrowing in confusion.

"Not at all!" Doctor Lewis replied with a grin "He's probably having lots of exciting dreams."

Rose still looked uncertain, but reluctantly accepted Doctor Lewis' explanation.

"Now," Doctor Lewis continued "I need to take your Mum outside with me so she can fill in some boring paperwork for me. Think you'll be alright here? Nurse Carlisle there will be happy to help you if you need anything."

Nurse Carlisle waved at Rose, who waved back. Rose then nodded at Doctor Lewis, who smiled, and led her Mum back out of the room. As soon as they were gone, Rose slid off the bed, and crossed to Timothy's bedside.

"Will he wake up soon?" she asked Nurse Carlisle uncertainly.

Nurse Carlisle paused for a few moments before answering the little girl.

"We're not sure," Nurse Carlisle admitted "Timothy's got a very serious illness."

Rose looked back over at the little boy in the bed.

"Can he hear me?" she asked the Nurse.

Nurse Carlisle smiled.

"Most likely, yes. He won't respond physically to your voice, but he can probably hear it." The Nurse replied.

"What's his name?" Rose asked quickly, wide-eyed.

"Timothy," Nurse Carlisle answered, brow furrowing slightly "but you already know that."

"I mean his whole name! Like mine's Rose Marion Tyler," Rose replied, rolling her eyes and giggling slightly.

"Nurse Carlisle froze, unsure whether to tell the girl. However, she soon assessed that, had the boy been awake, he'd have probably told her anyway.

"His full name's Timothy Elliot Lord."

Rose watched the Nurse carefully as she walked over to Timothy's head. Her eyes still on Nurse Carlisle, Rose bent down and quietly spoke into the boy's ear.

"Hello, Timothy Lord. I'm Rose Tyler."

Upon seeing Nurse Carlisle nod in encouragement, Rose tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and proceeded to tell Timothy everything about her.


As the Doctor crept through the dark basement, he kept an eye out for any signs of movement. His newly-redesigned sonic screwdriver in one hand, he had a firm grip around a carefully created bomb in his other. As long as he could get down to the basement without being intercepted by any Autons, his plan would work. The employees had surely all headed home by now, as the shop had closed for the night. However, as the Doctor turned the corner, he saw a body sprawled on the floor. His superior Time Lord physiology allowed him to see that the body was that of a middle-aged man. He didn't even need to check his pulse to know that the man was dead. Eying the body stonily, the Doctor made his way past it and continued down to the basement. He was almost there when he heard a voice. Damn! Why couldn't these stupid apes ever stay out of harm's way? Growling slightly, the Doctor picked up his pace. Reaching the basement, he saw that it was a teenager. Long blonde hair, baggy jeans and a hoodie. She'd managed to back herself into a wall, the Autons surrounding her. Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, the Doctor hurriedly slipped his sonic screwdriver in his pocket, running over to her. The girl's eyes were now closed, but she opened them to look up at him in shock when the Doctor took hold of her hand. Grinning slightly manically at the girl, the Doctor said just one word.