Chasing the Saturdays

Yeah, kind of a crap title – got it from the reality series showing now in the US. Anyhoo… was listening to the CD in the car yesterday and a bunch of songs just hit me with scenes of Jack and Ianto. So I figured I'd give it a try. These won't be long, but hopefully the muse will be kind and let me write them out.

You can hear the song here (put in the youtube address first) /watch?v=WEy86cqSmjc

I haven't watched any episodes in years (stopped watching guess when) so I hope it's not OOC or too out there.

The Way You Watch Me

Ianto Jones carried the tray in one hand, handing out each mug of coffee with the other. Each member of the team was engrossed in whatever task was at hand. While he was no longer as invisible as he made himself out to be before Lisa had been found, he was still often ignored by most of the team. Most… not all.

As he placed the second to last mug on Tosh's desk, he could feel Jack's gaze on him. It seemed even when he was alone in the archives, he could feel Jack watching him. He headed up the steps to the office to deliver the last mug on the tray. Since Lisa's discovery, much of the flirting and innuendo between the two men had stopped. But still Jack watched him.

Ianto politely left the mug on Jack's desk and excused himself to the archives. He knew that look in Jack's eyes. He had seen it many times, and in order to keep Lisa a secret, he has responded to it more times than he cared to admit. But things were different now. He wasn't going to go back to the way things were.

He tried to concentrate on the files, but his thoughts kept drifting to Jack. After all that Ianto had done, why was Jack still watching him? Surely the older man could have any one he wanted. What they had had before was fun, but that's all it was. Jack should have no reason to want anything from Ianto after his betrayal.

The hours had ticked by and Ianto once again returned to the main levels of the Hub to collect lunch orders. Once more he saw Jack in his office, arms crossed over his chest, watching him. Ianto knew Jack wasn't just gazing out over the team as a whole. He could feel the older man's eyes on him as he crossed the metal grating.

Crossing to Jack's office, he knocked on the door frame to announce his presence. Jack looked up. There was something beyond basic curiosity in his eyes.

"Ordering Chinese, sir? The usual okay?"

Jack almost looked disappointed at the question. "Yeah, fine."

Turning to leave the office, Ianto felt Jack's gaze following him - reviewing the lines of his suit, the cut of his jacket, the way he walked – and smiled. Ianto was surprised to find that a part of him actually liked the fact that Jack watched him.


A/N – So what did you think? Any questions, comments etc are very welcome. I'm trying to get back into writing and hoping this is a start. This is hopefully going to be a little series, as I said several songs gave me Jack and Ianto images.