im no good at summires but this a story about zane and syrus being kidnaped and taken to camula's castle i dont own yugioh gx the only thing i own is creating this story and the dream that inspired it.

"Aaaahhh" a piercing cry echoes though out a red dorm from the island of duel academy

"Syrus wake up it's only a dream" said a concerned brown haired boy with a concern look in his warm brown eyes the other boy finally stopped but then started to turn and turn over in his sleep with soft sobs coming through his tight lips sighing with defeat the brown haired boy walks to the nightstand and picks up a small rectangular object called a P.D.A and dials a number and soon a face with blue-green hair and dark blue-green eyes appeared on the screen looking clearly annoyed "What Jaden" said the annoyed boy , "sorry to bother you Zane but its Syrus".

Hearing the name woke the boy named Zane up for good "I'll be right over Jaden" then Zane ended the call.

"Jaden open up its me" said Zane and the door opens and Jaden looked at him with worry some filled eyes as Zane entered the slifer red dorm and walked over to where his little brother lied clearly in the grasp of a terrible nightmare just then little Syrus let out a cry that made Zane's heart go to his throat instinctively Zane went over and picked him up and held him like a baby in his arms holding him close and began rocking him and saying "shhh Syrus its okay im here im here your safe shhh" said Zane

he also began with the hand next to his head began stroking Syrus light blue hair in soothing motion while continuing to rocking him to sleep then little Syrus open his light gray eyes

"Zane is that you? "Asked Syrus "yeah it's me Syrus" replied Zane

The little boy quickly wrapped his arms around Zane's neck and buried his face in his big brothers hair and began to weep softly.

"Zane it was terrible," said Syrus between sobs "what do you mean Syrus?" asked Zane

As he began, stroking Syrus back while continuing to rock. "Well you were there but you were so mean you kept calling me weakling, stupid, worthless and that you're ashamed of me being your little brother and that you hate me and then you slap me hard on the cheek and I tried to run away but no matter how far I ran you were always right there calling me those names over and over again and it hurt so much Zane "sobbed Syrus silence then fell the only sound being Syrus muffled sobs with a shocked and surprised look on Zane's face

"Syrus listen to me that was only I dream and you know that I would never say or do anything to hurt you I know I haven't been the big brother I should have been and that I've hurt you but im trying to make up for all of it by being the brother I should have always been." Said Zane

"So you don't hate me or think that im all those things I said earlier?" said Syrus

A look of complete shock and hurt crossed Zane's face he couldn't believe that that was how his little brother thought of him. He stopped rocking and then went to sit on Syrus bunk bed he then moved Syrus position so that he was sitting on his lap with his head on his big bro's chest and his big brothers arms around him hugging him tightly as if he would never let go.

"Syrus of course I don't in fact it's just the opposite and especially about me hating you and thinking you're worthless and about me being ashamed of you. I love you so much Syrus, more than anything in the world. You're the best little brother I could ever have and no you could never be worthless to me you're more valuable than even my cyber dragons you know why because cards can be replace but you can never be replaced and how can I be ashamed of you is it because you're a slifer red of course not, some people are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them and some achieve greatness like I know you will Syrus." Said Zane

"Do you really believe that Zane?" asked Syrus

"Of course I do because I believe in you Syrus" said Zane

Then he leaned down, kissed syrus's forehead, and then began stroking syrus's light blue bangs.

"Why are you still here Zane?" asked Syrus

"Why well I think I'll stay here until you fall asleep that is if it's okay with you and Jaden" said Zane

"It's fine with me as long as it's okay with you Syrus" said Jaden

But little Syrus was already drifting off to sleep Zane's heart beating like a soothing lullaby

"Let me listen" murmured Syrus

"Listen to what "asked Jaden

"Hehe why do you like listening to my heart beat Syrus?" asked Zane

"*yawns* cause it's like a soothing lullaby *yawns*" replied Syrus

And with that Syrus little eyes began to droop and soon he was fast asleep with a peaceful look on his face. And then Zane with a look filled with love for his little brother he grabbed the blanket that was there and draped over him and Syrus covering them both enough that they're fully covered but not covering Syrus face so he could still breath and then Zane's own eyes began to droop not wanting to lay down and disturb the little one in his arms and promptly fell asleep.

Then Jaden with an exhausted look on his face went back to sleep on his bunked bed that was bellows Syrus

Then just as dawn was approaching a mysterious figure silently entered the dorm and walked up to the 2 truesdale siblings with an evil looked in her face began to glow and with a whispered bats appeared and at her command the bats enveloped her and the two boys and vanished.

Just who is this Lady and what does she want with Zane and Syrus and where is she taking them.