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P.S – Later in the story Thor is going to be around 27 and Odette is going to be around 25.

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"Once upon a time there was a King named William, who ruled a large and mighty kingdom. And yet, he was sad, for he was growing old and had no child to inherit the throne… but one day the King became blessed with a daughter: the Princess Odette.

In honor of her birth, there is a ceremony held where Kings and Queens come from all around to offer their gifts to baby Odette. Among them are the widowed Uberta and her son, young Prince Derek. As Derek approaches Odette with his gift, a gold heart-shaped locket with a swan engraved on it, William and Uberta stumble upon the same idea to bring Derek and Odette together each summer in hopes that they will fall in love to join their two kingdoms together forever.

The evil enchanter, Rothbart was not happy about Odette's birth. It was of little concern at the time, however, as he was planning to take William's kingdom with the Forbidden Arts. But, alas, William is somehow informed of Rothbart's plan, and his guards attack his hideout and destroy the forbidden arts, or so they thought. Despite the public plea for his death, William was far too kind – and feared for being so – to see that happen. So the sorcerer was only banished, as he is gestured firmly by William the way out of the kingdom, Rothbart scowls his final words: "Someday Willie… everything you own, everything you love, will be mine" and makes his way out, plotting his revenge." I remember my mother telling me this story as a child, since the day I was born actually. She would read me this story over and over, every night until I would fall asleep, picturing myself as the Swan Princess and falling in love with a prince.

"Finally the time arrived for Derek and Odette to have their first –"official"- meet. William brought Odette to Chamberg to meet who hopefully one day would be her husband. And it was pulled off without the slightest hitch, oh, except for Derek nearly throwing up after kissing Odette's hand, and Odette nearly decking Derek, and ah yes, the two attacking each other, on numerous occasions, in what started out as a simple, friendly game…

Every year it's the same routine, come for the summer, go through the painful greeting ritual, then return home. As young teens they went through their stage where they could not stand each other. But when Odette tried to play with Derek and Bromley, a dear friend of his, who were excluding her, everyone got hurt...

As mid teens Derek's found out by Bromley that he sort of likes Odette. But he hid it, or rather, covered it up. And when they played cards, Odette would always win, even when Derek and Brom cheated! She's just way too good." I remember my room, landscapes of a lake, hills, and castles painted on the walls as a starry sky was painted on the ceiling. This place was the gateway to my dreams, my own world where I could be anything I wanted.

"As they grew older, and supposedly wiser, Odette and Derek became quite fed up with this not-quite-yet arranged marriage. They knew nothing was going to happen; it all seemed like such a waste of time. So in a desperate attempt to just get the two to communicate, Uberta and William forced and locked the prince and princess into the ballroom. When they did finally turn to look at each other, from opposite sides of the enormous room, they both liked what they saw...

Odette and Derek make their way to the centre of the room, graciously, and a little more royally than years before, to greet each other followed by a dance, ending with their 'presumed' first kiss. Derek orders for the wedding to go ahead and everybody is truly ecstatic! But Odette didn't like what she heard. She put him on the spot when she stopped the celebrating and asked Derek whether or not beauty was all that mattered to him. After a little hesitation, Derek confusedly replied, "I...I…yerr...What else is there?" Instantly everybody in the room, who heard, knew that that answer was not going to work to his advantage.

Odette and William prepared to leave Chamberg, and this time, would not return. William forces Odette to say goodbye to Derek and after a descant elbowing from his mother from almost refusing to say goodbye to Odette, Derek eventually said goodbye in return.

The final journey home was going to be uneasy one, filled with questions. William asks Odette about why she said what she did and Odette only got part way through her explanation, "I need to know that he loves me, for just being me…" when their carriage comes to a sudden and un-expected halt. William steps out to see what happening notices a distant figure and warns Odette to stay inside the carriage as she tries to see what is happening." My mother said and I clutched my covers closer to me.

"Was it the bad man?" I asked her and she nodded.

"Now what stopped the carriage? None other than Rothbart himself. He transforms into a huge beast, which will come to be known as 'The Great Animal'.

Meanwhile, Derek is in his study talking to his counselor, Lord Rogers, and playing chess with his best friend Bromley – at the same time. Rodgers keeps nagging on non-stop about Derek's stupid performance earlier with Odette. But quickly turns to quizzing him.

"Think, you must see something other than Odette's beauty?"

"Ha, of course I do Rogers, she's like… you know…how about…and then… I mean right?"

No, his answer does not make any sense, but we all know what he means. Just then, William's captain slams the door opens, giving the three a jump, and collapses in the doorway. He managed to get back to Derek to tell him what happened, and draws his last breaths in Derek's arms. Panic-stricken, he rushes out to find Odette and, of course, William too…

Through the stormy rain he finds the wreckage site, Odette's locket abandoned in a puddle and finally a gasping King William. Derek tries to get some sense out of him but only gets left with this encrypted message: "Listen to me Derek, it's not what it seems, it's not what it seems!" and the impression Odette is dead.

But really, Odette was not dead. She had been kidnapped by Rothbart and was in the form of a white swan on a lake awaiting the moonlight. Rothbart evilly explained his spell to Odette, how to change to and from a human form, how to break the spell, but spent a great deal of effort to show her he wanted her hand in marriage. She didn't like this. So, Rothbart summed up his 2 solutions. She could marry him and they would rule her father's kingdom together, legally. Or kiss the man she loves, and only him, then he must make a vow of everlasting love to her and prove it to the world, but there are a couple more catches. 1) She can't talk to people during the day, as swan, because honestly who is going to listen to a swan? And 2) who on earth, really, would find her at night as a human, in a forest? This upsets Odette deeply and the only thing she can do is cry, helplessly."

"But Derek finds her!" I shouted.

"Shh, I'm getting there!" My mother laughs. "Back in Chamberg...
It has been a while since Odette's disappearance; exactly how long is anyone's guess. Derek firmly believes, he says he knows, that
"Odette's alive, and I'm going to find her." So he trains regularly in order to be ready to fight the Great Animal when he finds it, assuming it has Odette captive. He does this by firing colored padded arrows, which leave marks on the target, at servants dressed as numbered animals running across a field. Playing against Bromley, the winner is the person who scores the most points. However, on this particular day the servants had the day off, and the substitutes are going to be the musicians. Now, the musicians were not pleased about this at all and expressed this in the Practice, Practice, Practice song. But they must do as they are told, so they line up, unwillingly, and run off when Rogers un-blindfolds Derek and Bromley. Let the shooting begin!

Straight away Derek gets into shooting; firing at anything he had a chance at hitting. And Bromley, well, it takes him a while to untangle himself from his bow… when he eventually regains his balance he chases after the very enthusiastic 100 point rabbit. After many shots Rogers begins the count down, "Five seconds!" he would call to indicate the time left. More arrows fly through the air, and Wesley the rabbit almost runs into Derek which would spoil his clean, un-hit self.

"Time!" Rogers bellows at the top of his lungs, all the animals limp and walk back to the starting point to have the spots on them counted up. There is a noticeable similarity between them all, though; they all have orange spots and no blue… Derek ends up winning - were there really any surprises there? Bromley gives his losing speech to Derek on how he believes being a great archer is more than good aim, it's about courage.

For saying this, Rogers proposes they play a quick round of catch and fire, that's when Bromley gets a little nervous. Catch and Fire is a training sport where one man fully armored, which would be Brom, begins with an arrow. With this arrow he must shoot it at the unarmed man, Derek, who is standing a fair distance away, turned around with only a back shield on. When the arrow is fired, Derek must turn around at the precise moment, catch it and fire it back at the apple resting upon Bromley's head. They complete the round, amazingly, no-one was hurt, and Derek says to himself, or rather Odette, or maybe just to the air, not to lose hope, he will find her.

Back to Odette her animal friends Jean-Bob the frog and Speed the turtle were talking together at Swan Lake. Jean-Bob has a plan to get Odette some flowers from across the lake so that she will kiss him and he will turn back into a Prince. Needless to say, Jean-Bob's plan flops and Odette ends up 'rescuing' him. Quite competently Jean explains what he was doing. Odette repeats her spell and the way to break it to Jean, who obviously has heard it a few times before, hoping that she'll get through to him. This is when they sing the Far Longer Than Forever song. Basically during this, Odette and Derek communicate with a 'mind-connection', kind of, and sing about their love for one another. Then a bird flying past just drops in, literally, the poor fellow has an arrow in his arm. Odette removes it and he introduces himself. His name is Puffin."

"I like Puffin! He's funny!" I giggled.

"Odette was beginning to explain how she's under a spell to Puffin, when Rothbart appears, this guy has excellent timing. He comes to over to Odette and asks for her hand in marriage and she angrily declines, yet again. Rothbart, who's not a happy, happy claims "Well, it looks as if you need another day to think about it…" and gestures toward the setting moon. So Odette drags herself out into the water and transforms back to a swan.

Back at Chamberg, Uberta is planning a huge ball for Derek to find his bride and become King. Rogers shakes his head and disagrees, "Derek still refuses to be king unless he finds Odette," but Uberta just shrugs it off, not really paying full attention. Then Chamberlain comes racing in with hundreds of RSVP'S from eligible princesses attending the ball. Derek, in the meantime, is up in the library trying to figure out what the 'Great Animal' is and deciphering King William's last few words to him. At long last, he has a breakthrough, and runs out to find The Great Animal and kill it, but is stopped before the door by Queen Uberta. She asks, "Oh, Derek, where are you going?"

"To find the Great Animal!"

"Ah! Wonderful... Just make sure you're here tomorrow night…" It stopped Derek in his tracks, he'd forgotten about the ball. He explains how he just can't, but Uberta does her "lip-thing" and gets her way!" My mother continued.

"Odette, Puffin, Jean-Bob and Speed, at this time, all formulate a plan to get Derek to break Odette's spell. And for this plan to work they need a map...and the only place to get one is Rothbart's castle.

"Oh sure, just say, Monsieur Rothbart, I'd like to leave now do you have a map or something?" Jean Bob said. This is where No Fear comes in.

When they finally get the map, Odette finds Derek's castle on it and the others recover from their injuries. Derek brings Bromley his idea of the 'Great Animal', a picture of a mouse! And basically insists that Bromley come hunting with him. So they go to the forest and begin hunting around.

Odette, as a swan, and Puffin prepare to find Derek. When everyone is organized, they take off.

Odette and Puffin had been flying only a little while before Puffin is nearly hit by an arrow fired by a frightened Bromley, who then calls out for Derek? Derek!? Ha, they found him! Impatiently Odette flies down into the trees, not knowing what she is getting herself into and without waiting for puffin… When she finally catches a glimpse of Derek she flies toward him, he notices some sunlight reflected off her white wings, and quickly moves behind a tree. As she gets closer and closer to him, he realizes something, "A swan? A swan! Of course, it's not what it seems…" and jumps out from behind the tree when she is in close firing range. The arrow is released and goes hurtling towards the defenseless swan.

Honorably enough, Puffin pushes Odette out of the way and the arrow Derek fired narrowly misses them! Odette and Puffin fly off, Derek gets mad at his miss and continues to follow them, shooting when he has the opportunity. They fly throughout forest, in between trees, luring Derek towards Swan Lake. Finally they all reached there, it took a few tricks here and there, but they all got there. Odette flies down onto the lake from the top of a kind of cliff, but some clouds moved in front of the precious moon. Puffin stalls Derek as best as he can so he won't shoot her, and it works! The moon re-appears just in time.

She transforms back into a human and Derek realizes who she is. He drops his bow and rushes over to her. They kiss and talk, but only for a few seconds because Rothbart shows up and Derek must leave, no matter how badly he wants to stay. So he gives Odette her necklace and invites her to his ball tomorrow night so he can prove his love for her to the world. Rothbart emerges and wants to know about the voices he heard. Odette lies to him; but he's not a stupid as you may think. He pulls out Derek's bow that he found lying on the ground and spills his knowledge of Odette's plans for tomorrow night. He then flings the bow into the lake as an act of fury. Swiftly, he then adds that she can't go to the big ball tomorrow night because there will be no moon...

No More Mr. Nice Guy song comes in after that, so basically what happens during this is, Rothbart realizes that Derek could break the spell so he needs to make sure he doesn't. So seeing as the real Odette can't go to the ball, he'll make Bridget, a.k.a The Hag, look like her and then Derek will offer his vow to the wrong girl and the real Odette will die. She would die because Derek kissed the real Odette and would prove his love for someone else. Then he can finish Derek off himself and become King!

Derek goes back at his castle bearing good news to tell his mother, Queen Uberta he has found his bride! But who remains a mystery…

At Swan Lake Rothbart locked up the swan Odette, just so his plan won't be spoiled. He then also locks Bromley up with her so that she can have her own ball, where the "prince" comes to her. Rothbart then slams the door shut full of rage and leaves. Here, the Princesses on Parade song begins as the palace begins to fill up with beautiful eligible princesses. Chamberlain nervously makes his way to Uberta and Derek's dressing room to get permission to start the introductions. He gets the permission he needs, also with a fair warning, "No mistakes this time. Everything must be perfect!"

In the meantime, at Swan Lake, Puffin is trying to construct a plan to free Odette, and finally gets one. But Jean-Bob finds a little problem with it. He forgot about the hungry alligators. Speed and Puffin cunningly try to persuade Jean-Bob to take part, for they need him for the plan to work.

Uberta welcomes everyone to the ball and begins a beauty pageant performance, which Derek specifically requested not to have. From this point, the Princesses on Parade song continues." I giggled.

"They sing a lot, don't they?"

"Back then everyone loved to sing and dance and be silly!" My mother said and continued.

"Right on cue, just as the song finishes, somebody knocks on the door. Chamberlain is ordered to open the door. He does as he's told... And In walks "Odette". She makes her grand entrance slowly and gracefully down the steps to greet Derek. He's very relieved to see her and they begin to waltz.

Now Puffin's plan to free Odette comes into action. Speed has to make the first move; he must lure the alligators away so Jean-Bob can find a hole in the fort and make it big enough for Odette to escape. Unfortunately due to Jean-Bob's whining, one of the 'gators overheard him and began to chase him, so Jean-Bob must find the hole, and quickly! He manages to find a little crack and gets squeezed through it, coming to Odette rescue. Speed then makes a hole bigger, big enough for Odette and she swims out. But the alligators spot her and start chasing; lucky enough Speed and Puffin come to the rescue. And Odette flies off into the night towards Derek's castle.

Odette gets to Derek's castle and is mortified to see an evil clone of her, with Derek! The two had stopped dancing and Derek was making his speech, which he was sure would break the spell. He presented her, to all that was present, as the future Queen. The real Odette desperately flies around the castle, trying to find a window in front of him so he will see her. But it doesn't work; "Odette" keeps turning his attention elsewhere. Moments after Derek pledges his love to "Odette", Rothbart makes his grand entrance! Derek shouts at him that he has no business here and to go away. Rothbart then zaps "Odette" and Derek rushes over to help, but it isn't Odette's face, it's Bridget's.

"You should have left her to me, Now, Odette will die!" cruelly snarls Rothbart to Derek and points to a weak swan flying away into the night.

Odette, who is losing strength rapidly, has trouble flying, but persists to make the journey back to Swan Lake. Derek realizes his big mistake and flees the castle to chase the real Odette. He travels through the stormy weather on his horse to Swan Lake, where he assumes Odette was heading to. Odette only just makes it back the lake before collapsing to the ground. Magically, she changes back into human form.
Derek emerges from behind the on looking animal trio and runs over to her.

Derek holds Odette desperately, she awakes. Her voice all whispery and slow. He assures her that she'll live, because the vow he made was for her. She knows and whispers she loves him before drawing in her last breath and slipping from Derek's grip to the ground. Derek is furious and begins shouting to whoever may be listening. Rothbart overhears and drops by. Derek threatens him to let Odette live or else. Rothbart isn't very happy about being yelled upon. So he says "Only if you defeat...me!" thrusts his hands down, and transforms into a huge flying beast.

"The Great Animal" Derek says and goes through a tremendous fight with it.

Just as he thought he was done for, lying helplessly on the ground, out of energy... Puffin then realizes that Derek's bow is still at the bottom of the lake! Puffin hastily picks Jean-Bob up and throws him into the lake to retrieve the bow. He takes too long so Speed has to go in and help, he is a lot faster. They swim to the top of the lake and throw the bow, Jean-Bob still hanging onto it, gets up when it lands and he hits Derek across the face to wake him up. He does, picks up the bow and taps his back trying to get an arrow, but he has none. Then...

"Oh please, Oh please, Oh please..." says someone. Derek realizes it's Bromley; he'd managed to escape through the hole the trio made. "NO!" he shouts and the arrow is released flying towards Derek's back. And at the precise moment, Derek turns around and catches the arrow. He fires it at the Great Animal, which was flying towards him...

The arrow hits The Great Animal directly in the heart; it gives a mighty screech and falls down from the air to the lake giving off a spectacular light display! Very heroically, Bromley faints. At least they had practiced Catch and Fire before. But Derek was not focusing on Rothbart anymore, he was set on Odette. He had killed her, and there was nothing he could do about it.

He whispers to her, "…I love you, your kindness and courage. I always have."

Odette draws a breath in, and gently lifts her own head. Derek is startled by this and pulls her apart to look at her; he gets to see her sea-blue eyes for a little while longer.

Now it's time for the royal wedding

Bromley brags on to Rogers that if it wasn't for him the great animal would still be alive! Then Rogers tricks him into thinking the great animal is still alive. Bromley notices a strange shadow, gets scared and faints, again! It's only Uberta's swan hairdo though.

Back at the Swan Lake castle, Odette is going to give Jean-Bob that kiss he had been bugging her for. She warns him not to be disappointed if nothing happens, because she knows nothing will. But he is sure that he will turn back into a prince. She kisses him and he goes to see a reflection of himself in the pond. Which conveniently a real prince was standing behind him copying Jean-Bob. Unfortunately for Jean, he didn't see himself in the pond and goes in to talk to some ladies. But, not many ladies are accustomed to talking frogs!

At last Odette and Derek having time together away from all the festivities. Odette asks him "Will you love me Derek, until the day I die?" to whom he replies cunningly "No. Much longer than that, Odette. Much longer." and they have the final kiss as husband and wife." My mother ended the story and I clapped for her.

"How romantic! Do you think I'll find my prince mommy?" I asked her as she tucked me in.

"If anyone is going to find her prince, my little swan, is you." My father said from the door.

"Daddy!" I said and he came over to the other side of the bed.

"Now, it's time for bed sweetheart. We love you." My mother said.

"I love you too mommy." I said and closed my eyes, my parents kissing me on the forehead before turning off the lights and shutting the door, my glow in the dark stars on the ceiling lighting up my room softly.

This perfect life is a lie, nothing but a lie as I lay in this bed. I am not a normal, ordinary little girl. I'm even sure I'm entirely human.


The following morning I woke up and did my morning routine of taking a shower, getting dress, blow drying my hair then putting them into pigtails. My name is Odette Swan, I am eight years old, and I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone with my mom and my dad. We live in a two bedroom house a few blocks from my school with a very large backyard. I would say we're a typical American family but...I am nowhere near normal. Not at all.

"Odette are you ready for school?" My mom called from the bottom of the steps. I looked at myself in the mirror, and lightly touched my shoulder where my birthmark spread across my shoulder blades.

"Coming mommy!" I called and raced down the steps. There my mom was waiting for me with my backpack in her hands.

"Your lunch is in here along with your homework. Remember, your dad and I are working late tonight so there's microwave dinner in the freezer and remember to lock up when it gets dark out." My mom said and kissed my forehead, handing me a cereal bar.

"I know. Bye mom." I said, taking the bar, and then running out of the house. I knew the route to school ever since I learned how to walk and my mom could no longer walk me to school, her and dad having to go to work early. Still, it's a little lonely here, not a lot of kids play with me. Most days I just play by myself, I read or play on my jungle-gym but I'm used to it. Not everybody knows it but they know I'm different, strange because on certain days I don't go outside to play or go to school. It's like, every two weeks I get 'sick' and can't go to school. My parents act like nothing's wrong but I can tell that they're bothered by it...it's on their faces a lot. My Uncle, however, when he comes and visits us sometimes doesn't seem to mind. He actually thinks what I have is interesting and doesn't brush it away like my parents have before.

He sees me as an actual person...

"Hey freak!" I was almost to school when I was forced to turn around, my face meeting with a very familiar rock. I cried out in pain then quickly took off around the corner, finding myself back tracking home, quickly finding the spare key then locking the door behind me. "You can hide forever in there freak! You are going to have to come out sooner or later!" I checked the windows and drew the curtains closed. I checked my forehead and hissed in pain when I pulled my hand away. Blood. Not a lot but I need to put something on it. I quickly went into the bathroom and wetted a towel to clean it before putting a bandage on it.

I took off my shoes and backpack before going into my room and crawling back into bed. This has happened before and I'm used to it that I could care less if it happens anymore. So long as they don't really harm me I keep going. It's just...I wish they didn't pick on me and just leave me alone.

"I just want to sleep...and have a good dream for once." I whispered as I closed my eyes. Maybe a nap might do me some good. Even if it is early...


Everything seemed strange.

I was floating...


It felt like I was being spun around and around to on a Merry-Go-Round with colors swirling around me. It was starting to make me dizzy...then everything came to a stop. I slowly opened my eyes and sat up, my head moving slightly to steady the room.

"Whoa..." I said as I looked around the room that wasn't my bedroom. The room was huge, including the bed. Everything was colored a pretty purple color and there was even a balcony with open doors! I moved the covers out of the way and walked over to the doors. Once I was standing on the balcony my jaw dropped.

I was nowhere near my house.

Everything was large and sparkling and pretty! I walked into a fairy tale! I smiled and took in the sight in front of me. This is such a cool dream! But what to do now?

"Might as well go exploring." I said to myself then looked down at me feet. Since I didn't have shoes on I decided to go barefoot. I was wearing a pink short sleeved dress with white leggings. I took off my socks and placed them back on the bed before walking towards the other set of doors that were twice as big and made of a golden metal. It was heavy to open but when I got it I walked myself into a very large and open hallway. "Where should I go first?" I asked myself. "I'll think I'll go left since I'm left handed and I'm always lucky when I go left." I said to myself then started to walk left.

Everywhere I turned there was something different that I've never seen before. It was strange and yet so pretty. All I need is a dress and I'm a princess here, but there's nobody here...not that I've seen so far. I continued walking until I saw a massive garden in front of me that seemed miles long. Strange and bright flowers lines in rows with some that were short and some tall as trees. I decided to walk through it, stopping to smell the sweet of them while enjoying the light breeze. "Wow, that tree is huge!" I said and looked up at the tallest tree that I've seen. It was beautiful.

"Thor wait up!" I heard a voice and quickly hid behind the tree. I peaked around and saw two boys, around my age run down the pathway towards me. One of the boys had blond hair with really pretty eyes the color of a sea green blue was in front while the other boy with black hair and green eyes.

"Come on brother! Its mother's name day and she deserves the most beautiful flowers this morning." The blonde hair boy, Thor, I believe the black haired boy said.

"Yes brother I know, I was the one who thought of the idea." The black hair boy spoke as they stopped in front of the tree. I gave a giggle then covered my mouth with my hand when I realized how loud it was. "Did you hear that?"

"Yes I did." Thor spoke. "Who goes there?" My heart froze and stood completely still. "Come forward. We have heard you already so show yourself!"

"Thor, we do not know who is hiding. We could be in danger." The black haired boy said in a low voice.

"I fear nothing now show yourself and your punishment will not be death!" Thor shouted and I rolled my eyes? I took a breath and walked out from behind the tree.

"Well...I surrender." I said and shrugged my shoulders. Thor and the black haired boy's eyes widened as they looked at me. "Please don't kill me." I said giving them my best puppy dog eyes. The boys shook their heads before approaching me.

"No, of course not, tell us, who are you?" Thor asked me.

"My name is Odette Swan. Who are you?" I asked them.

"How can you not know who we are? Are you not from Asgard? From what realm are you from?" The dark haired boy said.

"No I don't. I thought this was a dream but everything seems so real. I'm from earth." I said to them and their eyes widened again.

"From Midgard? How did you get here?" Thor asked this time.

"Midgard? I don't know how I got here I just woke up." I said to them, confused about what they're talking about.

"Midgard is Earth, what we Asgardiens call it. And you say you just woke up here?" The black haired boy spoke.

"Yeah...I went to take a nap and woke up here I think as soon as I fell asleep. I like this place, its pretty." I said and gave them a smile that put color in their cheeks.

"Thank you. My name is Thor son of Odin and this is my brother Loki son of Odin. It is a please to meet you Odette Swan." Thor said and kissed the top of my hand like a real prince would. I giggled as Loki did the same thing.

"I'm sorry if I interrupted your mom's birthday. I can help you pick out some flowers she'll like if you want." I said to them.

"Yes. We can use your help." Loki said and I smiled.

"Ok, let me look around and I'll put some flowers together." I said and turned around and started to look through the rows and rows of flowers. When I picked some Thor would take out his dagger and cut a few.

"How do you know so much about flowers?" Thor asked me.

"My aunt Lin works in a flower shop. Over the summer I go and stay with her so she taught me how to make flowers work together." I said once I had enough flowers and started to move them around until they looked pretty. Loki went and got a ribbon so I could tie everything together. "There you go. Your mom is going to love these." I said and handed them over to Thor.

"Thank you. Do you know how long you are staying here?" He asked me.

"I really don't know. Maybe we'll see each other again?" I asked them.

"We will. I know it." Thor said and gave me a smile.

"It was nice to meet you Odette." Loki said and also gave me a smile.

"You too Loki. Bye guys." Said and watch them run off with smiles on their faces. Deep inside I felt so happy. They didn't see me as weird or as a freak.

That's because they don't know...

I frowned and started to continue exploring the palace. I won't tell them. I can't...If I come back and we become friends...I won't tell them but what happens every month. They will hate me if they find out.

I just hope they never have to find out.


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