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In this chapter we have a bit of fun for the trio. Mostly, showing that even though Odette has these wings she is still a little girl. In the next chapter I am going to skip a year and have some fun with that.

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I'm so excited!

Today is an exciting day for me because I get to show Loki and Thor one of my favorite movies! They've never seen a move before so I decided to bring my portable projector so we can watch the movie on the wall. It's kind of a girly movie but I know they'll like it! I packed up the brownies I made while I stayed home from school again. My parents don't care if I miss school or not. So long as I pass, they don't talk to me about school.

I got everything ready, changed my clothes, and got everything onto the bed (hiding under the covers so my parents don't see). I didn't care if I've missed dinner or not because I really don't care by now what my parents think. By now I'm surprised if they even say good morning to me. I closed my eyes and waited for the rainbow lights to take me to the only place where I feel at home.

When I did arrive I gathered my things together and went towards the Grand Hall where I told Thor and Loki to meet me where there's a large wall for us to use. When I arrived, I noticed that that large pillows and blankets were gathered near the left sided wall where fruit and cooked beef sat in golden bowls.

"Odette!" Thor cried out when he saw me and rushed to help with the things in my hands. "So, this is it?" he pointed to the projector. I nodded and sat it on a small table where it could easily set up without being in the way.

"Yep! I also brought a ton of movies to watch!" I said and handed my Hello Kitty Backpack filled with my favorites. "Loki, you can pick first. Then Thor can pick his and I'll pick mine last." I said and unwrapped my brownies.

"What are these?" Loki asked as I sat the brownies down on the blankets.

"Brownies. You can have one once the movie starts. Did you pick one?" Loki nodded his head and handed over the movie he picked out. The Lion King. One of the first movies I ever watched. I smiled and went over to the projector, telling the boys to sit down while I got things ready.

"Wait! I forgot to close the curtains!" Thor cried out and hurried to close them, making the room dark so we could see the movie better. I'm surprised that Thor has now taken upon himself to do things without the help of others. He thanks her servants when they do things for him and his parents have noticed a change in attitude now that we spend most, if not all, of their time together.

It felt nice to see Thor consider others now.

Once the curtains were drawn, the three of us sat together, as the movie started. During the movie, they were engrossed in it except for a few times were they asked questions as to why they broke out in song a few times but they enjoyed it none the less. My least favorite part of the movie is when Simba's dad dies. We all agreed though that Scar was our hated character though. By the seconds movie, Toy Story that Thor picked out, Thor and Loki's mom and dad decided to join us. They sat behind us with pillows behind them as the movie played on. Thor leaned next to me that having talking toys sounded interesting but I told them that there were no talking toys on Earth. They were just powered by batteries.

I told him to shush after we were getting to a good part.

After Toy Story I went and changed out the movies to the one I wanted to watch. I told them that this was my favorite because it's a dream of mine. Thor rolled his eyes and said that it's mostly a girl's movie but I also told him that it is fit for a boy too since it involved fighting monsters and dark magic. Thor and Loki smiled and waited for the movie to start.

The Swan Princess.

The reason why I love this movie so much is because it reminds me of myself because the Odette in the movie is almost like me, only she's older and braver than I am. I would feel the Queen and King's eyes on the back of my head so I turned my head around and smiled at them, giving them a wave. They smiled back but to me, they were sad smiles. Something was on their mind and they looked really sad as we watched on. Loki seemed interested in the magic in the movie while Thor looked at Derek as a hero figure. When they got to the one song I started to softly sing along with it, since I've seen it so many times. I glanced over and saw that Thor was looking at me with this strange look that made my face heat up and my voice staggered as he continued to watch me.

I've never seen that look on Thor's face before and it made all these strange feelings flutter in my stomach. I glanced over at Loki but he was too enraptured in the movie that he didn't notice Thor watching me. When it came to the end, I tried not to hug my pillow tightly as I watched as Odette 'die' from Derek saying I love you to another Odette whose a fake. Derek killed the monster who turned out to be the evil sorcerer and held the 'dead' Odette in his arms. The three of us did yell in joy when Odette came back to life and married Derek in a sweet romantic ending.

"I can see why you love this movie Odette, she is an older version of yourself." The queen said and the three of us turned to see her smiling at us.

"That's my dream your highness. I want to meet a prince and become a princess!" I said and both Loki and Thor protested.

"Are we not Princes?" Thor asked and got to his feet.

"You are but you guys are my brothers, I can't marry you! That's gross!" I too got to my feet and placed my hands on my hips. And evil smile came across my lips as I pushed Thor to the ground and ran past him. "TAG! You're it!" I screamed as Thor called out once he hit the ground. "Run Loki!" Loki got up from where he said and ran away from his brother. The queen and king looked at us with smiles on their faces as they watched us play tag in the great hall.

~No One's POV~

"What are you thinking my queen?" the king asked the queen as they watched their kids plays.

"I just thought of an idea for our young lady. It seems she would love to be a princess someday." The queen turned to her husband with a soft smile.

"Are you thinking of pairing her with one of our sons?" the king asked with a smile of his own.

"I will let the decision be hers should one of our sons fall for her. What better way to get our sons married if they end up truly loving the girl." The queen said as she watched her son Thor tag the little blond angel.

"You do remember she is not of our world. Or of any royal blood?" The king said but the queen shook her head and rested her head on her husband's chest.

"Does it have to matter when they are happy? I haven't seen my sons so well behaved in years. Should they fall in love with the girl, and she too one of them I say we should allow them to be together. We can take her from her horrid home and give her one that truly loves and cares for her." She looked up and kissed her husband softly. "Please my love."

The king thought for a moment, his eyes moving along with the children who are laughing in joy as they played together. The smile stretched across his face at he spoke softly to his wife. "Should they fall in love, I will allow it. To also make you have a daughter in the future as well."

"And maybe some grandchildren!" The queen's smiled stretched widely as she imagined small children running around the palace. She always wanted this place to be filled with children laughter. They both chuckled, and continued to watch the children, thinking of the futute ahead.

It looked very bright for the young mortal child.


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