This isn't a chapter. I have bits of this story written, and it would honestly not take long for me to go through and proof read and fine tooth comb everything.

However, I have a passion for anything written, and I refuse to post something I'm not excited about. I need to be able to feel the passion for my writing as I write it and post it for all you lovely readers. I plan to finish my story, and I have outlines for the rest of it. I even know exactly how it's going to end.

But while I love The Walking Dead, I've been thinking about some other genres of possible writing I could venture into. When I write, the idea suddenly hits me. Sometimes I can wait a few days before I copy my thoughts down, but I obsess over the idea until I can't hold back anymore.

That's how I usually feel with The Walking Dead. And once I go on a zombie binge and watch every episode on Netflix, I'll be right back, typing furiously.

Don't think I've abandoned this story, because I plan on so much more happening. I'm still excited for it, I just don't think I can stomach the idea of trying to write something that's forced and not fueled by my desire to write.

Thank you all for being so understanding! I appreciate you standing with me, even when I've gone through so much to make it difficult for you to be willing to keep me around! Hope you all enjoy your week! I'm not sure when I'll be back, but hope to see y'all then!