Jeff's eyes trailed down to the booklet he held in his hand then moved over to Annie; all the while a half smile curved along his lips. Annie struggled and stretched for the planner but Jeff merely held it straight out in front of him at eye level, well out of her reach. All the while she hemmed and hawed over him not giving the planner back.

"Come on Jeff!" she struggled to get it but she just didn't have the reach. "This isn't funny!"

"And I completely agree with you," Jeff said, though his grin protested his words. "I think we might need to get you some help. I mean there's type A personality but this is… type A+"

In spite of the intended jab Annie smiled a bit and glanced away. "A+? You really think so?"

"Annie! I'm not kidding! This is certifiable stuff! You actually have it marked in your planner that we have a substitute teacher today! Tell me one reason, just one, that that's something that not only needs to be remembered, but written down?"

"Because that's who I am Jeff! I like having every possible variable in my week mapped out as well as I can. Substitutes teachers almost never follow the lesson plan so I have to make sure I know what it actually is so I can keep the class on track!"

"Only you," Jeff rolled his eyes, giving Annie the chance she needed to scoot up in front of him and snatch the booklet away. "Remember back when you were trying to always live in the moment? I'm pretty sure that Annie would beat you up."

"You'll see, when we get to our history class the new teacher will ask what chapter we're on and I'll be able to lead him there."

"It's times like this that I really wonder what you were like when you started doing adderall, I have a hard time imagining an even more tightly wound Annie."

"Well if we're going to nitpick at each other I have a hard time imagining what you'd be like if you ran out of that facial lotion you apply when you think none of us are looking. It's okay Jeff, lots of guys still get acne after puberty."

Jeff actually stopped in his tracks and watched as Annie grinned and kept on walking. He hated it when she chose moments to actually dish it back at him. He shook his head, knowing that wasn't true either, the smile creeping back on his face attested to that.

He quickly caught back up to her and the pair slipped into the classroom. As usual, the rest of the study group beat him there; each of them sat at their various tables, in their preferred groupings. Troy and Abed, Britta and Shirley, Pierce and… well today it looked like him and Neil were bffs, who knew what next week would bring..

"The teacher's not here?" Annie said and she and Jeff took the last remaining table. "I hope the school remembered to hirer a substitute."

"Yeah, because that would be tragic if they forgot," Jeff said. "It's a good thing you'll be able to tell us what lesson we're on."

Annie fired a glare at him and Jeff just smiled innocently. He considered getting in another jib but before he could really form a new one, the door swung open and young man in a tweed jacket and a bowtie rushed in holding a stack of papers. The man spilled the papers on to the nearest table, which happened to be occupied by Garrett. He then took a step back, straightened the mop of dark hair he had flopped to one side, and planted his hands on his hips, revealing a pair of suspenders beneath the jacket.

"Alright, you lot," the man said with a British accent as a smile appeared on his face. "Who's ready to learn about history?"

When no one responded immediately the man changed his weight from one foot then back to the other and moved his hands toward his stack of papers as though he was trying to figure out if they might have the answer to his very simple question. He seemed to think better of it and turned his attention back to the classroom.

"This is History 101 isn't it? Tell me I didn't accidentally go to the St. Josephine's All Girl Academy again!? Sister Marie Louise was so cross the last time… don't even have an excuse this time... Never underestimate what a nun will do during an Indian attack… No, wait… I can find this out, all I need to…. Each of you, study your letter books and I'll be right back."

With that their teacher blew out of the room, leaving the door swinging in his wake. The class remained absolutely silent for a moment Jeff glanced over to Annie, who seemed as confused as he was. Pierce muttered something about the teacher being a fruitcake and Jeff glanced back at the rest of the Study Group. Each one wore a befuddled look except Abed who just nodded as if what they just saw made perfect sense.

The door flew open again and their sub strode back in smacking his lips in disgust and wrinkling his nose.

"No, definitely not St. Josephine's, far too much asbestos! Also I should have noticed the severe lack of feline nuns! Alright class! Greendale Community College, Greendale. Colorado, United States of America, year…" The teacher popped a finger in his mouth then held it up in the air as if feeling for a breeze. "… year 2012! Very good! Now everyone open your books to page-"

"Excuse me," Pierce called out, everyone turned toward him with exception of the teacher. "Excuse me! Limey! I'm talking to you!"

"Oh I'm sorry," the teacher looked up from the text book he'd grabbed from Garrett. "What can I do for you?"

"How about you give us a name? It's customary to do that in this country. Something you should no about, we did kick your ass twice and then saved it twice."

"A name, right," the teacher grinned than ran to the chalkboard and began writing his name as he spoke. "You can call me the Doctor."

"The Doctor?" Shirley said. "Is there anything else that goes with that? Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor!" the Doctor underlined his name. "Doctors teach classes. I'm the doctor that teaches this class. Therefore I am the Doctor. Now class, who can tell me which chapter we're on in the book?"

Jeff glanced over at Annie who proudly shot her hand up in the air.

"Yes, Miss Edison," The Doctor pointed at her and Jeff frowned. How did he know her name?

"Chapter 11," Annie said. "We were just getting to the fall of Troy."

"Wait what?" Troy said from behind them. Jeff rolled his eyes.

"Fall of Troy…" the Doctor flipped through the book and then frowned, barely even looking at the pages. "Oh what rubbish! This is what you think happened? It's no wonder you still haven't invented dance pants yet. Okay then class, I want you to take your books and throw them out! Go on go on! Throw them out, they're useless!"

The Doctor marched to the window, slid it open and hefted his text book, which was actually Garrett's, outside. Troy and Abed eagerly followed along with the rest of the class. Jeff grinned over at Annie, who had gone completely pale at the sight of a teacher rallying his students to ditch their books.

"Come along Edison!" the Doctor motioned toward her. "Throw it out!"

Jeff gave Annie a tiny push, happy to see this insanity not only give him a free day from learning, but also wanting to see Annie work herself silly in finding a way out of tossing her book away. So much for writing down the substitution in her planner!

"Really Doctor," Annie said as she approached the window. "We'll need these books for tomorrow! Okay, well it's Friday but we'll need them on Monday."

"Annie Edison," The Doctor smiled widely and leaned against the window seal on one of his gangly arms. His eyes met with hers and then locked. "In forty minutes with me, you'll learn more about the whole of history than you would by reading those books for forty years. Go on Edison, toss the book out, take your seat and let me open your eyes to new ways of learning you never even dreamed of."

That was when Jeff's smile faded, because Annie let out an airy 'okay' then tossed her book out the window. Jeff tried to toss aside what he saw, but he could only watch as Annie cupped her hands over her mouth when her book hit the small pile of her classmate's books; the Doctor grinned and clapped a hand on Annie's shoulder.

"There you go! Ha Ha!"

Then Annie combed her hair over one ear and giggled. She giggled! Jeff's eyes shot to the Doctor how just laughed and motioned her toward her seat. Who was this guy? He had a massive Frankenstienian chin! He couldn't have been older than thirty… or was he closer to Jeff's age? It was hard to tell, all that Jeff did know was at this point was that the guy was tall, a little crazy, and his chin bone was probably in the Guinness book of world records!

Annie took her seat next to him and Jeff beat back the instinct to say anything to her. Even to look at her, instead he turned his attention to his phone and occasionally shot a look at the Doctor, who had slammed the window shut and was now sitting at the teacher's desk with his legs propped up on the table top.

"Now class," the Doctor said. "In order to properly illustrate to you what actually happened at the Fall of Troy, without taking you there, I'm going to need twelve boxes of Legos, two brooms, a tesla coil, thirty mars bars, and a sombrero!"

Jeff changed his mind, this guy wasn't just a little crazy. He was out of his mind! And apparently the rest of the class thought so too, because they remained still in their seats and silent as they could, as they stared at their teacher, trying to figure out if he was for real. The Doctor sat up and placed his hands on the desk.

"Well go on! Time's wasting! I know you can find these things around the school! Chop chop! Time isn't going to just stand still for you lot! Get a move on!"

The class scrambled and Jeff made it out the door with the rest of the study group. He let the chatter amongst themselves before he turned to them and stood just a little taller, ready to take his leadership role.

"Alright guys, you know what this means?" he said. "The teacher just gave us permission to play hooky. I say we head to Señor Kevins."

"No way! He's going to teach us history with Legos!" Troy said and his voice cracked just a bit as he spoke. "I can't tell you how long I've waited for a teacher that would do that!"

"I know where Chang's stuff got stored when he got fired," Abed said. "We can get a sombrero there!"

"You've got to be kidding me," Jeff said. "You guys, opportunities like this only come once every so often! Who are we to bite the hand of life when it's feeding us a chance to have time off? Do you want to look back at your lives and wonder where it all went or be like-"

"Sorry Jeff," Britta said. "But we don't really have time for one of your speeches. That guy in there is a little crazy, if all the things he needs are gathered before we get back he might start without us."

The study group let out a collective 'yeah' and broke away to take part in their substitutes bizarre historical scavenger hunt. Annie fell into line besides Abed and Troy and Jeff was left standing there by himself, wondering what the hell just happened.

"Annie," he called out in a last ditch effort. "I bet we can sneak outside and get your text book back."

"Maybe later," she looked back at him and shrugged. "I really want to see where this is going. Live in the moment right? Or as they say in French Allons-y!"

She turned and fled down the hall with her roommates and Jeff just stood there, right in front of the door. For a few seconds he debated on whether or not to go after her but instead jumped back when the Doctor popped his head out the door and looked around.

"Did someone say something in French?" he said then turned to the only other person who heard him. "Jeff! I'm glad you're still hear, I forgot that for the demonstration I'm going to need a pound of chocolate ice cream. You think you could get that for me? I would but my freezer is currently in the swimming pool."

"Fine whatever," Jeff rolled his eyes and stormed off.

"That's the spirit! Geronimo!"


"Of course! Geronimo! Go get 'em! Forward! All that great stuff! You'll love the lesson I have planned! You and your entire study group!"

Jeff shook his head, desperately trying to get a feel for this guy finally he sighed. "For some reason I keep feeling like this is something ripped from that weird Spacetime show Troy and Abed love so much."

"Inspector Spacetime?" the Doctor said. "I love Inspector Spacetime! Try to not to miss it whenever I can, busy life and they've never gotten around to sending me the royalty checks I'm owed."

"Yeah, I bet that's rough," Jeff said. "Alright, ice cream."

"Ice cream," the Doctor said. "Chocolate… no! Better make it rocky road… yes, that will do, this is ancient Greece we're talking about after all."

Jeff just nodded and started off. He didn't get more than a few steps before the Doctor called out to him again.

"Oh and Jeff, better make it quick."

"Why?" he replied. "It's not like the class is going anywhere."

"You'd be surprised the places this class will go..." the Doctor grinned and Jeff thought he caught a glimpse of seriousness, something that made him forget, at least for a moment, how very insane this all was. "... Believe you me, very surprised mate."