This was written for the painfully bad and or awkward kisses challenge! I don't own HP, but I hope you all enjoy anyways!

Narcissa watched as Regulus Black spoke to the Dark Lord. She wondered why he was here… hell, she wondered why she was even there.

Right, because her fiancé Lucius wanted to be. He thought that the crap the Dark Lord was spouting was the greatest thing in the entire world.

But Narcissa knew better. But she didn't have a choice, because she was brought up to become the perfect Pureblooded wife, and if Lucius wanted to be here, then she did as well. Narcissa didn't want to end up like Andromeda.

She took off down a hallway, not wanting to be in the same room as that monster. She wandered about the Manor, looking at all the portraits.

Lucius was most likely in his study, so she made her way in that direction. Although she didn't like his political views, she did love him and was happy that they were getting married in a few months time.

She opened the door to the study, noticing all the lights were off. That's strange, because they were on a few moments before.

She heard a drawer slam shut and at once knew it was Lucius. "Why is it so dark?" She asked.


She scrunched her eyebrows up in confusion. Why wasn't he answering her?

She heard the scuffle of feet and then suddenly, hands were on her waist. She went to yelp in fright, but his lips crashed down upons hers.

Instantly, she melted into his touch, kissing him back with such ferocity. His hands clutched at her tightly, holding her in his embrace.

She had never known Lucius to be so bold! She let out a soft moan, causing him to growl in response.

"Oh Lucius," she whispered, before he captured her lips again.

Suddenly, the door to the study opened and the lights turned on.

"What's going on here!" A voice shouted from the doorway.

One that sounded just like….

"Lucius," she said with disbelief, turning to face him.

Weren't they just…..?

Turning, Narcissa saw Regulus giving her a goofy grin. He sent a wink her way, regardless of her fuming fiancé in the doorway.

Anger burst up within her, her hand coming up and slapping him across the face. "You tricked me!" She shrieked.

Regulus shrugged. "I never said anything love."

"But I said Lucius multiple times…" Narcissa was gob smacked, her heart racing.

Regulus made his way towards the doorway, "Give me a call if you'd like me to be Lucius once more," with another wink, he slipped by Lucius, who was torn between talking to Narcissa, who was obviously upset, and going after Regulus and hexing him into next week.

Narcissa's frantic sob made up his mind. Lucius crossed the room towards her, pulling her into his arms.

"I didn't know…" she muttered, clutching his chest.

Lucius rubbed her back affectionately. "I'm not angry at you," he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Narcissa had never felt more embarrassed! What on awkward situation that was, having your fiancé walked in on your kissing another man.

And what's worse, was she enjoyed every moment of it.