"I yield young Naruto. You win this battle, but remember there will always be another one."


With that said Naruto woke up with a jolt to find he had fallen on the floor. Haku rushed in to find out what the commotion was about. She looked down to see Naruto had fallen in a heap of limbs and blankets onto the ground. "Bad dream!"

"Haven't had one in years. So no it wasn't a bad dream," Naruto untangled himself and got up off the floor, "In fact I don't know what to make of the dream."

"Well, tell me about it." Haku sat down on his bed followed by Naruto. He then proceeded to retell his dream leaving out the part of his demon form. "Well it seems as if the previous owner left a piece of his soul in your sword. So if someone could retrieve it he could later test them to see if they were worthy of its power."

"Makes sense who knew I'd find the sword anyways?"

"The gods probably."

"Bullshit if they cared they wouldn't of cursed me as the Scourge of Konoha. Well I better get some sleep before old no brows starts my training."

Haku giggled before getting up, "Very well good night Naruto."

"Eh see ya." Naruto grabbed his blanket and threw it over him and fell asleep. Haku stared for a minute before turning the lights off and leaving.


After a fitful breakfast Zabuza took Naruto out and started him on a rigorous training program. Naruto after a few minutes realized why he was called a demon. After the morning workout came the basic sword katas, which Naruto could barely hold his arms up for. After the katas was the cool down period and lunch. Naruto then had the rest of the day off in which he chose to work with Haku on medical ninjutsu and chakra control. After a few days Haku had taught Naruto all the medical ninjutsu she knew and had started him up on wind chakra. After learning that he somehow had ice release as well. His only seemed to be almost alive. Zabuza had in that time advanced Naruto's swordplay training and increased his weights and morning workouts.

Naruto in the little free time he had left made his own mask and acquired a new uniform. He now wore a kyuubi mask with four red whisker marks on each cheek and a red mark in between the ears. He wore a reinforced white long sleeve shirt with a hooded short sleeve shirt over it. He also wrapped his hands in medical tape leaving his fingers bare. Lastly he wore Anbu style pants and black combat boots. Around his waist was a blood red obi sash with a gourd full of water attached securely to it. He also attached Wolf Fang on his left hip and two ninja pouches in the back.

During the rest of the time he developed the unique ability to control the dead and seal souls into object. Beyond this Naruto hadn't learned any other sealing arts. He also managed to master his transformation to the point where he could do it at will and use his youkai without any nasty side effects. He could also use small portions of it without transforming making his transformation even more of a secret.

-End of the Week-

After a week of rigorous training Naruto had mastered kenjutsu to the point that Zabuza told him he had to learn the rest on his own. Naruto could also hold his own in a pure sword fight against Zabuza and he was faster and stronger then Haku, though she had him beat in the flexibility department. During the week Naruto learn that Haku was the last of her clan after the Kekkei Genkai Purge of Kiri had killed the others off. Zabuza had took her in after he failed to kill the current Mizukage in an attempt to free Kiri of his evil strangle hold over it.

Ever since the two were on the run. Zabuza had trained Haku to be a weapon, but Naruto could tell Zabuza failed for the most part. "Ok gaki it's time we took out the bridge builder. I'm well rested and I've wasted enough time to train you."

"Very well let us go." Naruto and Haku put there masks on and left to head to the bridge. As soon as they arrived Zabuza went on a killing spree. As soon as he finished they hid in the shadows to wait for the bridge builder to arrive. A few minutes later the rest of Team 7 and the bridge builder arrived to find the carnage.

"Well, well, well it's been a while Kakashi." Zabuza walked out of the shadows bringing with him a thick mist. Kakashi stepped in front of the builder and pulled out a kunai.

"You killed one of my students. I will not let you kill anyone else Zabuza."

"I killed no one Kakashi, but these fools. If anyone killed him it would be your own students. I left him in a state that could easily of been fixed if your students weren't stupid enough to leave him to die." Sakura gasped and Sasuke went wide-eyed at the statement. Kakashi turned to look at his students.

"We'll discuss this later you two." The mist immediately thickened causing the Konoha shinobi to surround the builder.

"So many points to kill: kidneys, heart, neck, pancreas, lungs, etc., etc." Zabuza then cackled and sent water clones after them. Sasuke started to tremble from anticipation, "Do I scare you that much boy that you can't move."

"No I'm shaking from excitement."

"Go ahead," replied Kakashi. Sasuke dispatched the clones quickly and took off after the real Zabuza. Only to be blocked by Haku.

"Your fast, but I'm faster," Haku then pushed Sasuke back. They exchanged blows until Haku tied up one of Sasuke's hands.

"You're at a disadvantage now." Before Sasuke could reply Haku went through several one-handed signs, "One Thousand Death Needles!"

Water beneath them shot up and solidified into needles. Luckily before they could hit Sasuke leapt up into the air and came down with his kunai aimed at Haku's neck. That is until he was kicked away; getting up he found a man standing in front of Haku wearing a Kyuubi mask.

"Who are you?" Instead of replying Naruto stared at Sasuke and turned around walking away. "Hey I'm taking to you. Don't ignore an elite like me."

"If your an elite then I couldn't of touched you." Do to Naruto's mask muffling his voice they couldn't recognize him, but all could feel the killing intent in his voice. "Haku try not to get killed."

Haku then surrounded Sasuke by his ice mirrors.

-Zabuza and Kakashi-

"Who is he Zabuza?"

"Merely a shinobi looking for revenge. Be happy he decided to sit the battle out. Now if you want to save another student from the Shingami's arms then you need to kill me." Zabuza dashed forward and attacked Kakashi. Kakashi blocked the blow and threw a punch at Zabuza only for him to dodge it and kick Kakashi away. Kakashi pulled his Sharingan eye out.

"You're lucky Zabuza most shinobi don't live long enough to see my Sharingan twice."

"That won't work on me twice Kakashi. You see I've figured out how to counter your eye." With those words the mist got even thicker, "If you can't see me coming you won't be able to anticipate my attacks. If you can't see my eyes you can't cast genjutsu on me." Zabuza appeared with his eyes closed and swung at Kakashi trying to cleave him in half.

"How can you see with your eyes closed?" Kakashi jumped up over the sword.

"You forgot I'm a genius when it coming to the silent killing technique. I can hear and smell my opponent. I am not limited to my eyes like you Kakashi." Kakashi and Zabuza traded blows both blocking the other or dodging the other's attack. This went on until Kakashi found an opening and went to disable one of Zabuza's arms. Only to have a foot planted firmly into his face. The owner of the foot then kicked Zabuza away.

"I'm bored you'll fight me now old man." Kakashi looked up to find the Kyuubi mask wearing shinobi had gotten rid of the mist.

"I have no grudge against you shinobi-san. So please do not interfere again."

"Trust me if I wanted to I would of killed the bridge builder and your pathetic looking student. Now fight me." Naruto took up a fighting stance in between Kakashi and Zabuza. In fact the only reason he was doing this was because Haku had asked him to stop Zabuza from dying. Naruto could hardly careless if Zabuza died, but Haku wouldn't leave him alone until he agreed to.

"If you insist then I guess I have no choice then." Kakashi took up his own stance in front of the boy. Naruto took off after Kakashi jabbing left and right at Kakashi forcing him on the offensive. After a few lucky blows Kakashi made a shadow clone to attack from Naruto's blind side only for the clone to explode into a cloud of smoke temporarily blinding Kakashi.

"Summoning Jutsu: Undead Minions!" After the smoke cleared Kakashi was met by two armored skeletons wielding broad swords. Kakashi pulled out two kunai to block the blades from cutting him in half. Kakashi during that split seconded saw Naruto performing what looked like puppetry jutsu. Kakashi was the forced to jump up in the air when a third appeared and tried to stab him through the heart. During this time Kakashi noticed chakra strings attached to the skeletons.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Inferno!" Erupting from near Kakashi's mouth came golden colored flames that came down in an inferno consuming the three skeleton destroying the bones. Though Kakashi started celebrating his victory a little to early, because as soon as Kakashi landed a fourth skeleton with a giant battle axe came swinging down on him. At the very last second Kakashi created and substituted with a water clone. While the skeleton tried to free his axe from the bridge it was embedded into. Kakashi attached a lit explosive tag and jumped away. As soon as he landed the tag exploded destroyed the skull only for it to reform.

"If you want to survive you have to destroy all the bones." At that moment the axe wielding skeleton freed his axe from the bridge and charged Kakashi.

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