Hello there whoever is reading this. This is my first story. This is after Neji used 64 palms (Hyuga main family technique). Naruto will have eternal mangekyou sharingan(EMS is acronym) combined with Byakugan ,Rinnegan. Some DBZ elements.

"Hahahaha" Kyuubi saying

"Hahahaha" Kyuubi thinking

"hahaha" Character saying

"hahaha" Character thinking

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Neji stared down at the defeated Naruto "Stay on your knees you commoner". Naruto then found himself again in the sever (his mindscape if you don´t know what i´m talking about). " Do you realize how lucky you are boy?" Kyuubi said. Naruto then asked „Huh? Why in the world am I here?" Then he felt weird pain in his eyes and body. „Ha,ha ha ha. Boy you are becoming closest thing to gods. No you are going to surpass them. Ha ha ha. Eh..you are now experiencing pain of having modified your eyes. Also you are going to be immortal and your strength, control etc. will get better as you go". Then pain stopped. Naruto then looked at Neji and laughed. "Why are you laughing?" Then Naruto thought two words. "Shinra tensei" and Neji was blown away slightly but he didn´t fall. Then he saw with his Byakugan a red chakra surrounding Naruto. Then it dissapered. „Amaterasu" said Naruto then black flames enveloped Neji and started burning him. „Naruto stop it!" said Sarutobi. „Did you say something?" asked Naruto. Amaterasu flames burned Neji so hard that not even ashes remained. Then Sarutobi noticed that Naruto hasn´t opened his eyes at all. „Winner Naruto Uzumaki" said proctor. „Haha" said Naruto „why won´t you tell them my real name Sarutobi?


AU: I hope everyone is satisfied with updated chapter.