Tenth Installment. Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry have both gotten their big break; Quinn as the Co-Director of a small, but promising, movie and Rachel as the leading Co-Star. The drama, however, isn't all staying on the stage; and both have to decide wither to call "Action" or "Cut".

Professions - Unscripted - Director/Actress

I want to thank all my readers for the patience you have shown while waiting for this, and the upcoming, installments. It has really meant a lot to me that everyone has been so supportive and kind about all the setbacks. *I do not own Glee or Glee Characters* *Or music lyrics*


"Where is she?" Miss Fabray bellowed.

"She refuses to come out of her trailer," the makeup girl stammered.

Quinn rolled her eyes and brushed her way past the nervous girl. Several people were milling about outside the leading lady's trailer; makeup, hair, and costume personnel dove out of their director's way as she made a beeline for the star studded door.

"Miss Berry wants—" the starlet's agent, Jesse St. James, began to protest.

"Clear out!" Quinn snapped, turning her icy glare around the lot, "Everyone clear out. Tell Mr. Abrams to gear up for scene fifteen for now; we've already lost the light for today."

Everyone on the lot scattered with the exception of Mr. St. James. She arched a blonde eyebrow at him and crossed her arms.

"Miss Berry refuses to see anyone until she has calmed down," he called haughty. "She even declined to let me in, so you have little chance of having any luck with her for today."

"We'll see about that." Miss Fabray shrugged, knocking lightly at the door. "Miss Berry?"

Jesse chuckled when her knock went unanswered and Quinn proceeded to pound her fist against the trailer door.

"Rachel Barbara Berry, let me in right now," she demanded.

The blonde heard the latch shift and cast a smug glance over her shoulder at the man. "I won't be needing you for anything else today, St. James."

With that, she slipped inside and locked the door behind her. The trailer was dark and Rachel was nowhere to be seen; Quinn rubbed her hand and peeked through the blinds. Jesse was busy storming his way off the lot and she smirked once again.

"What is it now, Berry?" the director called with agitation.

As she turned around Rachel's lips were pressed roughly against hers and then the brunette stepped back and pouted.

"I haven't seen you in two days and that's all you have to say to me? What is it now?" Rachel whined.

Quinn continued to rub her hand. "Well you did just miss the shoot and I think I've bruised my wrist, so yeah, I think that's a good place to start."

"Oh," the brunette crooned, reaching out to take Quinn's hand and place a light kiss on it. "Don't be cross with me."

"Rachel," the blonde groaned.

Miss Berry dropped Miss Fabray's hand and crossed her arms. "I am the one that should be cross with you, after all. Gone for two days without so much as a call! I waited all day for an apology and you just now show up to yell at me!"

She rolled her hazel eyes and sighed. "We both made it clear that this is not a relationship. If you wanted to talk to me you could have called me yourself."

Rachel frowned and stomped her foot, which only made Quinn giggle.

"What do you want?" the blonde soothed. "Flowers?"

"That would be a nice start," the woman pitched.

The blonde smirked at the brunette. "I'll get right on it."

Rachel smiled and grabbed her by the hand, tugging her gently towards the back of the trailer. She was in a long silk robe that was predominantly gold with white accents and stars; Quinn followed her into the ransacked bedroom. Her leading lady had definitely had quite the tantrum earlier; she cleared a space on the bed and stretched out. Rachel slid the door shut and spun around.

"Did you at least miss me?" the brunette asked with a pout.

Quinn arched an eyebrow and teased, "I missed some things."

Rachel laughed and let the robe fall to the floor, exposing her fully naked body. Quinn bit down on her lip as she watched the woman walk towards her slowly.

"What did you miss most?" Rachel asked seductively.

Quinn stood up and circled the brunette, letting her fingers trail lightly along the woman's tanned skin. Stopping behind her, she pressed her soft white palms against Rachel's buttocks and gave them a gentle squeeze before sliding them along the small of the actresses back, grazing her nails along the girl's ribcage, before cupping her bare breasts. Rachel broke free and whirled the blonde around, pushing her roughly onto the bed. Her fingers made quick work of Quinn's button down blouse before tugging off her slacks.

She slid off the blonde's panties before stepping back; Quinn shifted to the edge of the bed and waited, watching Rachel's warm brown eyes devour her. The brunette took her hands and pulled her up against her; Quinn shuddered at the delightful sensation of the other woman exploring her body. Her breath was already coming ragged and sporadic and she braced herself against the brunette. Suddenly, Rachel let go and turned, letting herself fall onto the bed gently; her dark eyes locked on Quinn's hazel orbs and she smiled slyly.

"Now," she rasped, "show me just how much you missed me."

Quinn chuckled and began to lean down towards her devious diva, but Rachel crossed her legs and propped herself up on her elbows. The blonde huffed and arched an eyebrow at the brunette. Her patience was wearing thin; Rachel was being more confusing than normal, which was saying a lot.

"I want you to SHOW me," the brunette demanded.

Her hazel eyes bulged momentarily and a flush of pink rushed to her cheeks; her leading lady locked her with an expectant stare as she patted the bed next to her. Quinn crawled up next to her and stared.

"Well?" Rachel giggled. "Action."

The blonde closed her eyes and let her hands drift over her skin, cupping her own breasts and pressing hard against her erect nipples. She could hear Rachel's breath catch in her throat and she opened her eyes. The brunette was chewing her lower lip, her brown eyes transfixed on Quinn's hands. Her own eyes rested on Rachel's breasts before closing again. The blonde slowly trailed her hands downward as she spread her legs slightly; she peeked at the brunette quickly as she grazed her inner thigh and smirked. The actress's hands were clenched tightly in the bed sheets and she was obviously struggling to control herself. Quinn teased for as long as she could stand it before pressing her hand against the apex of her legs; all the anticipation had made her quite wet. She'd been so caught up in Rachel's reactions she had almost forgotten the lust coursing through her body. Quinn was instantly aware now as she entered herself, relishing the rush of nerve reactions throughout her body. She could vaguely hear the brunette's reactions over her own breathing and panting. Quinn paused when Rachel brushed a few strands of hair away from her face and her eyes flew open again.

"Don't stop," the brunette instructed, and the blonde was more than happy to obey.

"Say my name," she whispered.

"Rachel," Quinn moaned as she pressed ever deeper into her core.

"Scream it," Rachel whispered again, her lips brushed agonizingly close to the blonde's ear.

"Rachel," Quinn rasped loudly. "Oh, fuck, Rachel!"

Her body simultaneously clenched and exploded; for a moment, Quinn felt as though she had lifted completely off the mattress and now she rested limp against the sheets as her skin continued to hum. She felt the women's tan hand stroke the side of her face before cupping her chin. Her hazel eyes fluttered open lazily.

"Now," Rachel crooned softly, "you can show me how much you missed me."

Rachel sat at her vanity still reeling from their time together; she was slightly disappointed that her director had been called away before she could discuss some of the script changes she felt needed to happen. Still, the evening hadn't been a total waste; her cheeks flushed again at the thought of what had just occurred. She flipped absentmindedly through her script; this was her first leading role. Rachel had suffered through being an extra, a background character, and commercials to get to this point and she expected it to be perfect.

When her manager had suggested an explicit affair with the director, Rachel had been resistant, but Jesse had assured her that this was how Hollywood worked. The brunette had already considered some light flirting, but he had insisted that wouldn't cut it for this role. Still, she counted herself lucky that Quinn had turned out to be quite more enjoyable than she'd anticipated, and Rachel had drawn the line at keeping it casual. She didn't agree with her agent about tricking the director into a faux relationship. She flipped lightly through the script in front of her and jumped when her cell phone began ringing.

"You must have done a tremendous job," Jesse began talking before Rachel could even say hello. "She left the lot humming to herself."

The brunette rolled her eyes and sighed. "I truly wish you wouldn't talk like that. You make me feel cheap."

"Are you kidding?" He laughed. "You've got the co-director wrapped around your little finger. You're not cheap; you're on your way to running the whole show."

"Mr. St. James," she chastised, "you make it sound so conniving. I'm merely doing what's best for my career, and the movie, and having legitimate consensual adult interaction."

"And you're doing it wonderfully; simply take the complement." Her manager chuckled. "Although, I do wish you'd reconsider taking things a step further."

"I do wish you'd stop asking me to reconsider." Rachel sighed back.

"Did you talk about the changes?" Jesse asked.

"She had to rush off," Rachel replied.

"She wouldn't have if you were her girlfriend," he sing-songed at her.

"It's just as well; I'm still working out the optimum way with which to present the changes," she added, ignoring his comment. "In fact, I'm looking over the script right now and I really should get back to it."

Begrudgingly, her manager agreed and hung up; Rachel looked back down at the script to Finding Us. The brunette was playing the role of dutiful wife, Kaela, whose marriage has taken a turn for the worse. She suspects her husband, Henry, of cheating and intends to do anything in her power to keep him—that is until she meets the girl he's been pursuing, Sahara, and they fall in love. All things considered, she liked the overall idea of the movie, but she felt her role as co-leading-lady was being overshadowed by Sahara and Henry. After all, Rachel had so many talents going unused and Kaela did seem to only become truly dimensional after meeting Sahara. It seemed to her that the audience should have more than just pity for her character. She wanted them to see that all along Kaela had been too good for her husband to start with.

Rachel scribbled a few more notes into the margins of her extra copy of the script before succumbing to the efforts of the day.

"I told you we should have gone with someone more professional," Artie sighed as he sipped his coffee.

"Rachel's perfect for the role," Quinn insisted as she kept pace with her co-director.

"Except she's a diva who misses shoots," he countered.

"I'll handle it," the blonde assured him. "After all, they're all divas, aren't they?"

Mr. Abrams wheeled himself in front of Quinn and stopped. "Quinn, this is your big break. If this movie does well, it'll start your whole career. I picked you because in classes you were one of the best and I loved working with you back then. I just don't want to see you blow your chance because you have a thing for the actress."

Miss Fabray glared down at him; he was probably her best friend. She'd had an accident her first year of college and was in a wheelchair for several months; Artie had reached out to her in their film classes and they'd remained friends long after she was able to walk again. Then, a year ago, he offered her this opportunity to co-direct with him on a story a high school friend of his had written.

"I'm not the only one with a thing for one of the actresses." Quinn smirked. "I promise you that it won't get in the way. We're not even in a relationship."

She added the last bit with a little bit of bite; Mr. Abrams had cast his girlfriend, Tina Cohen-Chang, in the role of Sahara, the wild artistic bar keeper that falls for Rachel's character while trying to avoid Henry's unwanted advances. Sahara's part had been cast from the beginning, and he'd promised to let her choose the actress for Kaela. From the moment Rachel Barbara Berry had stepped into the room, Quinn's mind had been made up.

"We still have plenty of time to recast," Artie pleaded, "but many more setbacks and the producers will pull their funding."

"I said I can handle it," the blonde snapped as she stepped around him and continued walking. "Are we going to go over the dailies or not?"

Artie sighed and shrugged, quickly catching up to her as she held the door to the editing studio open for him.

Rachel waited for her scene as a redheaded makeup girl worried over her last touches. Quinn was infuriatingly focused today and the brunette wondered if she was losing her appeal to the blonde.

"There, that should do it," the girl said uncertainly. "oh, wait, it's just—ok, now we're done."

Rachel turned her attention away from the back of her director's head and inspected herself in the mirror.

"That's actually very well done, um, what is your name again?" she commented casually.

"Emma," the makeup girl stammered.

"Every detail is perfectly symmetrical," Rachel nodded, "I've never seen anyone manage that with hair."

"Thank you." The redhead blushed.

"I'll bet you are far superior to Tina's stylist." The brunette smiled.

"Oh, I, well I wouldn't say," the woman pitched and cleared her throat.

"Well you'd better be the best on set." Rachel smiled. "My manager assured me I would have the absolute crème of the crop."

"We're ready for Kaela," someone called, and the brunette headed for the staging area without listening to Emma's reply.

She knew this scene backwards and forwards; it was actually one that she didn't feel needed any changes. Rachel took her spot on the first mark and prepared her expression for the scene.

"Action!" Quinn called.

Kaela fidgeted under the street light; she'd finally managed to find Henry's car. She wasn't even sure if she should feel surprised that it was parked outside a dingy looking bar. She had been so certain when she set out after their fight, but now she was at a complete loss for what to do. Part of her wanted to let this go as him blowing off steam after a little argument and nothing more, but in her heart, she was sure there was more to it than that. The door swung open and Kaela ducked into a nearby alleyway, suddenly realizing she wasn't fully ready to confront her husband, especially since she technically didn't have proof of infidelity.

Glancing around the corner, she could see someone helping him to his car; she couldn't make out any particular features between the darkness and their awkward shuffling, but it was clearly a woman. Kaela swallowed hard as she watched the woman struggle with the car door. Henry seemed to protest as she maneuvered him towards the driver's seat and she dearly wished she were close enough to hear what was going on. Her eyes flew wide open as she watched her husband practically maul the girl and she turned her back to the scene as she tried to regain her composure. The sound of the car door slamming pulled her attention back to the street and she was slightly relieved to see the woman hurrying back into the bar. Kaela peered at Henry's vehicle for several minutes before realizing that he must be sleeping it off in the car.

With slow and shaky steps she crept towards the automobile but stopped short of the back bumper; tears were threatening to break loose and trying to speak to him in this state—she wasn't even sure she could speak right now. Her eyes drifted to the battered wooden door of the bar and she tried to summon up her courage as she began crossing the street. One last pause as Kaela reached for the doorknob, a deep breath, before propelling herself forward into The Gypsy Tankard.

"Cut!" Quinn called out and Rachel popped her head back out of the stage door.

"Reset cameras," the blonde ordered and the command was echoed by stage hands and other personnel. "Rachel."

"Yes?" the brunette asked playfully as she made her way over to Quinn.

"That was a great take," her director complemented. "You've set the bar pretty high."

A wave of pink, undetectable under her layers of makeup, warmed her cheeks, and for a moment, Rachel forgot to play coy.

"Thank you," she breathed.

Quinn arched an eyebrow at her and chuckled. "I wasn't sure you knew those words."

The brunette quickly got herself back under control, jutting her lip out in an exaggerated pout. "Well then, I suppose I won't be wasting my good manners on you any longer, Miss Fabray."

"That's just fine," the blonde teased, lowering her voice as she added, "You're rather sexy when you're rude."

Once again the actress lost a few seconds of her mask, but she quickly covered by resting her hand on the director's shoulder. letting her thumb trace lightly along the woman's neck.

"In that case," she husked, "you should join me in my trailer tonight. I promise to be particularly rude."

Quinn smiled and winked before clearing her throat. "You should get back to Emma. She'll want to touch you up before we run the next camera setup."

"Hhhmmm?" Rachel hummed, for the moment lost in daydreaming. "Who?"

"Miss Berry," her redhead stammered, "I need you to—"

"Of course," the brunette answered, hurrying back over to her chair.

Quinn bit down hard on the corner of the pillow as she tried to control her volume; it might not be a secret that Rachel and she were flirting on set, but she didn't need the entire cast and crew to hear exactly what was going on behind closed doors. Rachel giggled between her legs, sending even move shivers along her body. The blonde's hands shook as she pressed her palm against her mouth, tasting a little of the salt of their efforts as she did so. Quinn arched and did her best to keep her knees under control as Rachel brought her to climax.

The brunette smirked up at her and she tried to put on an unimpressed façade, though she knew it wouldn't be convincing. With a sigh, she sat up and brought their lips together before collapsing back against the sheets. Before long, Rachel rested next to her and hummed.

"Should I go?" Quinn asked.

"What?" Rachel murmured. "Why would you need to leave?"

The blonde rolled onto her side and sighed. "I don't know. I've just never hung around after; honestly, I've never done the casual thing, so I'm just not sure what's expected of me."

The woman's warm brown eyes seemed to soften. "Of course you are welcome to stay if you want to. I don't find your company objectionable."

Quinn let out a short laugh and looked down at her hands; she wanted to stay, but what was she supposed to do? Make small talk, talk about the movie, or just wait around for round two? The last option caused her to need to clear her throat; it was a pretty tempting option.

"Have you seriously never," Rachel paused, chewing her lower lip for a second, "never been in a casual sexual relationship?"

"Not since I accepted that I'm gay." She shook her head.

"I find that hard to believe," the brunette half teased. "I imagine you've been quite the heart breaker."

Quinn adjusted herself against the pillows. "Sorry to disappoint you, but the last heart I broke was my freshman high school boyfriend's. Since then, I've been the break-ee not the breaker."

"Oh?" Rachel crooned.

"I'd really rather not talk about it all if that's alright," she snapped, cringing a little at her own tone. "Sorry."

"Perfectly alright," the other woman shrugged, "obviously you're still in love with one of them. That can't be easy."

Quinn was going to protest, but decided she'd rather Rachel think that than the truth. It was less embarrassing and awkward.

"I have been hoping to talk about the script," the brunette said. "I mean if you don't mind."

She was more than happy to switch subjects. "What about the script?"

Rachel sat up excitedly and smiled. "I love the story, I really do, I just feel that Kaela could be a little more well-rounded."

Something about her sudden enthusiasm and the spark in her brown eyes made Quinn's stomach flutter. She smirked and nodded her head, not at all sure of her voice at the moment.

"I think that the audience needs more reason to feel for her than just a rough marriage," the actress continued. "A few simple adjustments would not only round out her character, but set up a logic and reason for her and Sahara to connect beyond attraction."

Once again Quinn nodded.

Rachel paused briefly, as if waiting for some other kind of reaction, and then recommenced her pitch. "I think showing that the marriage had at least felt real before Henry started acting suspiciously gives more weight to what Kaela thinks she's losing, and it could easily be done with a few added lines. Also, I think a few touches of artistic or musical inclination would help round out Kaela and draw a parallel to Sahara—and you just so happen to have an actress who can properly perform musically. Not to sound conceited, of course."

"Well," the brunette gasped after a short pause, "what do you think?"

Quinn finally pried her eyes away from Rachel's lips; all of what the girl had said settled in her mind, and it actually made a lot of sense. The actress waited for a response, her eyes impossibly large as she fidgeted with the edge of the sheet. For a second, the blonde wasn't able to speak again—this nervous Rachel was every bit as hot as excited Rachel—but eventually she cleared her throat.

"I think those are really good ideas," Quinn assured her. "I should talk to the writers."

"I have a few possibilities outlined in my script," the woman offered quickly.

"Then I'd love to see them." The blonde chuckled.

Rachel sprang up and headed for the door and Quinn prepared to thoroughly enjoy watching her bare body retreat and return, but the brunette paused and turned around. Her brown eyes darkened and her smile turned impish. Suddenly, their lips crashed together as Rachel landed against her on the bed.

"On second thought," the actress whispered, "I think I'll show them to you after."

She hummed quietly to herself as she added the last layer to her casserole; she hoped his favorite dish would cheer her husband up.

Mr. Blue, I told you that I love you
Please believe me.
Mr. Blue, I have to go now darling,
Don't be angry.

This had always been her song to Henry; they'd met in perhaps the worst year of his life. She felt like she'd been cheering him up for years, but it had never been quite this hard before.

I know that you're tired,
Know that you're sore and sick,
And sad for some reason.
So I'll leave you with a smile,
Kiss you on the cheek,
And you will call it treason.

Something had changed; Kaela just didn't know what. One day they were talking about having kids and the next it felt like winter had blown into the house.

That's the way it goes some days,
A fever comes at you
Without a warning.
And I can see it in your face,
You've been waiting to break
Since you woke up this morning.

She dusted off her apron as she stepped into the dining room and straightened the table cloth and silverware. She had everything planned for dinner to be ready as soon as Henry arrived home from work.

Mr. Blue, don't hold your head so low
That you can't see the sky.
Mr. Blue, it ain't so long
Since you were flying high.

She jumped at the sudden sound of the door opening.

"Henry?" she called.

"Yeah," he replied.

"You're home early," Kaela commented. "Is anything wrong?"

"What," Henry grumbled, "can't a man come home early anymore? Am I ruining your plans?"

"Of course not," she hurried, trying to head off this fight before it started. "Of course I'm glad you're home. I just wasn't expecting it. I had everything planned to be ready in half an hour. I'm making your favorite..."

Henry loomed in the doorway for a few seconds before grunting and heading for the living room. Kaela frowned and followed after him, watching as he plopped himself down in his easy chair. Gently, she reached out to run her fingers through his hair, but he only brushed her hand away with a huff.

"Don't I even get a kiss?" she asked cautiously.

"I've had a long day, Kaela," Henry groaned, slumping down further in the chair.

I know that you're tired,
Know that you're sore and sick,
And sad for some reason...

"Damn it, Kaela," her husband erupted. "Give me a goddamned minute to get settled."

"I'm sorry," she sniffled, "I was just trying to—I'll leave you alone."

She held back the tears until she reached the kitchen and got the sink running, and then she let the hot little drops of frustration fall into soapy water. There was no reason for him to be so irritated with her; she was doing everything she could think of to make him happy—to make things like they used to be. By the time the last of the dishes were rinsed and draining, Kaela had her tears under control and she shut the water off again. She wiped her face and turned around to see Henry in the kitchen doorway.

"So I guess I'm the bad guy?" he asked.

"No, no," Kaela stammered. "I just-I just wish..."

"What?" Henry snapped.

"I just wish I knew what you wanted," she stated quickly. "I wish things were like they used to be, but I don't even know what I've done to upset you."

"Things are fine." Her husband shrugged.

"Then why are you so cold to me?" Kaela pleaded.

"I'm not. I don't know what you're talking about!" Henry fumed.

Kaela whimpered and tried to hold back fresh tears.

"See? That's what I'm talking about," he grumbled. "I don't know what you're being so hysterical over."

She took a deep breath. "I'm just trying to get close to you, but you won't let me."

"Because I needed a few minutes after work to wind down?" Henry scoffed.

"It's not about today," Kaela insisted.

Her husband threw his hands up in the air and headed for the back door.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"To get some air," he called over his shoulder before slamming the door.

Kaela heard him start up the car and sighed. "You're always running away from me."

"Cut!" Quinn called.

Rachel instantly turned to face the blonde, waiting for her opinion on the scene.

"You were perfect, Rachel," Miss Fabray assured her.

The brunette sighed and once again felt her cheeks warming. Sam, the actor playing Henry, jogged back onto set.

"We're going to shoot the scene again," the director announced. "Sam, your presence was very good, but you stumbled a little over a few of the lines."

Rachel shot the man a knowing glance; she was glad that Quinn had noticed. She was getting tired of being the one to have to bring it up.

"It's all these new lines," Sam groaned. "I don't see what was wrong with the old script. In this scene I come off as an ass."

"You are," Rachel chimed in. "That is, Henry is, and he was in both versions of the script."

"I just liked it better before." He shrugged.

"Well, the script has changed," the director cut back in, "so we're going to shoot until we get it perfect."

The brunette beamed at Quinn and tried to ignore the dirty look her costar was shooting her. They'd kept her name out of the script changes, but everyone still seemed to suspect that Rachel was behind Kaela's revamping. As far as she was concerned, let them glare; if Quinn believed in her then she didn't need their praise. She turned and headed back to makeup; Emma would have a hard time undoing her dramatic tears.

"They're good changes," Quinn said, rolling her eyes.

"I didn't say they weren't." Artie sighed. "I'm not concerned with the changes. I'm concerned about where they're coming from."

The blonde crossed her arms. "I thought I was the co-director, not the assistant director."

He shook his head. "You know that's not what I mean."

Quinn scowled at Artie; she knew what he was thinking, but it seemed a little hypocritical.

"I'm not the only director sleeping with an actress here," she pointed out. "Are you saying you don't take any of Tina's suggestions into account?"

"It's not the same," Artie stated.

"And how exactly is it different?" the blonde demanded.

"Because Tina loved me before I gave her a part in a movie," he snapped. "Hell, because Tina actually loves me back."

Quinn's jaw dropped open and she quickly snapped it shut. Artie blocked her path as she stormed for the door.

"I'm sorry," he soothed. "It's not my business, but you have to have considered that she might just be using you."

"Exactly—it's not your business!" she seethed. "And it's not like I'm going to ruin the movie. Give me a little credit."

He grabbed her hand and squeezed; somehow she always forgot how deceptively strong his upper body was.

"I don't want you to get hurt, Quinn." Artie sighed. "I know you're all tough bitch on the outside, but I also know how fragile you really are. I know you guys think you're keeping it casual, but I can see that you're falling for her."

"No I'm not," Quinn lied.

"Rachel's an actress," he reminded her, "and judging by her manager, I don't think they're above manipulating you."

She snatched her hand back from him and fixed him with a hard hazel glare.

"St. James might be a sleaze, but Rachel isn't like that," the blonde fumed. "And I'm not stupid. Now let me out of my office."

Reluctantly, her friend wheeled himself out of the way and Quinn brushed past him roughly. As she stomped away, her anger began to dissolve into anxiety; he wasn't too far off. The blonde, despite her best efforts, was falling for Rachel, but that was her business and she could handle it. After all, she knew right from the start what she was getting into. Quinn unknowingly made a beeline for the actress's trailer; she stood at the door deciding if she should knock or just go back to her office.

"Can I help you?" Rachel teased seductively as she leaned out the door. "Oh my, Quinn, are you alright?"

It was a stupid idea; the blonde instantly realized that she had brought herself to Rachel with pink rimmed eyes and her emotions written all over her face. She was about to excuse herself, claim allergies or a meeting or anything, but Rachel took her hands quickly and pulled her inside. Quinn didn't resist.

"Quinn, what ever is the matter?" the brunette asked.

"I can't do it," she blurted. "We have to end this. I really thought I could, but-but I can't. I can't keep seeing you and not love you, Rachel, and I can't let myself get hurt anymore."

None of those sentences were supposed to be out loud and Quinn crossed her arms as she looked away from the other woman.

"Who says you'll get hurt?" Rachel piped up.

"I just said I'm falling in love with you," Quinn croaked.

"Well," the brunette sighed, "maybe I am too."

It made sense; Rachel hadn't noticed how much her feelings had changed until just now—hearing the words straight from Quinn's lips. Now, with the blonde sitting next to her with tears in her eyes, Rachel couldn't think of anything she wanted more than to see her smile.

At the back of her mind, a little voice nagged that she had to tell Quinn the whole truth if they were going to be in a real relationship. A bigger part of her was terrified to admit to her minor scheming; what if she lost the woman after just realizing she was in love with her?

"You think you love me?" Quinn asked shakily.

"I'm fairly positive, yes." Rachel swallowed thickly.

They were both silent for a few minutes, each lost in shock and their own thoughts and worries.

"So what do we do now?" the blonde breathed.

"I suppose we date." The brunette shrugged.

The blonde let out a nervous laugh and Rachel gave her an equally nervous smile. There were a lot of logistics to work through, but it would have to wait—she could tell she was shaking every bit as much as the woman in front of her.

"Alright." Quinn nodded.

Neither of them moved; both were waiting for the other to take the lead, but Rachel had no idea what to do, and judging by Quinn's expression, she was every bit as unsure. The stillness was beginning to become uncomfortable and she knew someone had to say something.

Rachel cleared her throat. "Excuse me for just a moment?"

The blonde nodded and she made her way past her into the bathroom; staring into the mirror, she realized for the first time that she must have cried a little, too, during the exchange because her makeup was slightly smeared. She tided up quickly and then picked up her cell.

She could hear Quinn's phone ringing in the front room. "Hello?"

"Miss Fabray," Rachel spoke clearly and casually, "this is Rachel Berry calling. I was wondering if you would like to join me for dinner tonight—as a date."

The blonde's laughter echoed through the cell and the trailer. "I would like that very much, Miss Berry."

The sun peeked through the blinds and Quinn turned her head away from the light, not feeling ready to wake up just yet. Her cheek brushed against the soft strands of Rachel's dark hair and her hazel eyes sprang open. She was suddenly aware of the comfortable soft pressure of the brunette's arm across her waist; Rachel Berry was curled against her side as though it were the most natural thing in the world. To make things more unreal, they were both still clothed—another first for them. She smiled down at the face resting against her shoulder.

Quinn tried to wrap her head around the fact that this was real; she'd had dreams just like this for the past few weeks. Now that is was truly happening, the blonde would have to make some tough decisions; should she tell her co-director, or should they keep their relationship private until the movie was finished? She wondered how this would affect the other actors' and actresses' attitude towards Rachel.

"What are you thinking about?" the brunette asked quietly; Quinn hadn't even realized the other woman had woken up.

"Nothing," she instinctively lied.

"That is not the face of nothing," Rachel insisted. "You're my girlfriend now. I believe that entitles me to a reasonable amount of insight into the mind of Quinn Fabray."

Her eyebrow arched and she scoffed but still answered, "Alright, girlfriend, I was just wondering if we should be public or not."

The brunette was surprisingly quiet and Quinn continued, "Not that I'm—I mean—I'm not ashamed or anything."

Rachel nodded and she felt even more like she needed to clear up her fumbling, "I just don't know how everyone will react."

"I agree," the girl jumped in. "There are plenty of pros and cons to keeping this private."

"I feel so cliché," Quinn grumbled.

"How so?" Rachel gasped.

"Well it does seem like the oldest story in the book, doesn't it?" She chuckled. "I'm sure plenty of people will think we are using each other."

"It doesn't matter how we got together," Rachel said quickly. "The important thing is we are together."

The blonde smiled and shifted a little. "I haven't told you how beautiful you are in the morning, have I?"

The brunette blushed and batted her eyes. "I think I may have forgotten to mention it as well."

Rachel reached up and brought their lips together; for a moment, Quinn wondered if they were moving too fast, but the thought evaporated quickly as the woman's tongue grazed her own. She'd been waiting for this all her life.

The room was dim and smoky; Kaela choked a little as her lungs and eyes adjusted. She wasn't sure which woman was the one that had taken Henry to his car. She made her way to the bar, where there was better lighting and less people smoking, and took a seat. Kaela did her best to steady her hands, but her nerves were getting the best of her. What was she doing here? She had no idea what she intended to do if she found the woman.

"You look like you've had a rough day," the bartender commented.

"To say the least," Kaela admitted without looking, her eyes were scanning the room.

A few minutes went by and she heard the bartender behind her once again.

"On the house," she said. "It's my favorite and you seem like you could use it."

Kaela glanced down at the soft pink drink. "That's not necessary," she mumbled as she finally looked at the woman behind the bar.

Her mouth dropped open and her eyes bulged a little and the woman giggled. "It's not very strong, I promise."

"You're lipstick is smudged," she managed coldly; this was the woman from outside, and she had the gall to try to make nice with her.

The woman sighed and turned to check herself in the bar mirror. "Yeah, well, I've had a rough day too. There is a customer that keeps coming in, hitting on me, and tonight he got so sloshed that I had to help him to his car and he mauled me, but the customer is always right, right? That's what the boss says. I just wish he'd leave me alone; I've seriously thought of quitting the job because of this guy."

Kaela was doubly shocked when the woman turned around.

"There I go," she chuckled nervously, "here I am telling you my troubles and it's supposed to be the other way around."

"Excuse me?" Kaela shook her head.

"You know, it's supposed to the customer telling the bartender all their woes, not the other way around," the woman explained. "I'm Sahara, by the way."

"Kaela," she said quickly, taking a sip of the drink.

"Cut!" Artie snapped, and Rachel nearly dropped the drink.

"The scene isn't over," she gasped.

"Reset," the director called before answering her. "Miss Berry, are you aware that you are smiling after every other line?"

"I am not," Rachel defended. "I understand the motivation of this scene. Kaela wouldn't be smiling."

"You kind of have been," Tina interjected with a giggle.

"I," she sputtered, "I was not aware."

"Well now you are." Mr. Abrams shrugged, turning his attention to his girlfriend. "Good work Tina."

With that, he turned around and they walked off to the side to let the crew set up for the next take.

"So what has you all smiley?" Tina asked.

"Nothing," Rachel answered defensively.

"You know, I've heard a rumor around set," her co-star commented.

"And I'm sure you know better than to listen to idle gossip," she replied. "You know how people like to make up stories. Personally, I think the only drama we need is the one going on camera."

"Whatever you say." Tina giggled as she headed back over to makeup.

The brunette really wished that Quinn was there; their other director didn't seem to like her very much and she missed the blonde's words of encouragement. From across the room, Jesse was giving her a quizzical look and she pointedly ignored him; she really didn't feel like dealing with her manager today. Rachel hadn't told him about the relationship because she knew he would either think she had taken her advice or he would chastise her for having feelings for her director.

As she sat down at the mirror, she could see that she had several texts; she took her cell off of the vanity and skipped over all the questions from Mr. St. James. One text was from Quinn and her face burned as she read "I miss you. You'll do wonderful today." Once again her lips turned up into a large smile.

"Miss Berry," Emma stammered, "you have to stay still for me to do your touch ups."

"I am." Rachel huffed.

"You're smiling," the redhead pointed out.

She let out a sigh; how was she supposed to act when she kept grinning like the Cheshire cat?

It had been over a month since things had become serious and Quinn waited nervously outside the small restaurant as she waited for Rachel; she knew Artie and Tina already had a table, but she wanted them to walk in together. They had decided to let a few people know about their relationship and they were starting with their co-star and co-director.

"Quinn," Rachel called from down the sidewalk.

Her heart raced the way it always did when she saw the brunette or heard her voice, and she turned quickly.

"You look gorgeous," the blonde breathed.

She loved to see Rachel blush; the brunette was so different now than when they first met. She was still headstrong and opinionated, but something about her seemed to have softened. She was more open and that made Quinn feel more comfortable to let down some of her own walls.

"You're breathtaking, Quinn." Rachel smiled. "Are you ready?"

"Maybe we could just go back to my place," she teased, giving the girl a brazen once over.

"Quinn Fabray," the brunette gasped, putting her hands on her hips.

"What?" The blonde chuckled.

"If you keep that up then we'll never make it into the restaurant," Rachel whispered. "You can be quite tempting."

"I wasn't joking," she assured her.

"We're going inside," Rachel insisted, taking her by the hand, and pulling her along toward the double doors.

Tina looked a little surprised as they made their way to the table, but Quinn didn't miss the expression on Artie's face; he wasn't shocked but he definitely did not seem excited either. She took a deep breath and hoped Rachel hadn't noticed.

"I knew it!" Miss Cohen-Chang exclaimed. "I told you, Artie, that's why she's been so giddy on set."

"Yes, I guess that's it," Mr. Abrams said stiffly and Quinn shot him a sharp glare.

"Well, we did want to keep it low key," Rachel explained. "You know how people talk."

"Of course," Quinn cleared her throat, "we still want to stay a little private, but I wanted to let you both know. You're my best friends."

Artie gave her a pleading look and then shrugged. "You can trust us."

She felt pretty sure that he meant that with a double meaning, but she chose to ignore his implication. Quinn felt confident that he wouldn't cross the line over dinner, but she felt that she was in for a lecture eventually. The blonde knew he meant well, he was looking out for her, but the better she got to know Rachel, the more she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she could trust her. She would never hurt her.

"I think that went very well," Rachel sighed as they walked hand in hand down the street.

Quinn nodded as she steered the brunette into the building.

"What are we doing?" the woman asked.

"I just wanted to show you something," the blonde replied lightly, swallowing hard at the lump in her throat.

"Oh my goodness," Rachel gasped as they stepped onto the freshly set stage. "This is beautiful. It's exactly how I envisioned the scene to look."

"They did a very good job creating the scenery." Quinn nodded, smiling as her girlfriend explored the set of the love scene.

The large sound stage had been transformed into a forest glen, the place that Kaela and Sahara go to meet secretly—Sahara's safe place that she comes to paint uninterrupted. Quinn watched as Rachel turned and smiled at her.

"Is something wrong?" the blonde asked.

"No," the brunette answered quickly, walking up to join her.

"Rachel," Quinn said nervously, "I know we haven't—it's fast, but I-I can't really imagine my life without you. I don't know how that happened, but it's true and I just wanted you to know that. I know you might not feel the same way but—"

The actress cut her off with a kiss and Quinn felt warm happy tears on her cheeks.

"I love you, Quinn," Rachel whispered. "I feel the same way."

"You have no idea how happy that makes me," she rasped. "You're probably the only girlfriend I've ever trusted; it doesn't come easy to me."

Rachel pulled away for a second and the blonde frowned; the woman's tears didn't seem happy anymore and she wondered if she had done something wrong.

"Quinn," the brunette stammered, "you know that I love you, don't you? You know that I adore you and would never hurt you."

"Yes," she answered solemnly. "I've never been more sure of anything."

It didn't seem to comfort her girlfriend much. "Rachel, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," the woman responded, pulling her close again. "It's just—I love you so much it's a little scary."

"I know what you mean," Quinn mumbled into her dark brown hair.

Rachel trembled in her arms and planted more kisses along her neck, pushing up onto her tiptoes to reach her lips. The brunette's fingers tangled into her blonde hair as she guided her down to the floor; Quinn heard something rip as they settled into the fake grass of the set.

"Rachel, your dress," she panted.

"I don't care," her girlfriend panted back before she pressed their lips harder together and slid her tongue along her lower lip.

Quinn rested back and let her deepen the kiss; Rachel's hands had left her hair and were traveling down the length of her dress, finding the hem and slipping up under it. Her warm hands grazed along her legs and sides before resting eagerly on her breast. There was more ripping as the brunette straddled her in her form fitting dress. Her own dress was now rolled up to her neck, the thin silk grazing her chin. She hadn't worn a bra. Quinn reached up to cup Rachel's breasts.

"Quinn," the woman moaned, leaning back for a moment to relish the sensation.

Soon, Rachel's lips were pressed against the bare skin of her chest as she kneaded Quinn's mounds and her mouth found its way around a taut nipple. It was the blonde's turn to sink her fingers into the brunette's hair as she writhed underneath her. As Rachel trailed her lips downward along Quinn's skin, it became apparent that the actress hadn't been wearing any underwear; her slick heat grazed along the blonde's thigh as she slid her mouth towards the apex of her legs. The brunette tugged Quinn's panties down to her knees and parted her legs.

"Rachel," she gasped as the woman kissed her inner thigh before grazing her womanhood with her tongue.

Rachel moaned into her and gently inserted a finger, bracing her other arm around Quinn's leg. The blonde panted and moaned as she increased the pressure and speed.

"Yes," she found herself pleading. "God yes, Rachel."

Her legs trembled and she gripped the scenery around her as she lost control; her yelps becoming louder and more urgent. Euphoria rushed through her and Rachel rested her head on Quinn's stomach as they both lay there gasping for air.

Rachel woke to a soft knocking at her door; she quietly slipped out of bed, careful not to wake Quinn, and tiptoed to the front of the trailer.

"What are you doing here?" she whispered to her manager angrily.

"You haven't been answering my calls and I've heard a very intriguing rumor," he said cockily.

"Alright, yes," Rachel spat as quietly as possible. "Quinn and I are dating. In fact, we are in a very serious relationship."

Jesse smirked at her. "I knew you would see things my way."

"For your information this is not some sort of a ploy for power," she hissed. "We happen to have fallen deeply in love and I would thank you not to try to cheapen it."

"Oh," he chuckled, "I know just how deeply in love you two are. I happened to catch the dress rehearsal for tomorrows shoot."

Rachel scurried out of the trailer and closed the door behind her. "What are you talking about?"

"Relax," he shrugged, "you're lucky it was just me. Anyone could have wandered into the set, especially with all the noise you two were making."

Her face blanched and she took a step back, bumping against the door as she did so.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about," Jesse assured her flippantly.

"You had no right," Rachel spat, slapping him without even thinking.

"Calm yourself," her manager barked.

"You're fired," she hissed as quietly as she could considering her temper. "And lower your voice."

"Well I guess you don't need a manager," he scoffed, "now that you're dating the co-director. I suppose you've told Quinn everything about how you two started out? Seeing how in love you are with her, you wouldn't lie to her."

"Leave right now or I will call security!" Rachel screamed, her face burning hot with anger and embarrassment.

"I'll call you in a few days once you've had time to calm down." Jesse smirked again before turning and leaving.

Rachel rested against the door for a few minutes before letting herself back in.

"What was happening out there?" Quinn asked quickly, causing her to jump.

"Did I wake you?" Rachel replied, skirting the question.

"I heard you yelling," her girlfriend answered. "Are you alright?"

"Yes," she said shakily. "I just fired my manager."

"Why?" Quinn asked, her eyes searching Rachel's for answers.

"Because he saw us and he was taunting me about it and," Rachel sighed, "just sit with me for a bit, alright?"

They sat down on the sofa in silence for a moment without saying anything; the brunette picked at her nightgown nervously as her mind raced. She had to tell Quinn the whole truth; if she didn't then Jesse might once he realized she was completely serious about firing him. Who knew what he might do in order to get back at her.

"Quinn," she started softly, "I-I love you. I need to you believe that, but I do have to confess one thing."

The blonde raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth, but nodded and remained silent.

"There was a reason that I insisted on us being casual at the beginning," Rachel admitted. "I didn't want to trick you into a relationship that didn't mean anything. Jesse convinced me that if I wanted a say in the movie I would need—well—you know."

Quinn nodded her head again slowly.

"But then I started having feelings for you, and I wanted to call the whole thing off," she continued quickly. "And then here you were, in my trailer, telling me that you loved me and I couldn't believe it. You were having the same feelings I was having, do have, about you. I'm ashamed to say I had hoped that I could just forget how we started and enjoy what we have now because I was too afraid to risk losing you."

The blonde fidgeted with her hands and Rachel felt tears dripping down her cheeks. "I wasn't trying to trick you, Quinn; I was just ashamed and I love you so much."

"It's alright," Quinn said quickly.

Rachel held her breath, not sure if the quietly whispered words had been real.

"I lied a little too," her director admitted. "The minute you said we had to be casual and I said that was fine. I think, on some level, I knew I loved you then and that I couldn't keep it casual, but I wanted you so much that I was willing to say anything just to be with you for a little while."

"Quinn," she sniffled, "does this mean we are—"

"A couple of liars in love," Quinn finished for her. "Yes, Rachel, I think we are."

The blonde reached out and took her hand softly and a fresh wave of tears began to flow, but these were tears of relief and the brunette scooted closer to her girlfriend on the couch, nuzzling her wet face into the woman's neck without any hesitation.

Rachel fidgeted next to her and Quinn placed her hand gently over the other woman's. Her hazel eyes crinkled in a smile as she watched the brunette try to remain calm. The theater was packed and it certainly felt as though all eyes were on them instead of the stage.

"Is my hair alright?" Rachel whispered nervously.

"Everything about you is completely perfect," Quinn assured her once again.

"Of course, it most likely won't matter," the brunette added offhandedly.

"Of course it's going to matter," the blonde chastised, holding back a few choice jokes; the actress was nervous enough as it was. So was she if truth be told.

"And the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress goes to," the announcer paused and Quinn knew the seconds were torture for Rachel, "Rachel Berry for her performance in Finding Us."

Rachel's hand nearly crushed her own and Quinn had to stop her for a second to make her let go. She watched as the woman she loved hurried onto the stage to receive her trophy; the applause of the audience was nearly deafening and she strained to hear the first part of the brunette's speech, though she missed parts of it. Finally, the clapping subsided and Rachel's voice rang loud and clear through the massive auditorium.

"—but most of all, I want to thank my pretty little liar," Rachel gushed. "My absolutely stunning and wonderful co-director, Mrs. Quinn Fabray, who not only made the best possible choice in allowing me the opportunity to play this role, but who has given me the honor of playing my most important role—as her wife."

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