I got my pet from the game-maker the next day. It really woke me up, he let it in my room, and it jumped on my bed, and linked me awake. I laughed as I sat up, and started to pet, luck for everyone I was still wearing my outfit from yesterday because he was standing in the doorway. I looked from the white hybrid to look at him, "He is for you, keep him, and his unnamed so you while have to name."

I look at the hybrid, "Hmm let's see you are so white, almost like my hair," I was rubbing him behind his ear when it came to me, "Demon," I kissed his head just as he linked my face again, causing me to laugh. The game-maker had some avoxs move in bowls, feeding and water bowl, and Demon's bed, he got two one for my bedroom, and one for the living. He hand me Demon's collar and name tag, "Thank you." I said smiling at him.

He was going to say something else but was forced to leave by my manger showing up, "How did he get in here."

"I have no idea but I want my secreted change, and upgrade today." I said as he nodded his head and went to do that. My stylist came in and saw Demon causing him squealed.

"He is so cute." He was standing next to the bed, looking at Demon who was lying next to my legs with his head in my lap.

"Can you get Demon name engraved on this tag?" I hand this to him, and ran off to do that. I turned on the channel for the Hunger Game and watched as it was a lazy day for games. Yesterday muss must have been an enough to get a break and Katniss was still out, with Rue was taking carry of her. I witch the channel to watch Cato, Marvel and Peeta eating breakfast and trying to finger out how to kill Katniss. I got up and out of bed, just as my sytlies came back in and give me Demon's tag, with a black collar, I smiled, "You are always better with this then everyone I might." He smiled at me, and ran over to my clothes, "Pick out something I can bake in has while," I looked over at him, "I want to make some cupcakes to give to male in game today."

He nod and did that, I had nothing today so he give me the outfit, and went out after I give Demon his collar with name tag on it. I fed him and give him water in bowls that are in the kitchen.

We made cupcakes for all of them, with the TV on, when I heard, the sound of someone being killed in the games. I looked over and sighed it was the guy from 3, he set off a doom. That just leaves four guys left. "While you do not have worry about five perfect ones, just four of them." I smile at him.

"There are just six of them left now, Cato, Marvel, Peeta, Katniss, Rue, and Thresh." I know that as it gets closer to the end it is going to be more bloody, and more showy. I picked up all four cupcakes with picture of me, from the song that was taken right when I blow the kiss, each with personal note for them.

I took it to the aircraft, and they put them in the white mental balls so that they while still are perfect. Demon went with me, stand by my side. The aircraft that delivers all the mental balls can move faster than anything I have seen, and it delivers from the top of the towers that they live in to the games, in under a five minutes.

I went back walked back to my room that is across from the towers, in other tower for rich and famous people of the capital, specials keys for each floor, to even move the elevator to the floor. Only three for my floor are even made the Avox that clean the place have a special keys, that can get them anywhere in the tower.

When I got to my floor, my manger had three new keys, "Here we all have a new key," Hand me and my stylist a key, "The old ones stop working after today, and the secret is being upgrade as we speak for your room." I moved over to my couch and sat down; Demon jumped up and lay down next to me with his head in my lap.

"Hey Erin," My manger looked over at me surprised that I said his, name I only do that when I really want something, "Get Demon check for any dugs, I mean the metal kind." He nods his head and runs off to get the doctor.

I turn my TV back on, just as my gifts started to fall to Cato, Marvel and Peeta. Cato got his first, and he opened it to see a red cupcake with yellow icing and white C on top, his note said.

I miss you Cato, and I really wish you could hug right now and not in the game.

Marvel got his next and his cupcake was chocolate with vanilla icing and with a white M on top.

I would much more like to be watching a movie with you, and I miss you, Marvel.

Peeta was last, with a chocolate cupcake but with green icing and a white P on top.

Peeta, I want you painting on my face right now, I miss you, Peeta.

They all sat down with a cupcake in hand, and rewriting my notes to them. I smile at them, and look down at Demon. "One of them might just be your other parent, one down soon. While will just have to see." I look back, as I see the camera move.

Cato moved away from them to sit under a tree, he took a bit out of the cupcake, and looked up at the camera, "Dream, how every you knew thank you, I love the cupcake. I miss you too, Dream." We both smile at the same time, "I wish I was hugging you as while." I knew right then that the votes for how while be my husband, that the capital is voting on was swing to Cato. He started to finish off the cupcake but did it slowly.

Camera swings over Peeta, as he took a bit, "If I knew you could bake, as while we would have been baking together, before I left for here." I laugh at him. As he just keep eating the cupcake.

Marvel just keeps looking at the cupcake not really saying anything. I worried, till, "I am saving it, Dream." It put it back the white metal ball, and but the note in his jacket.

The rest of the day went smooth, even when the doctor came and give Demon his checkup. Even if Demon would dark at him if he got too close to me. Turn out that Demon had nothing metal in him there was no was cameras, or tracking things in him. I smiled at Demon and rubbed him all over, "You are a very good boy aright you," I give Demon a kiss on his head, as Erin paid the doctor and made him leave.

"We have nothing to be worried about, Demon is a very good dog, for you." I nodded.

When I want to see that night it, I was hoping that they would stay safe. Demon was curled up next to me, with his head lying on my stomach. I was woken up by Night, My stylist. He rushed me to the living and showed me Marvel being killed my Thresh because, Rue was killed by something Katniss did. Cato and Peeta in return for killing Thresh killed Marvel in a matter, of few hours, half of them are killed.

I was rushed to get dressed, in pink dress with white roses because this was going to end soon. I had tears going down my face as Night put a little makeup on me just lip shiner really. In an hour I was sitting next the host, as we watched the rest of the game play out, I was even give a okay to have Demon next to me.

I watched as Katniss, Peeta, and Cato all started to circle each other. The sun had risen already for the end of the game. Cato had the sword; Peeta had some rocks, because Katniss had stolen the arrows.

It was a blur, Katniss had let the arrow fly, Peeta through the rocks, and Cato moved with his sword. When it was over Peeta had in arrow through his heart, and Katniss was hit through her head by the sword, and the rock had hit Katniss broke her neck. Cato had missed the rock through at him.

Cato had won, the games and my hand, he held the sword up to the camera and said, "I win your hand, and you are now my princess." I cried, hoping that I am still his princess when he finds out I am a boy.