Tick Tock


Ava Brett


None of the characters mentioned in the below piece of fiction belong to me in any shape or form. I am merely using them for my own entertainment purposes.

Author Note

So here's another interlude this time from our baddie just so you have an idea on what exactly is going on in his evil little head…

Overall Summary

Dean is gone and time is running out because someone is playing a game with Sam and Castiel, someone wants them to lose but the price of losing is Dean's life. They have to find the clues and win. The clock is ticking… can you hear it? Because Dean certainly can…

Chapter Summary

Not long to go…

Overall Romance

Castiel/Dean Winchester, possibly Sam Winchester/OFC

Chapter Romance


Interlude Four

It will soon be time

He had known that they would come.

A small smile came to his face when he saw Sam Winchester and the Angel Castiel walk out from one of the side alleyway on the street opposite him. They hesitated for a moment, looking around carefully, scanning the faces surrounding them. Sam looked tense he noticed, the strain of the game clearly already getting to him like he had hoped it would. Dean would have lasted much longer before the pressure got to him but fate had intervened and it was Dean he had captured while little Sam Winchester ran around for him.

It was clear they were looking for him, hoping that he would make a mistake of some kind. They must have thought he was stupid or something, did they truly think that he would have gone through all of this effort and planning just to would reveal him self and his plan to them this early on in the game? It would be a long time before he showed him self to them, why would he do it sooner when he was having so much fun with them all. Messing around with their heads and making them slowly turn against each other as worry ate at them.

His eyes dropped down to Castiel's hand, his smile widening when he noticed the bundle the Angel was holding carefully in his grip. They had brought him the first part of the puzzle. They had the spell book.

He wondered briefly how they had managed to obtain it from New York. He had known that the book had been under twenty four hour surveillance by a team of specially trained security guards. It wouldn't have been Sam to get it, Sam would have been caught meaning it had to be Castiel who went and got it. Clearly capturing Dean had been a stroke of genius on his part. Thank god he had decided to change his target at the last minute.

He felt a slight flicker of disappointment when he realised that he would have to keep his word and not kill Dean yet.

He wanted to hurt the other man so badly, he wanted to hear his screams fill the air and bathe his skin in Dean's Winchester's warm blood but he couldn't, not yet anyhow. Not until Dean's precious little brother and Angel failed in their task, when that happened then he could live out all his fantasies, taking his time over each and every one of them. He knew they would fail, it was only a matter of time before their innate goodness flared up, overcoming their desire to free Dean. They would convince themselves that Dean would rather die then let this happen.

When that happened he would kill them all, leaving Sam until last so he could see what his disobedience had brought about.

He wondered briefly how far they would go to keep Dean alive

They were both clearly willing to hand over a book to a complete stranger, a book which they both must have known contained high levels of dark magic, the kind of dark magic which easily could have destroyed thousands of lives from one simple spell.

Still that was of little concern to him.

All he needed now was the ingredients he would have Sam Winchester and Castiel gather for him and then no one would be safe.

Author Note

Thanks for reading