I am madness. Wherever I step, chaos follows. I live only to wreck havoc. My only purpose is to cause mayhem. I will bring ultimate destruction.

My name is Madness, and I am insane. I am also ten years old. Pretty dark thoughts for a ten year old don't you think. But that is what happens when you live here, in this torturous hellhole. Long endless hours of working. I am not paid attention to, not like Wisdom is, she speaks word of wisdom, my words are those of an unstable, insane ten year old, why would anyone listen? During the day, I am just left to get on with coping, sitting in the darkest corner, unnoticed. At night, horrible visions rake through my mind, tearing at it viciously, making me even more unstable. Images of demons, monsters and ghouls, but more predominantly, the one we call Master. The one who commands us. He is chasing after me, whip raised, dressed in a weird pinstriped suit, his blue eyes now red. He is wealthy, we are not.

I long for freedom, even though I know it will never come. Trapped till the end of our days. Obeying his every command. Forever.

I do not get happy at the slightest sentence from Wisdom. Whilst she may be wise, her only words those of someone much older, she is no soothsayer, no prophet. Drifter may grasp at false hope. But I have long since stopped doing that.

I came here long ago, when I was a small, trembling, five year old. Thrown into the cellar, forced into work as soon as I was able. No parents, no siblings. Yet the relationship I share with the others here is complicated, but yet it is so very simple. We are not friends, yet we are as close as brothers and sisters. We do not speak about ourselves, yet we know everything there is to know about each other. Be confused if you like, I do not expect you to understand.

One night not so long ago, it could only have been a day or two ago. I had a different dream, well it wasn't that different. But what I saw made no sense. I saw dark place, it seemed empty at first, but when you looked more carefully, just out of the corner of your eye, you could see them. There was a huge black, shadowy castly, inscribed on each brick was a different death scene. I just had time to glimpse a huge three headed dog, before I awoke to the sound of a man shouting.

"GET UP YOU WORTHLESS RATS..." That was all I heard before my vision went woozy, and the world around me began to spin. I felt a hand on my shoulder, grubby fingernails gnawing into my arm. I turned, just managed to stay awake long enough to see the steel grey eyes and olive skin, before my world returned to blackness.

Chapter three done. Hope you lot are enjoying this fic so far