The street was silent, illuminated by the bright moon and the sparkles that glinted off the softly falling snow. Every resident was safely tucked into their beds, except one. One lone girl sat at her open window, staring at the quiet snow and shivering against the cold. The window had become a favorite haunt of hers. She sat there for hours every night, staying awake long after her parents went to sleep themselves. She was waiting. Waiting for someone or something, and nothing would ever happen. She knew that. She had decided her own fate. It had been the right choice, but she regretted it. She did not regret what she got from her choice, but she did regret what she didn't get. The girl now wanted what had so disgusted her. And so she waited. For weeks and months, she sat in front of her window, waiting for some small sign. Anything would satisfy her, really. A flash of feathers in the moonlight, a snicker from a goblin, a crystal, anything. She wrapped her arms around herself and turned into her room, giving up. She needed to get past this, but there was a powerful hold on her.
"I guess you do have power over me, after all." She whispered.
"Have I?"

Ugh, get out of my head! I thought this up forever ago and dismissed it, but I can't stop thinking about it even though it's so painfully short. I guess I like it, I tried doing some new things, so hey, practice. Please review!