Chapter 1 In Night Shade forest was the gathering of all the dark Pokemon,as today a Eevee was going to evolve into a Umbreon,makeing another member to there tribe. The rules are simple when one evolves it is placed into the section of its type: Dark, Water, Physic, Rock, Steel, Normal, Fire, Grass, Fighting, Flying, and ect. As soon as the Eevee Luke had evolved he walked slowly over to the Night Shade group watching the other Eevees as he will never see them again... 5 Years later Its been 5 years since I've lived in Night Shade forest not once being outside of it since I was a young Eevee. As I walked to Night Shades elder I thought about why he wanted to see me. "What'd I do this time..." I walked faster hoping it was good news as for bad news I might be punished again. I finally made it to my elder Alec's den,when I walked to the front of the den his daughter Shade walked out. "Oh! Dad Lukes here!" She turned around and walked back in before returning and beckoning me forward. "Ah Luke your finally here. Thank you Shade you may go now." Shade headed out without a word. "Luke you've been here five years now,haven't you?" Luke looked at Alec questionly. "Yes I believe it's five." Alec smiled. "Well as you know the rules you are to find your mate when you are five years, and they must be in your tribe, and perferbly your same species." I gulped as I remembered the only girl Umbreon that is not married and around my age is Shade. "Uh yes I remember..." In the Enchanted forest I awoke with a start...I had overslept. "OH NO! I've NEVER in all my LIFE overslept!" I quickly got up and raced out. "Celia your late!" I walked up to MorningSun the oldest elder of the Enchanted forest. "I'm sorry MorningSun I overslept." MorningSun just nodded and I went on to go gather food with the rest of the Espeons. "Hey Celia!" Turning and looking over at Angela. "Oh hello Angela." Angela bit into a oran berry that she found in a oran berry bush. "Were supose to be gathering those not eating them." I plucked one off the bush and carried it to the basket around Kat's neck. "Here you go Kat!" Kat barely even glanced at me as she watched the forest,like she was waiting for someone not Physic Pokemon to come charging through. I walked back over to Angela to find more berries as Kat is older and much higher up then me so I shouldn't do anything to get me on her bad side. "Celia why is Kat staring into nothingness?" Angela looked around at where Kat was staring. "I don't really know...but I kinda don't want to know cause it isn't our bussiness, lets get this work done then worry." After my chores MorningSun came running up to me. "Celia I just went over some files you've been here five years now!" I looked at her startled five years already? Its been that long already?! I looked at her waiting for why that was important. "As you should know Celia five years is when you must find your soul mate and then move up to watching the younger ones wait for when they are five years as well." Walking back home as the late evening set in Angela caught up to me. "There you are! I was wondering where you wandered off to!"..."Hey Angela...How long is it until you are five years?" Angela stopped to think about that question. "Well I came about a year after you did, so the year after you do why?" I looked at the ground I had never really thought about who I really wanted to be with for the rest of my life. "No reason...I'm going to go for a walk I'll meet up with you later!" I walked to the entrance of the Enchanted forest and walked past it without thinking of what I might see. Night Shade forest "Oh there you are Luke!" Shade walked over to me looking releived. "Oh hi Shade..." She sat down in front of me, and looked around to see if anyone was around. "What is it Shade?" I really didn't want to talk to her right now cause according to the rules I might have to see her more then I want to. "I just heard I'm 5 years now...and that you are too..." Shade looked like she was blushing,growling I stood up. "I found out to and I am not interested thank you...I'm sorry Shade but I'm not." I raced out into the deep part of Night Shade, to get away from everyone and everything.