Chapter 4
After Celia had run off, all the Pokemon stared unmoving...finally Luke snapped back. I'm not going to just stand around and let her get away...I'm going to get her cause I am not going to let something so MUCH run away from me cause of Shade!

Luke ran past the gaping Pokemon and went looking for Celia.
Celia ran faster till she reached a ledge and when she looked down it was a cliff ledge that led into a deep darkness..."...Maybe I should..." Luke who had been following Celia saw her looking down the ledge.

"CELIA DON'T!" Celia turned around and looked at him.

He came after me? And doesn't want me to jump off the cliff... "Luke...? What are you doing here, aren't you suppose to be going home with that girl?"

Luke looked at her funny. "Shade? Nah I'm not really interested in her...but I can tell you who I am interesting in."

Celia tilted her head. "Who would that be?"

Luke came over to the edge and sat beside her. "Well it isn't hard to figure it out. Cause shes sitting right beside me."

Celia looked at him stunned for a moment,and then she smiled. "I...really love you too Luke!" He smiled and leaned over.
The next day in Night Shade Forest Tribe Village
"I know its against the rules for a dark Pokemon to marry a Psychic Pokemon to marry, but there comes a time to where we need to change the rules and make new ones." The elder Alec spoke to all the forest tribe leaders of different types.

"But these rules have been around for centuries!" The elder of Electric Pokemon exclaimed.

"Yes we know Lucinda, but Alec is right. Time for things to change and us to stop fighting like the brothers and sisters we are." MorningSun stood up looking at her brothers and sisters and cousins as it was their family that started the seperation and it was up to them, to change it.

Celia and Luke stood waiting outside of the Union Hall where the elders had gathered, MorningSun had told her to not worry about what would happen, cause she wouldn't let them kill her or Luke.

But Celia still stood flittering around just nervous of them making her say good bye to Luke forever.

"Celia will you stay still, I know your nervous so am I, but we need to have faith in our elders, and hope for the best." Luke said annoyed with watching her move around nervously.

After about another hour of waiting all the elders filed out together.

"Luke Celia, we have come to our decision."The elders all looked at each other before they turned their attention on MorningSun and Alec.

MorningSun smiled as well did Alec, Celia and Luke didn't need anymore then that smile to know they had approved of them being together.
1 Year later
"Now now Eva calm down." Celia smiled down at her daughters energy the little Eevee was waiting for her father to come home.

"How long until Dad comes home?" Eva looked at her mom, she couldn't wait to go to the lake and spend the day with her parents.

"Right about now." Just then Luke walked in the small den, Eva jumped on him. "Daddy! Can we go now?! PLEASE!" Luke smiled at her.

"Yes we can go now,just calm down." Celia walked over and smiled at him. "How was your day?" Luke smiled and kissed her. "Just any normal day, common lets head to the lake."

And with that, the family walked to the lake passing the maple tree where the Umbreon and Espeon had first met, and to the lake where they had swam together, and all types of Pokemon got along, and lived together in harmony.

The end!

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